Dahiana Gatzke (Miss World Paraguay 2023): A Beacon of Beauty and Purpose

Introduction to Dahiana Gatzke

Dahiana Gatzke emerges as a captivating figure, a Paraguayan model, and a beacon of hope for many. Born on June 15, 2003, in Encarnación, Paraguay, her roots intertwine with German and Paraguayan heritage, enriching her identity with diverse cultural hues. Dahiana Gatzke’s journey illuminates the intersection of beauty, intellect, and compassion, defining her as more than just a pretty face but a force for positive change.

Early Life and Education

Dahiana Gatzke’s early years unfolded against the scenic backdrop of Encarnación, a city steeped in history and charm. Raised amidst familial warmth and cultural richness, she imbibed the values of diligence and resilience from her upbringing. Attending Colegio San Roque González de Santa Cruz, she flourished academically and athletically, embodying excellence in every pursuit. Her linguistic prowess, fluent in Spanish, German, English, and Guarani, reflects her dedication to embracing diverse cultures and perspectives.

Entry into Modeling and Pageantry

From a tender age of 15, Dahiana Gatzke’s enchantment with modeling and pageantry ignited a spark within her. Venturing into the realm of fashion, she captivated hearts and lenses alike, becoming a sought-after figure in Paraguay’s modeling circuit. Her journey adorned with triumphs, including victories in prestigious beauty contests such as Miss Teenager Paraguay 2018, reflects her innate charisma and poise.

University and Career Aspirations

Dahiana Gatzke’s pursuit of excellence extends beyond the ramp, as she embarks on an academic voyage in Business Administration at the Universidad Nacional de Itapúa. With an unwavering resolve, she aspires to carve a niche as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, channeling her passion for commerce towards societal betterment.

Competing in Beauty Pageants

Dahiana Gatzke’s foray into the realm of beauty pageants epitomizes her journey of self-discovery and empowerment. In the inaugural edition of Reinas del Paraguay 2022, she captivated audiences and adjudicators alike with her allure, intellect, and grace. Crowned as Miss Mundo Paraguay 2022, she emerged as a symbol of Paraguayan pride, poised to represent her nation on the global stage.

Crowning as Miss Mundo Paraguay 2022

Dahiana Gatzke decided to compete in the Reinas del Paraguay 2022 pageant, which was the first edition of the new organization that acquired the franchises of Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth in Paraguay. She was one of the 16 finalists who vied for the four crowns.

On the night of the coronation, Dahiana Gatzke impressed the judges and the audience with her beauty, elegance, and intelligence. She answered the final question about the concept of beauty, saying that there are many and different types of beauty, and that she is not attracted by physical appearance, but by personality and energy. She competed against 11 other finalists and impressed the judges with her elegance, confidence, and personality. She also won the Miss Photogenic award and the Miss Talent award for her Paraguayan dance performance.

She was crowned as Miss Mundo Paraguay 2022 by her predecessor, Bethania Borba, who placed in the Top 40 of Miss World 2021. She also received the sash of Virreina Mundo from Elicena Andrada, who was the first runner-up.

Preparation for Miss World 2023

As the spotlight beckons, Dahiana Gatzke embarks on a transformative journey of preparation for the Miss World 2023 pageant. Guided by diligence and dedication, she harnesses her talents and fortitude to excel in the rigorous realm of beauty and intellect. With unwavering determination, she channels her energies towards honing her skills and refining her advocacy, poised to emerge as a beacon of inspiration on the global stage.

As the new Miss World Paraguay, Dahiana Gatzke will have the opportunity to represent her country at the Miss World 2023 pageant, which will take place on 9th March 2024 in Mumbai, India. The Miss World pageant is one of the most prestigious and challenging beauty contests in the world, as it requires the contestants to demonstrate not only their physical beauty, but also their intelligence, talent, culture, and social responsibility. Dahiana is aware of the high expectations and the hard work that lie ahead of her, but she is ready to face them with determination and enthusiasm.

Dahiana Gatzke has already started to prepare for the Miss World pageant by developing a social project that aligns with the Miss World motto of “Beauty with a Purpose”. She has not revealed the details of her project yet, but she has hinted that it will focus on helping children and women in vulnerable situations. She believes that beauty is not only about appearance, but also about attitude, kindness, and generosity. She wants to use her beauty as a tool to make a positive impact on the world and inspire others to do the same.

Dahiana Gatzke’s Beauty with Purpose project

Dahiana Gatzke is not just a beauty queen, but also a social activist who is passionate about promoting inclusion and awareness for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Paraguay. She is the Miss Mundo Paraguay 2022, who will represent her country in the Miss World 2023 competition, which has been postponed several times due to the pandemic. But beyond the crown and the glamour, Dahiana has a humanitarian project called Way Beyond, which aims to challenge the existing perceptions and stereotypes about ASD and foster a supportive and respectful environment for people with ASD and their families.

1. What is Way Beyond?

Way Beyond is an initiative that Dahiana Gatzke created based on her personal experience with a close relative who has ASD. She realized that there is a lack of understanding and acceptance of ASD in Paraguay, which leads to discrimination and exclusion of people with ASD in various aspects of life, such as education, employment, and social interaction. She decided to use her platform as a Miss World contestant to raise awareness and educate the public about ASD, as well as to advocate for the rights and needs of people with ASD.

Way Beyond has three main objectives:

  • To inform and sensitize the society about ASD, its characteristics, and its challenges.
  • To empower and support people with ASD and their families, by providing them with resources, guidance, and opportunities.
  • To collaborate and partner with national and international organizations, such as the Ministry of Education and Culture, UNICEF Paraguay, and other NGOs, to implement policies and programs that promote inclusion and accessibility for people with ASD.

2. What are some of the activities and achievements of Way Beyond?

Since its inception, Way Beyond has been carrying out various activities and projects to fulfill its objectives. Some of them are:

  • Conducting workshops and seminars for teachers, parents, students, and professionals, to share information and best practices on how to interact and work with people with ASD.
  • Organizing fundraising campaigns and donations for foundations and institutions that provide services and assistance to people with ASD, such as the Autism Foundation of Paraguay and the Center for Integral Development of Autism.
  • Creating and distributing multisensory books, which are specially designed to stimulate the senses and cognitive abilities of children with ASD, and to facilitate their learning and communication.
  • Participating in media interviews and social media campaigns, to spread the message and vision of Way Beyond, and to inspire others to join the cause.

One of the most notable achievements of Way Beyond was to obtain the declaration of national interest from the Congress of Paraguay, which recognizes the importance and relevance of the project for the development and well-being of the country. This declaration also opens the possibility of receiving more support and resources from the government and other entities to expand and improve the project.

3. What are the future plans and goals of Way Beyond?

Dahiana Gatzke has a clear and ambitious vision for Way Beyond: to create a world where understanding and inclusion are the norm, not the exception, and where the neurodiversity of people with ASD is celebrated and valued. To achieve this vision, she has several plans and goals for the future, such as:

  • To create a mobile application that can serve as a tool for people with ASD and their families, to access information, resources, and support networks.
  • To establish a center or a network of centers that can offer specialized and personalized attention and services to people with ASD, such as diagnosis, therapy, education, and vocational training.
  • To expand the scope and reach of Way Beyond to other countries and regions, especially in Latin America, where there is a need and a demand for more awareness and action on ASD.

4. How can you support and get involved with Way Beyond?

If you are interested in supporting and getting involved with Way Beyond, there are several ways you can do so, such as:

  • Following and sharing the social media accounts of Way Beyond, where you can find updates, news, and stories about the project and the people behind it.
  • Donating to Way Beyond, either directly or through the fundraising platforms that they use, such as [GoFundMe] and [PayPal]. Your donation will help them to continue and enhance their activities and projects, and to reach more people with ASD and their families.
  • Volunteering for Way Beyond, either online or in person, depending on your skills, availability, and location. You can contact them through their social media accounts or their email address (waybeyond@gmail.com) to express your interest and find out more about the opportunities and requirements.
  • Spreading the word and the message of Way Beyond, by talking to your friends, family, colleagues, and community about ASD and the importance of inclusion and respect. You can also use the hashtag #WayBeyond to show your support and solidarity.


In the tapestry of beauty and benevolence, Dahiana Gatzke emerges as a luminous figure, poised to illuminate the world with her grace and compassion. From the ramp to the global stage, her journey epitomizes the transformative power of beauty with a purpose. As she embarks on her quest to represent Paraguay at the Miss World 2023 pageant, Dahiana stands as a beacon of hope, inspiring change and fostering inclusivity one step at a time. In the realm of beauty and beyond, Dahiana Gatzke’s legacy endures as a testament to the power of purpose-driven action and unwavering compassion.

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