Noa Claus (Miss Earth Netherlands 2023): A Beauty with a Purpose Making Waves in Miss Earth 2023


In the world of beauty pageants, where glamour meets advocacy, Noa Claus, a 20-year-old beauty queen from the Netherlands, has emerged as a shining star. Crowned as Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2023, also known as Miss Earth Netherlands 2023, Noa Claus is set to represent her country at the prestigious Miss Earth 2023 pageant in Vietnam later this year. Beyond her striking beauty, Noa brings a passion for environmental conservation, a love for cooking and baking, and a commitment to charitable causes.

Early Life and Journey into Pageantry:

Born on June 14, 2003, in Enschede, Overijssel, Noa Claus grew up with a deep love for nature and travel. Her educational background in Travel and Hospitality, coupled with her work as a restaurant employee, reflects her commitment to exploring and promoting sustainable tourism. It was in 2022 that Noa embarked on her pageant journey, starting with Miss Beauty of Overijssel, a regional pageant that would become the stepping stone to national recognition.

Noa’s victory at Miss Beauty of Overijssel 2022 not only secured her a place in the national competition but also marked the beginning of a promising journey into the world of beauty pageants. Her charm, intelligence, and a special award for Miss Photogenic set the stage for her next challenge – the Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2023 pageant.

The Crowning Achievement:

Competing against 11 formidable contestants from different provinces, Noa Claus showcased not only her external beauty but also her intelligence and talent. Her remarkable baking skills were on display as she crafted a cake with the theme of Miss Earth, highlighting her commitment to environmental causes. The judges and the audience were captivated, leading to her well-deserved victory as Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2023.

Noa received her crown from the outgoing queen, Merel Hendriksen, a Top 8 finalist at Miss Earth 2022. Adding to her accolades, Noa Claus was also honored with the title of Miss Charity for her outstanding fundraising efforts, demonstrating her commitment to making a positive impact beyond the stage.

Preparing for Miss Earth 2023:

Noa Claus is now in the midst of intense preparations for the upcoming Miss Earth 2023 pageant, scheduled to take place in Vietnam on December 22, 2023. The pageant, known for its emphasis on environmental awareness and sustainable living, is an ideal platform for Noa to amplify her advocacy for a greener and more eco-conscious world. She secured Top-8 in Best Bikini award.

In the lead-up to the competition, Noa has been diligently working on refining her skills, enhancing her public speaking abilities, and fine-tuning her platform. With a clear focus on her advocacies – environmental protection, animal welfare, and mental health – she aims to not only impress the judges but also to inspire change on a global scale.

Environmental Advocacy:

Noa Claus is not just a beauty queen; she is a passionate environmental advocate. The Miss Earth pageant, known for its emphasis on environmental awareness and social responsibility, aligns perfectly with Noa’s values. Her involvement in various projects addressing environmental issues, particularly plastic pollution affecting oceans and marine life, showcases her dedication to the cause.

As Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2023 and the official representative of the country at Miss Earth 2023, Noa Claus is poised to use her platform to raise awareness and inspire action on environmental issues. Her focus on reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic products, along with supporting renewable energy sources and sustainable development, reflects her commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

Beyond the Crown: Noa Claus, the Advocate:

Noa Claus’s impact extends beyond the pageant stage, as she actively engages in social and charity work. Some notable projects include her volunteer work at the local Food Bank in Enschede, where she distributes food packages to those in need. Through her social media presence and events, she raises awareness and funds for the Food Bank, showcasing her commitment to addressing local community needs.

Her involvement with the Clean Water Project demonstrates a global perspective on social responsibility. Noa’s work in Kenya and Uganda, installing water filters and educating communities on hygiene practices, exemplifies her dedication to making a positive impact internationally.

Women’s rights hold a special place in Noa’s heart, and she uses her platform to advocate for women’s empowerment, education, and leadership. Participating in campaigns and initiatives that promote gender equality, she actively contributes to the ongoing dialogue on the importance of women’s rights.

Social and Charity Work:

Noa Claus has been involved in several social and charity work projects, both locally and internationally. Some of the notable ones are:

  • Food Bank: Noa Claus has been volunteering at the Food Bank in her hometown of Enschede, Overijssel, where she helps distribute food packages to people in need. She also raises awareness and funds for the Food Bank through her social media platforms and events.
  • Clean Water Project: Noa Claus has partnered with the Clean Water Project, a non-profit organization that provides access to clean water and sanitation to communities in developing countries. She has visited Kenya and Uganda, where she helped install water filters and educate the locals on hygiene and health practices.
  • Women’s Rights: Noa Claus is a vocal supporter of women’s rights and gender equality. She has participated in various campaigns and initiatives that promote women’s empowerment, education, and leadership. She has also spoken at several forums and events on the importance of women’s rights and how to be a women’s rights advocate.

Advocacies: A Triad of Impact:

Noa Claus’s commitment to making a difference in the world is encapsulated in her three primary advocacies:

  1. Environmental Protection: Noa advocates for sustainable living, renewable energy, and climate action. Her support for the Miss Earth Foundation aligns with her belief in restoring and preserving the natural resources of the planet.
  2. Animal Welfare: An animal lover and vegetarian, Noa Claus actively opposes animal cruelty and exploitation. Her support for animal shelters and rescue centers, coupled with regular volunteering and donations, underscores her dedication to the welfare of animals.
  3. Mental Health: Noa, a mental health advocate and survivor of depression, speaks openly about mental health awareness and destigmatization. Sharing her personal story, she encourages others to seek help and emphasizes the importance of kindness and compassion.

The Noa Nation:

Noa Claus’s journey has garnered significant support from fans and followers, affectionately known as the “Noa Nation.” This devoted community rallies behind her, cheering for her success and spreading her message of environmental consciousness, animal welfare, and mental health awareness.

The Noa Nation is not merely a fan base; it’s a community united by shared values and a common belief in the power of individuals to make a difference. Through social media campaigns, events, and collaborations, this growing community contributes to Noa’s mission, amplifying her voice and extending the reach of her advocacies.

Noa Claus Beyond the Crown:

Beyond the glitz and glamour of the pageant world, Noa Claus remains deeply involved in her charitable endeavors. Her commitment to local and international projects continues to make a tangible impact on the lives of those in need.

Noa’s involvement with the Food Bank in Enschede, where she volunteers and raises awareness, highlights her dedication to addressing immediate community needs. Her support for the Clean Water Project showcases a broader perspective on global issues, with a focus on providing essential resources to communities in developing countries.

As a vocal advocate for women’s rights, Noa uses her influence to champion gender equality, empowerment, and education. By participating in campaigns and speaking at events, she contributes to the ongoing dialogue on the importance of creating a more inclusive and equitable world.


Noa Claus is not merely a beauty queen; she is a beacon of purpose and inspiration. Her journey from a small city in the Netherlands to the global stage of Miss Earth 2023 exemplifies her dedication to creating positive change. As she prepares to represent her country in Vietnam, Noa Claus stands as a testament to the idea that beauty, when coupled with purpose and advocacy, becomes a powerful force for good.

Noa’s story is not just about winning a crown; it’s about using that crown to amplify her voice and impact. With a triad of advocacies – environmental protection, animal welfare, and mental health – Noa Claus embodies the essence of a beauty queen with a purpose. The world awaits to witness her journey unfold on the stage of Miss Earth 2023, where Noa Claus, Miss Beauty of the Netherlands 2023, aims not only to make history but also to make a lasting impact on the world.

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