A Night of Elegance and Empowerment: Miss Venezuela 2023 Crowns Ileana Márquez as the New Queen


The 70th edition of the Miss Venezuela pageant (Miss Venezuela 2023), held on December 7, 2023, at the Centro Comercial Líder in Caracas, Venezuela, was a spectacle of glamour, talent, and grace. Hosted by Maite Delgado and José Andrés Padrón, with musical performances by Christian Daniel and Noreh, the event captivated millions of viewers worldwide. The night of Miss Venezuela 2023 showcased 25 remarkable contestants from diverse regions of Venezuela, each vying for the prestigious crown and the opportunity to represent their country at the international stage.

Miss Venezuela 2023 Highlights:

The pageant comprised four segments: the opening number, swimsuit competition, evening gown competition, and the final question. These segments tested the contestants’ physical prowess, elegance, intelligence, and communication skills. Luis Olavarrieta, María Antonieta Duque, Alexander González, María Fernanda Vera, Guillermo Felizola, Claudia Salazar, and Andrea Martínez are the judges and had the tough job of choosing winners from a group of very talented and successful women.

Results Announcement:

After a suspenseful deliberation, the results were unveiled, marking a significant moment in the lives of the contestants. The crowning achievements were as follows:

• Miss Venezuela 2023: Ileana Márquez from Amazonas

• Miss Venezuela International 2023: Sakra Guerrero from Guárico

• 1st Runner-Up: Giorgiana Rosas from Anzoátegui

• 2nd Runner-Up: Daniela Celis from Mérida

• 3rd Runner-Up: Cindy Granadillo from Yaracuy

These outstanding women, along with the other finalists, demonstrated not only their physical beauty but also their intelligence, charisma, and commitment to various advocacies.

Profiles of the Winners:

  1. Miss Venezuela 2023 – Ileana Márquez: Ileana Marquez, a 27-year-old model and entrepreneur from Valencia, holds a degree in business administration and a master’s degree in marketing. As the founder and CEO of a successful online clothing store, she is passionate about empowering women and promoting sustainable fashion. With over a million followers on social media, Ileana is set to represent Venezuela at the Miss Universe 2024 pageant in Mexico.
  2. Miss Venezuela International 2023 – Sakra Guerrero: Sakra, a 25-year-old actress and singer from San Juan de los Morros, holds a degree in theater arts and a diploma in vocal technique. An advocate for animal rights and environmental protection, Sakra will represent Venezuela at the Miss International 2024 pageant in Japan.
  3. 1st Runner-Up – Giorgiana Rosas: Giorgiana, a 24-year-old dentist and model from Maracaibo, is committed to improving oral health and education in her community. With a degree in odontology and specialization in orthodontics, she balances her professional life with fitness and yoga instruction.
  4. 2nd Runner-Up – Daniela Celis: Daniela, a 23-year-old journalist and writer from Timotes, works as a reporter and editor for a national newspaper and a digital magazine. Dedicated to promoting literacy and culture, she is also an accomplished author of poetry and novels.
  5. 3rd Runner-Up – Cindy Granadillo: Cindy, a 22-year-old engineer and model from San Felipe, holds a degree in civil engineering and a certification in project management. A chess champion and violinist, she is interested in developing innovative solutions for urban planning and infrastructure.


The Miss Venezuela 2023 pageant was not merely a showcase of beauty but a celebration of diversity, talent, and excellence. Each contestant brought a unique blend of intelligence, passion, and commitment to the stage. Ileana Márquez, the newly crowned Miss Venezuela, along with her fellow winners, will undoubtedly represent their country with grace and make a positive impact on the global stage. As Ileana prepares for the Miss Universe 2024 pageant, Venezuela eagerly anticipates her journey to potentially bring home the eighth crown. The pageant reaffirmed the belief that women play a crucial role in shaping a better world through their intelligence, beauty, and love.

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