Sheynnis Palacios: The First Nicaraguan to Win Miss Universe 2023


On November 18, 2023, Sheynnis Palacios etched her name in history as the first Nicaraguan to clinch the prestigious title of Miss Universe. The grand event, held in San Salvador, El Salvador, witnessed her triumphant victory over 83 other contestants from across the globe. This triumph not only marked a personal achievement for Palacios but also a significant milestone for Nicaragua. In this blog, we delve into the life, journey, and impact of Sheynnis Palacios, exploring the facets that make her more than just a beauty queen.

Early Life and Academic Pursuits

Born on May 30, 2000, in the vibrant city of Managua, Nicaragua, Sheynnis Palacios emerged as a beacon of beauty and intellect. Her educational journey led her to the Central American University, where she pursued a degree in mass communication. Additionally, Palacios showcased her versatility by contributing to the university’s sports legacy as a varsity volleyball player, proving that her talents extended beyond the runway.

Pageant Beginnings

Sheynnis initiated her pageantry career in 2016 when she clinched the title of Miss Teen Nicaragua. This marked the inception of a remarkable journey that saw her represent Nicaragua in Teen Universe 2017, earning a commendable position in the Top 10. Undeterred by challenges, Sheynnis continued to ascend the pageant ladder, earning the title of Miss World Nicaragua 2020 and securing a spot in the Top 40 at Miss World 2021 held in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The Road to Miss Universe 2023

Sheynnis faced setbacks, including a withdrawal from Reinado Internacional del Café 2022 due to a positive COVID-19 test. However, adversity only fueled her determination. In 2023, she secured the coveted title of Miss Nicaragua, representing Diriamba. Her journey to Miss Universe 2023 was characterized by elegance, confidence, and a multifaceted talent display, encompassing singing and dancing during the preliminary competition.

Miss Universe 2023: A Night to Remember

Sheynnis captivated the judges and audience alike during the Miss Universe 2023 competition. Her stunning silver gown with beautiful cape for the evening gown round, paired with a confident walk and eloquent answers, showcased her poise and intelligence. In the swimsuit round, she exuded charisma in a lignt pink bikini. Sheynnis confidently addressed the final question about the role of social media in society, further solidifying her status as a deserving Miss Universe.

During top 5 question and answer Sheynnis was asked: “If you could live one year in another woman’s shows, who would you choose and why?” Her answer was “I would choose Mary Wallstonecraft because she was the first woman to open the way for women’s rights, she lived a very difficult situation. And I would do everything possible to ensure that the wage gape at the time were the perfect opportunity for many women to work in any area they perform well in. Because there are no limits for women”.

Beyond Beauty: A Heart for Social Causes

Sheynnis Palacios stands out not just for her physical beauty but also for her commitment to social causes. As an ambassador for the NGO “Niños del Fortín,” she actively contributes to improving the lives of children living in poverty, emphasizing the importance of education and healthcare. Additionally, her support for the “No Más Violencia” campaign demonstrates her dedication to raising awareness and preventing domestic violence against women and children.

Facts About Sheynnis Palacios

Born on May 31, 2000, in Managua, Nicaragua, the 23-year-old beauty stands tall at 1.80 meters (5 feet 11 inches). In addition to her pageantry accolades, she holds a degree in mass communication and boasts a background in varsity volleyball. Sheynnis’ achievements include winning multiple awards during the Miss Nicaragua 2023 pageant, such as Miss Solenti, Miss Beauty Shipping, Miss Agua Cielo, Miss Flawless Beauty, Miss Styling Baby Liss Pro, and Mujer Abundante.

A Woman of Substance: Palacios’ Advocacies

Beyond her triumphs on the stage, Sheynnis Palacios is a woman of substance, championing various social and environmental causes. Her advocacy for quality education and technology access aligns with initiatives like One Laptop per Child and Teach for All. Sheynnis is also a staunch supporter of health and wellness programs, participating in events like Pink October and World AIDS Day. Furthermore, her commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability is evident through her involvement in Earth Hour and Greenpeace campaigns.

Palacios as a Media Influencer

Sheynnis Palacios has utilized her platform not only as a beauty queen but also as a journalist, spreading her message through various media outlets, including NDTV, MSN, and The Daily Pioneer. Collaborating with other influencers, such as Karolina Bielawska (Miss World 2021) and R’Bonney Gabriel (Miss Universe 2022), she has amplified her impact on common causes and goals.

A Vision for the Future

As Miss Universe 2023, Sheynnis Palacios remains steadfast in her commitment to social and charity work. With a belief that beauty extends beyond physical appearance to encompass inner strength, compassion, and purpose, she aims to inspire others to pursue their passions and contribute positively to the world. Sheynnis envisions a future where her influence fosters positive change, making her an enduring symbol of beauty with a purpose.

The Impact of Sheynnis Palacios

Sheynnis Palacios’ journey from the picturesque streets of Managua to the global stage of Miss Universe 2023 has not only brought pride to Nicaragua but has also sparked conversations about the role of beauty pageants in promoting meaningful causes. Her commitment to education, health, and environmental conservation underscores the potential for beauty queens to use their platforms for positive change.

Education, Empowerment, and Access to Technology

As an advocate for quality education and access to technology, Sheynnis Palacios aligns herself with initiatives that empower children and youth. The One Laptop per Child program, which provides low-cost laptops to students in developing countries, resonates with Sheynnis’ belief in the transformative power of education. Additionally, her support for Teach for All reflects her commitment to addressing educational disparities by recruiting and training teachers for under-resourced schools.

Health and Wellness Advocacy

Sheynnis’ involvement in health and wellness programs, particularly those focused on women and girls, highlights her dedication to making a tangible impact on global health issues. Participating in events like Pink October, which raises awareness about breast cancer, and World AIDS Day, aimed at ending the AIDS epidemic, demonstrates her commitment to public health causes. Through volunteer work with organizations like Operation Smile and UNICEF, Palacios actively contributes to improving the lives of children through medical interventions and support.

Environmental Conservation and Sustainability

Sheynnis Palacios champions environmental conservation and sustainability, recognizing the urgent need to address climate change. By participating in initiatives like Earth Hour and supporting organizations like Greenpeace, she amplifies the message of responsibility toward the planet. Her advocacy for the protection of Nicaragua’s natural resources, including lakes, volcanoes, and forests, underscores the importance of preserving the environment for future generations.

Media Influence and Collaborations

Sheynnis leverages her dual roles as a beauty queen and a journalist to amplify her message across diverse media platforms. Appearing on notable outlets such as NDTV, MSN, and The Daily Pioneer, she utilizes her voice to bring attention to critical issues. Collaborating with other influencers, including Karolina Bielawska and R’Bonney Gabriel, further extends the reach of her advocacy, creating a network of like-minded individuals committed to positive change.

A Vision for the Future

Looking ahead, Sheynnis Palacios envisions a future where her influence continues to drive positive change. As Miss Universe 2023, she seeks to inspire others to recognize the potential within themselves to contribute meaningfully to society. Her emphasis on inner strength, compassion, and purpose as integral components of beauty challenges conventional notions and encourages a more holistic perspective.

In her ongoing journey, Sheynnis hopes to see increased awareness and action on issues such as education, health, and the environment. By remaining engaged with her advocacies, she aims to create a lasting impact that transcends the confines of a pageant title. Through collaboration with organizations, influencers, and communities, she aspires to build a collective momentum toward a more compassionate and sustainable world.


Sheynnis Palacios’ ascent to the title of Miss Universe 2023 is not just a personal triumph but a victory for the causes she passionately advocates. Her story is one of resilience, purpose, and the transformative potential of beauty with substance. As she continues to use her platform to address pressing global issues, Sheynnis serves as an inspiration for aspiring beauty queens, proving that the realm of pageantry can be a powerful force for positive change. In the heart of Nicaragua, and echoed around the world, Sheynnis Palacios stands as a symbol of beauty, brains, and benevolence, leaving an indelible mark on the world stage.

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