Miss France 2024: A Symphony of Beauty, Talent and Change


Within the enchanting world of beauty pageants, few spectacles capture the imagination quite like the annual Miss France competition. The 94th edition, held at the illustrious Zénith de Dijon on December 16, 2023, unfolded as a mesmerizing display of elegance, talent, and a few unexpected turns. From the choice of venue to the array of contestants and the crowning moment, Miss France 2024 etched its place in the annals of the pageant’s rich history.

Hosts and Venue of Miss France 2024:

The iconic Zénith de Dijon, nestled in the heart of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, served as the enchanted stage where dreams transformed into reality. Guiding the audience through this night of glamour and excitement were the charismatic hosts, Jean-Pierre Foucault and Cindy Fabre, whose banter and charm added an extra layer of enchantment to the proceedings.

Notable Changes and Farewells:

The 2024 edition marked a departure from tradition, as Sylvie Tellier, a fixture in the Miss France production since 2009, did not grace the stage as a co-presenter. This signified the end of an era, as Tellier had become synonymous with the elegance and sophistication of the pageant. Furthermore, the absence of Geneviève de Fontenay, the esteemed president of the Miss France Committee from 1981 to 2007, added a bittersweet note to the proceedings. The pageant also bid adieu to president Alexia Laroche-Joubert, concluding her impactful leadership era.

The Journey to Dijon:

The journey to Dijon commenced in December 2022 when François Rebsamen, the mayor of Dijon, expressed the city’s desire to host the Miss France 2024 competition. The decision was officially confirmed in July 2023, and the contestants embarked on a memorable overseas trip to French Guiana before arriving in Dijon for rehearsals. The fusion of tropical escapades and the cultural richness of Dijon created a unique backdrop for the unfolding drama.

Controversies and Contestant Selection in Miss France 2024:

The selection of contestants for the 2024 edition was a meticulous process involving regional pageants held between June and October 2023. Mayotte made a triumphant return after withdrawing from the 2023 edition, while Saint Martin and Saint Barthélemy adhered to their biennial competition schedule. However, a notable controversy surfaced from the Miss New Caledonia 2023 pageant, where a scoring error led to the incorrect announcement of the winner. The incident, though challenging, showcased the resilience and grace of the contestants involved.

The Spectacular Show:

Miss France 2024 embraced the theme of “la boîte à musique des Miss” or “The Misses’ music box.” The competition unfolded with three captivating presentation rounds, each inspired by different musical genres, showcasing the diverse talents of the contestants. The regional costume showcases, inspired by French traditional music and the Moulin Rouge, added a touch of cultural richness to the proceedings. The swimsuit rounds, drawing inspiration from jazz and flamenco, celebrated both beauty and athleticism.

The grand finale included a final question round, adding an element of intellect to the proceedings, setting the stage for the crowning moment. The elaborate production, with its thematic rounds inspired by Motown, opera, and various musical genres, transformed the pageant into a visual and auditory feast for the audience.

Judges and Scoring of Miss France 2024:

The distinguished panel of judges, led by the seasoned Sylvie Tellier, included actress and singer Stéfi Celma, model and actress Adriana Sklenaříková, singer Nolwenn Leroy, pastry chef Nina Métayer, boxer Estelle Mossely, and comedian/actress Élodie Poux. The contestants faced a rigorous evaluation, including a general culture exam that tested their knowledge in history, politics, current events, and pop culture. This multidimensional approach emphasized the importance of intellect and character in addition to physical beauty.

The Winning Moment of Eve Gilles– Miss France 2024:

After a series of captivating rounds that showcased the contestants’ talents, intelligence, and poise, Nord Pas-de-Calais’ Eve Gilles emerged as the shining star. With grace and beauty, she secured the coveted title, succeeding Indira Ampiot of Guadeloupe. The final results showcased the top five contestants, with Nord Pas-de-Calais securing the title and confirming Eve Gilles as Miss France 2024.

Special Awards and Recognition:

In addition to the main title, special awards were presented, including the General Culture Award. This accolade, given to Alsace’s Adeline Vetter for her exceptional score in the general culture exam, highlighted the intellectual prowess of the contestants. This recognition underscored the pageant’s commitment to celebrating intelligence and knowledge alongside beauty.

Reflections on the Pageant:

Miss France 2024 proved to be a blend of tradition and innovation, honoring the pageant’s rich history while introducing fresh elements. The event celebrated not only physical beauty but also intellectual prowess, talent, and resilience, as evidenced by the contestants who faced challenges and controversies with grace. The departure of key figures and the introduction of new elements marked a transitional phase for the pageant.

The Ripple Effect: Miss France 2024 and the Winds of Change

The crowning of Eve Gilles as Miss France 2024 resonates far beyond the glitz and glamour of the Zénith de Dijon. It serves as a catalyst for change, reflecting a broader transformation within the beauty pageant landscape. The winds of change are palpable, and as the echoes of the pageant’s melodies fade away, they leave behind a resonance that extends into the realms of societal expectations, diversity, and empowerment.

Breaking Stereotypes and Embracing Diversity:

Miss France 2024 stands out not only for its entertainment value but for challenging stereotypical norms and promoting diversity. The inclusion of Mayotte, a region that returned to the competition after a hiatus, reflects a commitment to embracing the rich tapestry of French territories. The controversies surrounding the Miss New Caledonia 2023 pageant, while challenging, highlighted the importance of transparency and fairness in the selection process.

This edition emphasized that beauty transcends conventional standards, and the contestants, each unique in their own way, shattered stereotypes. The pageant’s celebration of cultural richness through regional costumes and diverse talents sends a powerful message about embracing differences and appreciating the varied facets of beauty.

Intellect as a Crown Jewel:

The emphasis on intellectual prowess, exemplified by the General Culture Award, represents a paradigm shift in beauty pageants. While physical beauty remains a cornerstone, Miss France 2024 recognizes that true elegance encompasses intelligence, resilience, and a commitment to personal growth. The general culture exam, an innovative addition to the competition, serves as a reminder that beauty queens are not just symbols of grace but individuals with depth and substance.

This change in approach aligns with evolving societal expectations, where intelligence and character are increasingly valued alongside aesthetic appeal. The contestants, far from being merely ornamental, emerged as ambassadors of knowledge, proving that beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive.

The Evolution of Pageant Leadership:

The departure of key figures like Sylvie Tellier and the conclusion of Alexia Laroche-Joubert’s presidency signal a changing of the guard within the Miss France Committee. As the pageant transitions into a new era, the leadership vacuum presents an opportunity for fresh perspectives and approaches. The incoming leadership has the responsibility to balance tradition with innovation, ensuring that Miss France continues to evolve while staying true to its essence.

The challenges faced during the pageant, from scoring errors to controversies, underscore the need for a robust and transparent selection process. The pageant’s leadership must navigate these challenges adeptly, recognizing that the success of Miss France extends beyond a single night’s spectacle.

Beyond the Crown: A Platform for Change:

Miss France, with its vast viewership and cultural influence, has the potential to be more than just a beauty competition. It can serve as a platform for social change, raising awareness about important issues and championing causes that resonate with a global audience. Eve Gilles, as Miss France 2024, now carries the torch for a year, and her influence extends far beyond the glamorous title.

From environmental conservation to women’s empowerment, beauty queens can leverage their platform to drive positive change. The integration of social responsibility into the pageant’s ethos aligns with the growing expectation that influential figures use their voice to address societal challenges.

Looking Ahead: The Next Chapter Unfolds:

As the spotlight dims on Miss France 2024, the anticipation for the next edition begins. The transition between pageant leaders, the legacy of the departing contestants, and the ever-evolving societal landscape ensure that each edition brings a unique flavor to the Miss France legacy.

The Miss France pageant, with its storied history, continues to be a cultural touchstone that captures the imagination of audiences worldwide. It serves as a mirror reflecting societal values, aspirations, and, most importantly, the evolving definition of beauty. The controversies, the celebrations, and the unexpected turns all contribute to the rich tapestry that is Miss France.


In conclusion, Miss France 2024 is not just a pageant; it’s a cultural phenomenon that sparks conversations, challenges norms, and inspires individuals to redefine their perceptions of beauty. As we await the next chapter, one thing remains certain: the allure of Miss France will persist, casting its enchanting spell on generations to come.

As the curtain fell on Miss France 2024, Dijon and the Zénith stood witness to a momentous event that marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter. Eve Gilles, the newly crowned Miss France, embodies the essence of beauty, intelligence, and grace. As the pageant bids adieu to 2024, the anticipation builds for the next edition, where a new chapter in the Miss France legacy will unfold, promising another year of glamour, talent, and surprises. Whether controversies or celebrations, Miss France continues to be a spectacle that captures the hearts and imaginations of audiences worldwide, transcending borders and leaving an indelible mark on the world of beauty pageantry.

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