Cora Bliault: Miss Earth Fire 2023 and Earth Advocate Extraordinaire

Introduction of Cora Bliault:

In the world of beauty pageants, where grace meets purpose, Cora Bliault has emerged as a shining example of beauty with a mission. Crowned Miss Earth Thailand 2023, this 18-year-old Thai-Canadian beauty has represented her country at the prestigious Miss Earth 2023 pageant in Vietnam on December 22, 2023 and placed on fourth runner up with Miss Earth Fire 2023 title. Beyond her stunning looks, Cora is a passionate advocate for environmental issues, a talented and versatile individual, and a compassionate soul committed to making a positive impact on the world.

Early Life and Pageantry:

Cora Bliault, hailing from Bangkok and of Thai-Canadian descent, has always been a standout individual. Born and raised in Chiangmai Province, she developed a deep connection with nature from an early age. Her journey into the world of pageantry began with Miss Teen Thailand 2021, where she secured a spot in the top 10, showcasing not just her beauty but also her intelligence and charisma. Following this, she participated in Miss Grand Thailand 2022, reaching the finals and solidifying her presence in the pageant circuit.

Passion for Environmental Causes:

What sets Cora apart is her unwavering commitment to environmental causes. Her decision to join Miss Earth Thailand 2023 stems from a genuine passion for addressing environmental issues and contributing to positive change. She believes that everyone bears a responsibility to protect the planet and its resources, and she is determined to use her platform to inspire action.

Crowned Miss Earth Thailand 2023:

On September 1, 2023, at the Grand Ballroom of the InterContinental Bangkok, Cora Bliault was crowned Miss Earth Thailand 2023. Outshining 11 other finalists, she impressed the judges with her beauty, intelligence, and charisma. Her advocacy for the environment was not just a talking point but a central aspect of her identity. Cora also earned the Best in Evening Gown award, showcasing her elegance and style.

Miss Earth 2023:

With her eyes set on the Miss Earth 2023 pageant in Vietnam on December 22, 2023, Cora Bliault has represented Thailand on the global stage beautifully. In a competition featuring over 80 delegates from around the world, Cora was confident that she possesses the qualities needed to bring home the crown. She aimed not only to showcase her beauty but also to amplify her powerful voice for the environment. On the finale night, she secured fourth runner up position and bagged the title of Miss Earth Fire 2023.

Beyond Beauty: A Multifaceted Talent:

Cora Bliault is not defined solely by her beauty; she is a young woman of immense talent and versatility. Fluent in four languages—Thai, English, French, and Spanish—she exemplifies the globalized nature of the modern world. A student at the International School Bangkok, she plans to pursue a career in environmental engineering, merging her passion for the environment with her academic pursuits.

Cora’s extracurricular activities reveal a depth of talent and interests. From playing musical instruments like the piano, guitar, and ukulele to showcasing her skills in singing and dancing, Cora is a true artist. Her involvement in sports, including soccer, volleyball, and badminton, showcases her dedication to a well-rounded and active lifestyle.

Environmental Advocacy in Action:

Cora’s commitment to environmental causes goes beyond words. She actively participates in various projects and activities aimed at raising awareness and inspiring action. Tree planting, beach cleaning, and recycling campaigns are just a few examples of her hands-on involvement in creating a sustainable future. Her efforts extend to the Bang Pu Nature Education Center, where she joined the Miss Earth Thailand team in planting mangrove trees to restore coastal ecosystems.

At Bang Saen Beach, Cora led a cleanup initiative to address the issue of plastic waste in oceans, highlighting the importance of maintaining clean and healthy oceans. Her visit to the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai showcased her dedication to wildlife conservation and her desire to understand and support the well-being of elephants.

Social and Charity Causes:

Aside from her environmental advocacy, Cora also supports various social and charity causes, such as education, health, and women empowerment. She is a volunteer teacher at the Baan Nokkamin Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides education and care for underprivileged children and orphans. She also donated blood at the Thai Red Cross Society to help save lives and promote a culture of voluntary blood donation. Furthermore, she is a spokesperson for the Women for Change campaign, a movement that aims to empower women and girls to achieve their full potential and fight against gender-based violence and discrimination.

Cora Bliault is a remarkable young woman who uses her platform and influence to make a positive difference in the world. She is not only a beauty with a purpose, but also a beauty with a heart. She is an inspiration to many people, especially to the youth, who aspire to be agents of change and advocates of social and environmental justice.


Cora Bliault, the current Miss Earth Thailand 2023, is more than just a beauty queen; she is a force for positive change. Her journey from pageantry to environmental advocacy exemplifies the evolution of beauty contests into platforms for meaningful impact. As she has represented Thailand at the Miss Earth 2023 pageant, Cora stands as a symbol of modern Thai womanhood—smart, strong, and compassionate. She embodies the essence of Miss Earth’s motto: Beauties for a Cause. Cora Bliault, the Earth advocate, is poised to make a lasting impact on the world, inspiring others to join her in creating a greener and cleaner future.

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