Jordan Sangha: Biography of Big Brother Season 20 Winner


Jordan Sangha is the winner of Big Brother 20 (UK), the first season of the hit reality show after its revival by ITV. He is a 26-year-old lawyer from Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, who entered the house as a self-proclaimed “posh” man who doesn’t like living with people. However, he soon became a fan favorite for his stoic and nonchalant expressions, his eccentricity, and his queer love story with fellow housemates Henry Southan and Matty Jones.

Early Life and Career

Jordan Sangha was born on October 11, 1997, in Scunthorpe, a town known for its steel industry. He attended a local grammar school and excelled academically. He developed a passion for law and justice, and went on to study law at the University of Oxford. He graduated with a first-class degree and secured a job at a prestigious law firm in London. He also has a flair for fashion and loves wearing floral shirts.

Big Brother Journey

Jordan Sangha applied for Big Brother on a whim, as he was bored and disillusioned with his life. He was interested in the social experiment aspect of the show, and wanted to challenge himself by living with strangers. He also hoped to win the prize money of £100,000 and spend it on renting in Kensington and shopping at Harrods.

Jordan entered the house on Day 1, and immediately caught the attention of viewers and housemates with his posh accent and quirky personality. He formed a close bond with Henry, a 24-year-old musician from Brighton, who was attracted to him. Jordan also developed feelings for Matty, a 25-year-old model from Manchester, who was in an open relationship with his boyfriend outside the house. Jordan and Henry shared a kiss on Day 10, while Jordan and Matty flirted and cuddled throughout the season. Jordan was torn between the two, and admitted that he liked them both.

Jordan was also known for his witty and sarcastic comments, his stoic and nonchalant expressions, and his eccentric behaviour. He often amused and annoyed his fellow housemates with his antics, such as wearing a towel as a cape, pretending to be a robot, and talking to a plant. He also had a love-hate relationship with Big Brother, whom he called “Biggy”. He frequently poured his inner emotions and thoughts in the diary room, and revealed that he was actually enjoying the experience and learning more about himself and others.

Jordan managed to avoid being nominated until Week 5, the penultimate week of the season. He was nominated three times, but survived each eviction. He reached the finale on Day 42, and faced Olivia Young, a 22-year-old social media influencer from Essex, in the final two. In the end, Jordan emerged as the winner of Big Brother 20 (UK), receiving 37.8% of the total public votes. He was overjoyed and shocked by his victory, and thanked the viewers and his fellow housemates for their support. He also reunited with Henry and Matty, and said that he wanted to stay in touch with them.

Post Big Brother

After winning Big Brother, Jordan Sangha became a celebrity and a media sensation. He appeared on various TV shows and magazines, and gained a huge following on social media. He also donated £10,000 of his prize money to a charity that supports LGBTQ+ youth. He resumed his career as a lawyer, but also pursued other opportunities in the entertainment industry. He launched his own fashion line of floral shirts, and signed a book deal to write his autobiography.

He also starred in a reality show with Henry and Matty, called “The Three Amigos”, which documented their friendship and romance after Big Brother. Jordan said that he was happy and grateful for his life-changing experience, and that he hoped to inspire others to be themselves and follow their dreams.

Jordan Sangha’s Charity Work

One of the most notable charity work that Jordan Sangha has done is donating half of his £100,000 prize money to the British Red Cross, a humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis around the world. Jordan said he was inspired by his mother, who is a nurse, and his grandfather, who was a refugee from India. He also said he wanted to give back to the society that gave him so much opportunity and acceptance.

Jordan has also been involved in other charitable initiatives, such as:

  • Participating in the Stand Up to Cancer campaign, where he and his boyfriend Henry Southan, who was also a Big Brother finalist, raised awareness and funds for cancer research by wearing funny costumes and performing comedy sketches on social media.
  • Supporting the LGBTQ+ Foundation, a national charity that provides advice, support, and information to LGBTQ+ people. Jordan and Henry, who are both openly gay, have been vocal about their experiences and challenges as a same-sex couple, and have encouraged others to be proud of who they are.
  • Volunteering for the Scunthorpe Food Bank, a local organisation that provides emergency food and support to people in need. Jordan, who grew up in Scunthorpe, said he wanted to help his community and show gratitude for the people who supported him during his Big Brother journey.

Jordan Sangha’s Advocacies

Apart from his charity work, Jordan Sangha has also been using his platform to advocate for various issues that he cares about, such as:

  • Mental health. Jordan has been open about his struggles with anxiety and depression, and has shared his coping strategies and tips with his followers. He has also partnered with Mind, a mental health charity, to promote their services and resources, and to urge people to seek help when they need it.
  • Diversity and inclusion. Jordan has been a champion of diversity and inclusion, both in his profession and in his personal life. He has spoken about the importance of having more representation and visibility of people of colour, especially in the legal sector, where he works as a solicitor. He has also celebrated his cultural heritage and identity, and has encouraged others to embrace their differences and learn from each other.
  • Fashion and sustainability. Jordan has been a fashion lover since he was young, and has impressed many with his stylish and sophisticated outfits. He has also been featured in British Vogue, where he talked about his fashion influences and inspirations. However, Jordan is also aware of the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry, and has advocated for more sustainable and ethical practices. He has supported brands that use organic, recycled, or vegan materials, and has donated his old clothes to charity shops or recycling centres.

Jordan Sangha’s Future Plans

Jordan Sangha has said that he is grateful for the opportunities and experiences that Big Brother has given him, and that he is excited for what the future holds. He has expressed his interest in pursuing more projects in the media and entertainment industry, such as hosting, modelling, or acting. He has also said that he wants to continue his legal career, and to use his skills and knowledge to help people in need. He has also hinted at some possible collaborations with other Big Brother housemates, such as Yinrun Huang, who was his close friend in the show.

However, Jordan has also said that his main priority is his relationship with Henry, who he met and fell in love with in the Big Brother house. He has said that he and Henry are very happy and supportive of each other, and that they are planning to move in together soon. He has also said that they are looking forward to travelling the world together, and to exploring new cultures and places.

Jordan Sangha is more than just a Big Brother winner. He is a role model, a leader, and a changemaker. He is someone who is making a difference in the world, one day at a time.

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