Eve Gilles (Miss France 2024): A Modern Renaissance Queen with a Purposeful Crown


In the glamorous realm of beauty pageants, Eve Gilles emerges not only as a radiant beauty but as a multifaceted personality whose intelligence, ambition, and commitment to social and environmental causes set her apart. Crowned as Miss France 2024 on December 16, 2023, in Dijon, this 20-year-old dynamo from Quaëdypre, Flanders, is poised to represent her country with a unique blend of grace, charm, and a powerful sense of purpose.

The Tapestry of Ambition and Inspiration

Eve’s journey to the Miss France crown is woven with threads of ambition and familial inspiration. Born on February 15, 2003, in Dunkirk, she grew up in the idyllic village of Quaëdypre, surrounded by the love of her parents and a younger brother. Her childhood was marked by a burgeoning passion for mathematics and computer science, leading her to pursue a degree in MIASHS at the University of Lille.

Eve’s interests are as diverse as her talents. From the tender age of four, she embraced the world of dance, mastering ballet, jazz, and contemporary styles. Her affinity for animals, particularly horses, manifested in her ownership of a horse named Olympe. This kaleidoscope of interests and talents paints a vivid picture of a young woman who values both intellect and creativity.

A Heart for Charity and Advocacy

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Eve Gilles is a woman with a heart for charitable causes. Her involvement in diverse initiatives, from supporting children with disabilities to raising awareness about climate change, underscores her commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Eve understands the weight that comes with the Miss France title and intends to use her platform to address the social and environmental issues that affect her region and the world. Her dedication to charitable causes is a testament to her genuine concern for the well-being of others and her desire to inspire positive change.

Roots and Pride: Representing Nord-Pas-de-Calais

Hailing from the region of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Eve Gilles follows in the footsteps of former Miss Frances Camille Cerf (2015), Iris Mittenaere (2016), and Maëva Coucke (2018). Proud of her roots, Eve is determined to promote the rich culture and heritage of her region on the national and international stage.

Describing herself as a simple, natural, and authentic person who values family and friendship, Eve embodies the qualities that make her relatable to people from all walks of life. Her authenticity and down-to-earth nature make her not only a beauty queen but also a role model.

A Dream Inspired by Family Legacy

Eve Gilles’ dream of becoming Miss France was deeply rooted in familial inspiration. Her grandmother, a model and beauty pageant contestant in the 1950s, served as a muse. Determined to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps, Eve entered her first pageant at 18, clinching the title of Miss Hersin-Coupigny 2023. This victory marked the commencement of her journey to the Miss France 2024 crown.

The Road to Miss France 2024

Competing against 29 other candidates, Eve Gilles showcased her elegance, charisma, and personality on the way to being crowned Miss France 2024. Her passion for dance, love for animals, and dedication to her studies set her apart in the eyes of the jury and the public. Eve’s victory is not only a personal triumph but also a testament to her resilience, determination, and ability to stand out in a competitive field.

The Miss France 2024 Adventure

Now crowned as Miss France 2024, Eve Gilles is ready to embark on a new adventure that will take her across the country and the world. In addition to fulfilling her national duties, she is set to represent France in the Miss Universe 2024 pageant. With a determination to make her country proud, Eve aims to follow in the footsteps of Iris Mittenaere, who clinched the Miss Universe crown in 2016.

Beyond Beauty: Eve Gilles, the Person

Eve Gilles is more than just a titleholder; she is a 20-year-old student with a passion for mathematics and computer science applied to social sciences. Her ambition is to become a statistician, a goal reflective of her love for numbers, logic, and data analysis.

Eve’s commitment to dance and horse riding as outlets for self-expression and relaxation highlights her multifaceted personality. Owning a horse named Nougat and practicing various dance styles, including ballet, jazz, and contemporary, further showcase her diverse interests.

A Modern Miss with a Purpose

Eve Gilles challenges stereotypes associated with beauty queens by proudly donning short hair, proving that Miss France is about more than external appearances. Her desire to defend the image of women and be a role model for young girls underscores her commitment to breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity.

Advocacy Beyond the Crown

Eve Gilles is not just a beauty queen; she is a senior student at the University of Richmond, majoring in psychology and minoring in environmental studies. Her advocacy extends beyond the pageant stage, as she passionately supports sustainability, women’s rights, and social justice.

1. Sustainability

Eve Gilles has been involved in various sustainability initiatives on campus and in the community. She is a member of the Student Environmental Alliance, a student organization that promotes environmental awareness and action. She has also participated in the Green Office Program, a voluntary program that encourages offices to adopt sustainable practices and reduce their environmental impact. Eve Gilles has also volunteered at the Shalom Farms, a local non-profit that provides fresh produce to low-income communities. She has helped with planting, harvesting, and distributing the crops.

Eve Gilles has also taken advantage of the experiential learning opportunities offered by the University of Richmond. She has studied abroad in New Zealand, where she learned about the Maori culture and their connection to the land. She has also conducted research on the effects of climate change on coral reefs in the Bahamas. She has presented her findings at the Atlantic Estuarine Research Society Conference and the Virginia Academy of Science Annual Meeting.

Eve Gilles believes that sustainability is not only about environmental issues, but also about social and economic issues. She says, “Sustainability is about finding a balance between the needs of the present and the future, and between the needs of different groups of people. It is about creating a more equitable and just world for everyone.”

2. Women’s Rights

Eve Gilles is a strong supporter of women’s rights and gender equality. She is a fan of Emma Watson, a famous actor and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador. Eve Gilles admires Emma Watson’s work for the HeForShe campaign, which aims to engage men and boys as allies for women’s rights. Eve Gilles says, “Emma Watson is an inspiration for me and many other young women. She uses her platform to speak up for women’s rights and to challenge the stereotypes and norms that hold women back.”

Eve Gilles has also participated in various events and activities that celebrate and empower women. She has attended the Women’s March, a global movement that advocates for women’s rights and social justice. She has also joined the Lean In Circle, a peer support group that helps women achieve their goals and overcome challenges. Eve Gilles has also taken courses on women’s studies, such as Women and Leadership, and Women and the Environment.

Eve Gilles believes that women’s rights are human rights, and that everyone should have equal opportunities and respect. She says, “Women’s rights are not only about women, but about everyone. When women are empowered, everyone benefits. When women are educated, healthy, and safe, they can contribute to the development and peace of the world.”

3. Social Justice

Eve Gilles is a compassionate and empathetic person who cares about social justice and human dignity. She is a member of the Bonner Scholars Program, a service-learning program that provides students with scholarships and opportunities to engage with the community. Eve Gilles has generously given her time to help out at different places that support people facing tough situations. For example, she has volunteered at the Sacred Heart Center, which is a center for the Hispanic community.

They provide education and social services. She’s also been involved with the Peter Paul Development Center, an after-school program helping kids and families in the East End of Richmond. Additionally, Eve has volunteered at CARITAS, a shelter for homeless people that offers temporary housing and support to individuals and families going through tough times.

Eve Gilles has also been involved in advocacy and activism for social justice. She has attended the Social Justice Conference, a student-led event that explores the issues and solutions for social justice. She has also participated in the UR Engage Dialogue Series, a program that facilitates dialogue and understanding among students from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Eve Gilles has also signed petitions and contacted legislators to voice her opinions and demand change on various social issues, such as immigration, health care, and gun violence.

Eve Gilles believes that social justice is about recognizing and respecting the inherent worth and dignity of every human being, and ensuring that everyone has access to the basic rights and resources that they need to live a fulfilling life. She says, “Social justice is about standing up for what is right and speaking out against what is wrong. It is about being aware of the injustices and inequalities that exist in our society, and taking action to address them. It is about being an ally and a friend to those who are oppressed and discriminated against.”

Conclusion: Eve Gilles, a Beacon of Inspiration

In conclusion, Eve Gilles is not merely the latest beauty queen to represent France; she is a symbol of modernity, intelligence, and purpose. Her journey from a small village in Flanders to the Miss France 2024 crown reflects not only personal triumph but also a commitment to making a positive impact on society and the world.

As she embarks on the Miss Universe 2024 pageant and fulfills her duties as Miss France, Eve Gilles is poised to inspire positive change, challenge stereotypes, and champion causes close to her heart. A role model, advocate, and compassionate individual, Eve Gilles is indeed a beacon of inspiration for her generation and beyond.

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