Karolina Gorylova: A Czech Beauty Queen’s Journey to Miss Tourism World 2023 Glory


In the dazzling world of beauty pageants, one name is currently in the spotlight – Karolina Gorylova. At just 23 years old, this Czech beauty queen has not only conquered the national stage but is now set to represent her country at the prestigious Miss Tourism World 2023 competition in Quanzhou, China. Let’s delve into the remarkable journey of Karolina, from her early days in pageantry to her recent triumph as the crowned Miss Tourism World 2023.

Karolina Gorylova’s Rise in the Pageant Scene:

Karolina Gorylova’s journey in the world of pageantry began with Miss Beskidów 2023, where her grace and poise caught the attention of many. Her pursuit of the crown didn’t end there; she went on to participate in Miss Earth Czech Republic 2023 and Miss Grand International 2023, showcasing her versatility and commitment to the pageant world. However, it was her title as the Queen of Poland 2023, secured in Warsaw, that paved the way for her current adventure on the global stage.

Beyond the Crown: Model, Student, and Advocate:

Beyond the glittering tiaras and runway lights, Karolina is a model, a student of international relations, and an advocate for meaningful causes. Her modeling career has seen collaborations with renowned brands and publications like Grabowska Models, Black&White Productions, and Fashion Industry CZ. Yet, Karolina’s aspirations extend beyond the world of fashion.

Passionate about promoting tourism and cultural exchange, she believes beauty pageants serve as a powerful platform to showcase the diversity and beauty of different countries. Karolina aims to leverage her voice and influence to raise awareness about sustainable tourism and environmental protection, highlighting the responsibility that comes with beauty and fame.

The Miss Tourism World 2023 Journey:

Karolina Gorylova’s excitement is palpable as she gears up to compete in the Miss Tourism World 2023 competition in Quanzhou, China. Facing 62 other contestants from around the globe, she anticipates a fierce competition in segments such as national costume, swimsuit, evening gown, talent, and interview. Undeterred, Karolina is confident and ready to shine on the global stage, fueled by the support of her mentors, sponsors, and loyal supporters.

Preparation for the competition involves not only refining her physical presence but also immersing herself in the rich culture and history of the host country, China. Karolina eagerly anticipates the opportunity to meet fellow contestants, organizers, and fans, recognizing the potential impact she can make as a Miss Tourism World 2023 winner.

Crowning Achievement: Miss Tourism World 2023:

Fast forward to November 19, 2023, and Karolina Gorylova is crowned as the new Miss Tourism World in a spectacular ceremony held in Quanzhou, China. Besting 62 other contestants, Karolina stands tall as the first Czech woman to win this prestigious title. Her victory is celebrated not only by her fans and supporters but also by her fellow contestants who admire her grace and kindness.

As the new Miss Tourism World, Karolina embarks on a year-long journey promoting tourism and cultural exchange globally. Her responsibilities extend to working with organizations and charities, advocating for causes such as environmental protection, education, and women empowerment. Karolina sees herself as an ambassador of peace and goodwill, a role model for young women worldwide.

Acknowledging the significance of her victory, Karolina expresses gratitude for the support from her family, friends, mentors, and sponsors. She vows to make her country proud and leave a positive impact on the world. The Miss Tourism World 2023 competition, with its 63 contestants from diverse backgrounds, stands witness to Karolina’s charisma, intelligence, and dedication.

A Remarkable Year and Beyond:

Karolina’s victory isn’t just a personal triumph; it marks a significant milestone for the Czech Republic. She joins the ranks of accomplished beauty queens, carrying the torch for her nation. Her multilingual abilities, cultural appreciation, and commitment to social causes make her an inspiring figure.

As Karolina takes on her role as Miss Tourism World 2023, the world awaits the impact she will make on global tourism, cultural exchange, and advocacy. Her journey from a 22-year-old model from the Czech Republic to a crowned international beauty queen is a testament to her determination, passion, and unwavering commitment to making a positive difference in the world.


In the captivating tale of Karolina Gorylova, we witness more than just a beauty queen – we see a young woman driven by purpose, ambition, and a genuine desire to contribute to the betterment of the world. As she represents the Czech Republic on the global stage, Karolina’s story becomes a beacon of inspiration for aspiring individuals who dream of making their mark on the world, one crown at a time.

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