Miss Earth 2023 Competition: A Celebration of Beauty, Brain & Triumph


The stage is set, the contestants are ready, and the world awaits the grand spectacle that is the 23rd Miss Earth pageant. Miss Earth 2023, known for its emphasis on environmental advocacy, was took place at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, on December 22, 2023. At the end of the pageant Drita Ziri of Albania won Miss Earth 2023. Drita Ziri was crowned by Mina Sue Choi of South Korea, marking the culmination of a remarkable journey.

Background: Bringing Miss Earth 2023 Back to Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City, the vibrant and bustling host city, is no stranger to the Miss Earth pageant. In 2010, Vietnam hosted the prestigious event, and in an exciting announcement on July 18, 2022, Lorraine Schuck, co-founder of the Miss Earth Organization, revealed that the 2023 edition would return to this captivating Southeast Asian country. The initial venue was an 8,000-seater theater in Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa, continuing the tradition of hosting the pageant in picturesque locations.

However, the journey took an unexpected turn. On September 11, 2023, the Miss Earth Organization made a pivotal decision to move the event to the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center in Ho Chi Minh City, a change made to accommodate a larger audience.

The pageant’s activities was extended over a period from December 1 to December 22, with various events and competitions scheduled throughout the month. The National Costume Competition, was a dazzling display of cultural diversity, was kicked off the festivities on December 2 at Nguyen Hue Walking Street. The pageant also featured the Best Eco Project presentation, the Miss Earth 2023 X Fashion Voyage, and the Fashionature ecotourism and fashion shoot, creating a holistic experience for both participants and viewers.

The talent competition, a highlight of any beauty pageant, took place at the iconic Saigon Opera House on December 16, showcased the diverse skills and talents of the contestants. These events contribute not only to the entertainment aspect but also emphasize the importance of environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

Final result of Miss Earth 2023

One the finale night, Drita Ziri of Albania won the crown of Miss Earth 2023 and Yllana Aduana of Philippines secured the first runner up title. They both have nailed the Top- 8 question and answer round and also Top-4 interview round. The official final result is as below”

  • Miss Earth 2023: Miss AlbaniaDrita Ziri
  • Miss Earth – Air 2023: Miss Philippines- Yllana Aduana
  • Miss Earth – Water 2023: Miss Vietnam- Đỗ Thị Lan Anh
  • Miss Earth – Fire 2023: Miss Thailand- Cora Bliault

Special Awards Winners

Below mentioned countries have received the special awards on the finale night of Miss Earth 2023 on 22nd December 2023.

  • People’s Choice Award: Miss Indonesia
  • Best in Evening Gown: Miss Kazakhstan
  • Best in Talent: Miss New Zealand
  • Best Eco Presentation: Team Europe
  • Best Appearance: Miss Vietnam
  • Best Bikini: Miss Philippines
  • Best National Costume: Miss Vietnam

Selection of Participants in Miss Earth 2023: A Global Celebration of Beauty and Advocacy

Miss Earth 2023 witnessed the participation of contestants from eighty-eight countries and territories, each represented a unique blend of beauty, intelligence, and environmental passion. Notably, four contestants earned their spots through appointment, showcasing a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

However, as with any grand event, some adjustments were necessary. Tina Krulanović, appointed to represent Montenegro, stepped in after the original representative, Vladjana Jovetić, relinquished her title due to personal reasons. Similarly, Andjela Vanevski took on the role of Miss Earth Serbia, filling in for Jelena Petrović. Other replacements included Belindé Schreuder, appointed to represent South Africa, and Cassandra Peters, stepping into the role of Miss Earth Liberia.

Debuts, Returns, and Withdrawals at Miss Earth 2023: A Tapestry of Nations

Miss Earth 2023 was a wonderful celebration of different cultures. This time, Eswatini, Lesotho, and Mozambique joined the pageant, bringing new and vibrant elements to the mix. Some of the countried made their come back including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Denmark, Fiji, Finland, Germany, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Madagascar, Moldova, the US Virgin Islands, Tonga, the Northern Mariana Islands, Paraguay, Ukraine, Trinidad and Tobago, Uruguay, Myanmar. It was indeed a colorful and diverse event!

Madagascar, absent since 2014, and Trinidad and Tobago, last seen in 2018, made their much-anticipated return, adding to the excitement. The inclusion of contestants from Fiji, Hungary, Kazakhstan, and Tonga, absent since 2019, along with Finland, Honduras, Moldova, and the US Virgin Islands, who last competed in 2020, brought a sense of continuity and renewed enthusiasm.

One finale of Miss Earth 2023, eighty-five contestants have been confirmed, each represented the beauty and environmental consciousness of their respective nations.

Contestants: The Faces of Miss Earth 2023

The Miss Earth 2023 lineup is a testament to the global reach of the pageant, with contestants from diverse backgrounds and cultures. From Drita Ziri of Albania to Courtney Jongwe of Zimbabwe, each contestant brought her unique charm and advocacy to the stage.

Here are the details of the contestants for Miss Earth 2023:

Country/Territory | Contestant | Age | Hometown

  1. Albania – Drita Ziri | 18 | Fushë-Krujë
  2. Argentina – Selene Bublitz | 23 | Corrientes
  3. Australia – Helen Lātūkefu | 21 | Sydney
  4. Austria – Zoe Müller | 28 | Vienna
  5. Bangladesh – Anika Bushra Mariya | 21 | Naogaon
  6. Belarus – Karyna Kisialiova | 26 | Minsk
  7. Belgium – Jolien Pede | 26 | Zwalm
  8. Belize – Reyna Choj | 21 | San Ignacio
  9. Bolivia – Ivana Girard | 26 | Santa Cruz
  10. Bosnia and Herzegovina – Verica Mihajlović | 18 | Foča
  11. Brazil – Morgana Carlos | 28 | Icó
  12. Bulgaria – Victoria Lazarova | 24 | Plovdiv
  13. Cambodia – Pouvjessica Tan | 19 | Stung Treng
  14. Cameroon – Atem Noella | 25 | Lebialem
  15. Canada – Layanna Robinson | 18 | Victoria
  16. Chile – Ximena Huala | 22 | Santiago
  17. China – Mingyang Wang
  18. Colombia – Luz Adriana López | 26 | Bogotá
  19. Croatia – Michelle Salome Kursar | 23 | Pula
  20. Cuba – Aleida Josefa Perez | 22 | Villa Clara
  21. Czech Republic – Kristýna Pavlovičová | 20 | Strakonice
  22. Denmark – Silvia Topholm | 22 | Copenhagen
  23. Dominican Republic – Elliany Capellán | 28 | Samaná
  24. Ecuador – Naomi Viteri | 21 | Guayaquil
  25. England – Jordan-Louise Smith | 26 | Edinburgh
  26. Ethiopia – Hebron Beyene | 23 | Addis Ababa
  27. Fiji – Sera Volavola | 25 | Suva
  28. France – Enola Godart | 22 | Saint-Laurent-de-Neste
  29. Germany – Maike Damrat | 22 | Böblingen
  30. Ghana – Priscilla Asante | 27 | Accra
  31. Greece – Christianna Katsieri | 21 | Piraeus
  32. Haiti – Valentchina Dantes | 23 | Port-au-Prince
  33. Honduras – Ariana Gomez | 18 | Comayagua
  34. India – Priyan Sain | 21 | Jaipur
  35. Indonesia – Cindy Inanto | 27 | Medan
  36. Ireland – Layla Doherty | 22 | Ballyliffin
  37. Japan – Kirari Oshiro | 21 | Okinawa
  38. Kazakhstan – Dilnaz Tilaeva | 19 | Almaty
  39. Kenya – Abigael Kombo | 28 | Nairobi
  40. Kosovo – Leonora Leci | 27 | Pristina
  41. Laos – Nuolao Wamenglor | 18 | Xiangkhouang
  42. Liberia – Cassandra Peters | 27 | Monrovia
  43. Madagascar – Valisoa Fifaliana Ratsimbazafy | 27 | Antananarivo
  44. Malaysia – Nadira Isaac | 22 | Penang
  45. Mauritius – Hateefa Low Kom | 25 | Rivière du Rempart
  46. Mexico – Daniela Landín | 28 | Aguascalientes
  47. Mongolia – Munkhchimeg Batjargal | 27 | Ulaanbaatar
  48. Montenegro – Tina Krulanović | 19 | Nikšić
  49. Myanmar – Soung Hnin San | 18 | Yangon
  50. Namibia – Martha Kautanevali | 26 | Ohangwena
  51. Nepal – Rainyusha Majgaiya | 27 | Dang
  52. Netherlands – Noa Claus | 20 | Enschede
  53. New Zealand – Caitlyn Dulcie Smythe | 23 | Auckland
  54. Nigeria – Shelly Usman | 24 | Imo State
  55. Northern Mariana Islands – Jan Zowie Cruz | 22 | Saipan
  56. Norway – Emilie Svendby | 20 | Brumunddal
  57. Pakistan – Kapotaqkhy Chanchala | 26 | Karachi
  58. Palestine – Yara Bishi | 22 | Ramallah
  59. Panama – Nicole Castillero | 23 | Penonomé
  60. Paraguay – Gretha Matiauda | 22 | Asunción
  61. Peru – Nancy Salazar | 23 | Piura
  62. Philippines – Yllana Aduana | 25 | Siniloan
  63. Poland – Ewa Jakubiec | 28 | Wroclaw
  64. Portugal – Carlota Lobo | 18 | Viana do Alentejo
  65. Puerto Rico – Victoria Arocho | 21 | Caguas
  66. Réunion – Shanel Malouda | 19 | Saint-Denis
  67. Romania – Georgiana Catalina Popescu | 27 | Bucharest
  68. Russia – Daria Lukonkina | 19 | Nizhny Novgorod
  69. Serbia – Andjela Vanevski | 19 | Belgrade
  70. Sierra Leone – Mary Juliet Sia Kanessie | 28 | Freetown
  71. Singapore – Asenath Loh Jia En | 20 | Singapore
  72. Slovenia – Monica Čavlović | 23 | Nova Gorica
  73. South Africa – Sinovuyo Godolo | 24 | Pretoria
  74. South Korea – Seul Ki Kim | 25 | Incheon
  75. Spain – Carla Barea | 21 | Palma de Mallorca
  76. Sri Lanka – Onella Bandara | 27 | Colombo
  77. Suriname – Fidealia Pierre | 24 | Paramaribo
  78. Sweden – Selma Ohlsson | 26 | Stockholm
  79. Switzerland – Lara Suter | 22 | Zurich
  80. Tanzania – Aika Ataka | 21 | Dar es Salaam
  81. Thailand – Cora Bliault | 19 | Bangkok
  82. Trinidad and Tobago – Abigail Baptiste | 25 | San Fernando
  83. Tunisia – Marwa Zouaghi | 20 | Sousse
  84. Turkey – Irmak Mısırlı | 22 | Istanbul
  85. Uganda – Bridget Nagudi | 28 | Kampala
  86. Ukraine – Valeria Lysenko | 21 | Kharkiv
  87. Uruguay – Ana Clara Da Silva | 23 | Montevideo
  88. USA – Haley Madison | 24 | Los Angeles
  89. Venezuela – María Gabriela Viña | 22 | Valencia
  90. Vietnam – Lan Anh Nguyen | 20 | Hanoi
  91. Zambia – Mercy Chiluba | 19 | Lusaka
  92. Zimbabwe – Rutendo Muzeki | 27 | Harare

Sustainability Initiatives and Partnerships: Beyond the Pageant

The Miss Earth Organization has consistently emphasized its commitment to environmental advocacy, and the Miss Earth 2023 edition is no exception. This year, the pageant is partnering with several organizations and initiatives to amplify its impact.

One notable partnership is with the Green Vietnam Biodiversity Conservation Center, highlighting the importance of preserving Vietnam’s rich biodiversity. The organization, known for its efforts in wildlife conservation, sustainable development, and environmental education, aligns with the pageant’s goals of promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Additionally, Miss Earth 2023 has collaborated with local and international brands that share a commitment to environmental sustainability. The Fashionature ecotourism and fashion shoot, in particular, will feature eco-friendly fashion from renowned designers who prioritize ethical practices in the fashion industry.

These initiatives not only enhance the overall impact of the pageant but also contribute to a broader global conversation about the importance of environmental stewardship.

The Grand Finale of Miss Earth 2023: A Night of Beauty, Advocacy, and Celebration

As the world eagerly awaits the grand finale on December 22, 2023, expectations are high for a night that goes beyond the traditional beauty pageant. Miss Earth has carved a niche for itself by placing environmental advocacy at the forefront, and this edition promises to be a powerful platform for contestants to raise awareness about critical environmental issues.

The stage is set, the contestants are prepared, and the spotlight is ready to shine on the woman who will be crowned Miss Earth 2023. Beyond the glitz and glamour, this event serves as a reminder of the collective responsibility we bear in safeguarding our planet for future generations.

Stay tuned for updates, highlights, and the crowning moment that will mark the beginning of a new chapter in the legacy of Miss Earth. The beauty beyond the crown awaits its rightful ambassador, ready to inspire positive change and make a lasting impact on the world.

Preliminary Competitions of Miss Earth 2023: Showcasing Talent, Intelligence, and Advocacy

Leading up to the grand finale, the contestants will engage in a series of preliminary competitions that go beyond the conventional beauty pageant expectations. These events aim to showcase the multifaceted talents, intelligence, and commitment to environmental causes that each participant brings to the table.

The Talent Competition, scheduled for December 16 at the Saigon Opera House, will provide a platform for contestants to display their unique skills and artistic abilities. From dance routines to musical performances, the talent segment adds an enriching dimension to the pageant, highlighting the diverse talents of the women vying for the title.

Another crucial element is the Best Eco Project presentation, where contestants share their individual environmental initiatives and projects. This segment underscores the pageant’s core value of environmental advocacy, allowing contestants to present their commitment to making a positive impact on their communities and the planet at large.

Miss Earth 2023 X Fashion Voyage, a collaboration between fashion and nature, will be a unique event that merges sustainable fashion with the pageant world. The participating designers will showcase their creations in a way that emphasizes the harmony between fashion and the environment, contributing to a broader conversation about responsible and ethical practices in the fashion industry.

These preliminary competitions serve not only as a means to select the winners but also as powerful platforms to amplify the contestants’ voices on critical environmental issues. By blending beauty, talent, and advocacy, Miss Earth continues to redefine the standards of beauty pageants, placing a strong emphasis on substance over superficiality.

Green Initiatives and Sustainable Practices: A Blueprint for the Future

The Miss Earth Organization has taken significant strides in incorporating green initiatives and sustainable practices into the pageant. From eco-friendly accommodations for contestants and organizers to minimizing the environmental footprint of events, the organization is committed to setting an example for responsible event management.

One notable aspect is the introduction of a sustainable fashion and lifestyle segment in the competition. Contestants will not only showcase their evening gowns and national costumes but also present outfits that align with eco-friendly and sustainable fashion principles. This initiative aims to promote a shift toward conscious consumerism and encourage the fashion industry to adopt more sustainable practices.

In addition to the on-stage initiatives, the pageant is actively involved in community and environmental outreach programs. Contestants participate in tree-planting activities, beach cleanups, and educational programs aimed at raising awareness about environmental conservation. These initiatives not only contribute to the local communities hosting the pageant but also serve as a reminder of the global environmental challenges that require collective action.

By integrating sustainable practices into various aspects of the pageant, Miss Earth is not only fulfilling its mission of environmental advocacy but also setting a precedent for future events in the entertainment industry. As the world grapples with pressing environmental issues, the pageant serves as a powerful platform to inspire positive change and promote a sustainable and eco-conscious lifestyle.

The Role of Beauty Queens as Environmental Ambassadors

Beyond the glitzy stage and glamorous gowns, the titleholders of Miss Earth take on a crucial role as environmental ambassadors. The crown becomes a symbol of responsibility, representing a commitment to advocating for environmental sustainability and raising awareness about pressing issues such as climate change, deforestation, pollution, and biodiversity loss.

Throughout their reign, beauty queens engage in a wide range of activities and initiatives to promote environmental consciousness. This includes participating in environmental campaigns, collaborating with NGOs and government agencies, attending conferences, and using their influence to amplify environmental messages on various platforms.

The titleholders become influential voices in the global conversation on environmental issues, leveraging their position to inspire positive change. By combining their beauty and charisma with a genuine passion for the planet, these queens become catalysts for raising awareness and encouraging sustainable practices in their communities and beyond.

The Miss Earth Organization also provides ongoing support and resources to help titleholders effectively carry out their environmental advocacy. This includes partnerships with environmental organizations, access to platforms for public speaking, and the opportunity to participate in international forums on sustainability.

As the Miss Earth 2023 contestants get ready to champion environmental causes, people around the world are excited to see how these influential women will make a positive difference in creating a future that’s more eco-friendly and mindful of the environment.

Countdown to the Coronation of Miss Earth 2023: Anticipation and Excitement

With each passing day, the excitement builds as the world anticipates the crowning of Miss Earth 2023. As the contestants go through their final preparations, the global audience eagerly awaits the moment when one remarkable woman will emerge as the new ambassador for environmental consciousness.

The coronation night of Miss Earth 2023, set to take place on December 22, will be a culmination of weeks of dedication, passion, and hard work. The finalists will grace the stage one last time, showcasing not only their outer beauty but also their inner strength, intelligence, and commitment to the environment.

The pageant will feature a distinguished panel of judges, bringing together experts and influencers from various fields, including environmental science, fashion, entertainment, and activism. The judging criteria will go beyond physical appearance, with a focus on intelligence, talent, and the contestants’ ability to articulate and advocate for environmental causes.

The moment the crown is placed on the head of the new Miss Earth, the world will witness the beginning of a transformative journey. The winner will step into the shoes of her predecessors, carrying forward the legacy of environmental advocacy and using her platform to make a meaningful impact.

As the countdown to the coronation continues, the global community remains united in the belief that beauty, when combined with purpose and passion, has the power to change the world. Miss Earth 2023 is not just a beauty pageant; it is a celebration of women who are ready to be the voices of positive change, advocating for a sustainable and harmonious relationship between humanity and the planet we call home.

Stay tuned for the grand finale, where the beauty beyond the crown will shine, and a new environmental ambassador will be unveiled to the world. The stage is set, the contestants are prepared, and the world awaits the crowning of Miss Earth 2023.

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