Ileana Márquez: Beauty, Brains, and Heart – The Inspiring Journey of Miss Venezuela 2023


The Miss Venezuela 2023 pageant, held at the Centro Comercial Líder in Caracas, Venezuela, marked a historic moment in the competition’s legacy. On December 7, 2023, the radiant Ileana Márquez, representing Amazonas, was crowned Miss Venezuela, etching her name in history as the first mother to win the coveted title. The 27-year-old model and presenter is now set to represent Venezuela at the Miss Universe 2024 pageant, breaking another barrier as the first mother to compete for the international crown.

Ileana Márquez’s Personal Journey:

Beyond the glittering world of pageantry, Ileana Márquez’s story is one of resilience, faith, and determination. A 27-year-old with a degree in Early Childhood Education, she is not just a beauty queen but a woman of substance. Her journey in beauty pageants started at a young age, with notable achievements such as being a finalist in El Concurso by Osmel Sousa Región Central and a contestant in Sambil Model Venezuela 2019.

The crowning moment at Miss Venezuela 2023 was a culmination of her dedication and passion, marked by several awards, including Miss Congeniality, Miss Elegance, Miss Influencer, and Miss Beauty Without Limits. Yet, it’s not just her external beauty that sets her apart but her internal strength and commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Ileana Márquez: A Woman of Many Hats:

Aside from her success on the runway, Ileana Márquez is a social activist, founder, and director of the NGO “Mujeres de Valor” (Women of Value). Her organization aims to empower and support women who are victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other forms of gender-based violence. She is not only an advocate but an active force for change.

Furthermore, her volunteer work for the “Fundación Amigos del Niño con Cáncer” (Friends of the Child with Cancer Foundation) showcases her commitment to children’s health. She provides emotional and financial assistance to children and their families affected by cancer, proving that compassion knows no bounds.

Ileana Márquez’s Advocacies:

Ileana Márquez’s dedication extends beyond her role as a beauty queen. She is an ambassador for the Friends of Children with Cancer Foundation, a volunteer for the Living Earth Foundation promoting environmental education, and a supporter of the We Are Venezuela Movement, working to improve the quality of life through social programs.

Her advocacy against gender-based violence is reflected in her role as a spokesperson for the national campaign “No a la Violencia contra la Mujer” (No to Violence against Women). Ileana’s commitment to empowering women and promoting education, health, and leadership reflects her belief in the transformative power of women and girls.

Moreover, her environmental consciousness is evident in her support for renewable energy sources and her concerns about climate change. Ileana Márquez seeks to inspire eco-friendly habits and practices, urging individuals to consider the impact of their actions on the planet.

Diversity and Inclusion:

One of Ileana’s prominent advocacies is for the respect and inclusion of diversity and multiculturalism. She values the richness and beauty of different cultures, languages, and traditions in Venezuela and the world. In doing so, she aims to foster a culture of peace and tolerance among people of different backgrounds and beliefs.


Ileana Márquez’s journey from a determined participant in beauty pageants to becoming Miss Venezuela 2023 is an inspiration to many. Her story transcends the superficial aspects of beauty contests, showcasing a woman of substance, intelligence, and compassion. As she gears up to represent Venezuela at the Miss Universe 2024 pageant, Ileana is not just breaking records; she’s breaking stereotypes and paving the way for a new era of empowered women. In her own words, being a mother is not a limitation but a strength, and with determination, courage, and love, one can achieve anything. Ileana Márquez is not just a beauty queen; she is a symbol of empowerment, resilience, and positive change.

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