Ahtisa Manalo (Miss International 2018- 1st Runner up): Beyond Beauty – A Story of Empowerment and Advocacy


In the world of beauty pageants, where glamour and elegance often take center stage, there are individuals whose influence extends far beyond the runway. Ahtisa Manalo, a Filipino model, beauty pageant titleholder, and businesswoman, epitomizes the essence of beauty with a purpose. Her journey from a diligent student of accountancy to a celebrated beauty queen reflects resilience, passion, and a commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Early Years and Education

Born on May 27, 1997, in Candelaria, Quezon, Philippines, Ahtisa Manalo grew up in a nurturing environment surrounded by her family’s love and support. Her Filipino-Spanish mother and Finnish-Swedish father instilled in her values of perseverance, compassion, and cultural appreciation from an early age.

Driven by her innate curiosity and thirst for knowledge, Ahtisa excelled academically and socially throughout her schooling years. She attended Manuel S. Enverga University, where she pursued a degree in accountancy. While mastering the intricacies of numbers and financial management, she discovered another passion brewing within her – the world of modeling and beauty pageants.

Rise to Beauty Pageant Stardom

Ahtisa’s journey into the realm of beauty pageants began in 2014 when she participated in the Reyna ng Aliwan festival and secured the second runner-up position. This initial taste of the pageant world ignited a spark within her, fueling her determination to pursue her dreams further.

In 2018, Ahtisa Manalo made her mark on the national stage by competing in Binibining Pilipinas, the Philippines’ most prestigious beauty pageant. Despite not being initially hailed as a frontrunner, her grace, poise, and intelligence captivated both the judges and the audience. With her resplendent beauty and unwavering confidence, she clinched the title of Binibining Pilipinas International 2018, becoming the youngest winner at the age of 20.

Her crowning moment catapulted her onto the international platform as she represented the Philippines at the esteemed Miss International 2018 pageant held in Tokyo, Japan. Ahtisa’s presence on the global stage was nothing short of captivating. Her elegance, eloquence, and heartfelt advocacy for youth empowerment resonated deeply with audiences worldwide. She gracefully secured the position of first runner-up, marking one of the highest achievements for the Philippines in the pageant’s history.

A Renaissance Woman: Beauty, Business, and Advocacy

Beyond her triumphs in the world of beauty pageants, Ahtisa Manalo embodies the spirit of a modern Renaissance woman. Armed with her degree in accountancy, she ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship, launching her own clothing line, Ahtisa Manalo Collection. Her brand reflects her distinctive style – chic, sophisticated, and empowering for women of all ages.

However, Ahtisa’s pursuits extend far beyond the realms of fashion and glamour. She has emerged as a staunch advocate for various social and charitable causes, championing initiatives that resonate with her values and beliefs. Her commitment to philanthropy and community service exemplifies her dedication to creating a more equitable and compassionate society.

Empowering Through Advocacy: Ahtisa Manalo’s Charitable Initiatives

Ahtisa Manalo’s philanthropic endeavors span a diverse array of causes, each driven by her unwavering commitment to effecting positive change in the world:

  1. Empowering Youth Through Education: Ahtisa recognizes the transformative power of education in shaping young minds and unlocking their full potential. She actively supports initiatives aimed at providing underprivileged children with access to quality education, believing that knowledge is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality.
  2. Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality: As a trailblazing woman in her own right, Ahtisa is a fervent advocate for women’s rights and gender equality. She lends her voice to campaigns and initiatives that seek to dismantle barriers to women’s advancement and promote inclusivity and diversity in all spheres of society.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Ahtisa Manalo is deeply passionate about environmental conservation and sustainability. She actively participates in tree-planting initiatives, coastal clean-up drives, and advocacy campaigns aimed at raising awareness about climate change and its far-reaching implications for our planet and future generations.
  4. Cultural Preservation and Appreciation: Ahtisa celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the Philippines and endeavors to preserve and promote its diverse traditions and customs. She actively engages with indigenous communities, learning from their wisdom and traditions while amplifying their voices on the global stage.

Through her tireless advocacy and compassionate leadership, Ahtisa Manalo continues to inspire individuals across generations and cultures to stand up, speak out, and be agents of positive change in their communities and beyond.

Miss Universe Philippines 2024: A New Chapter

In 2023, Ahtisa Manalo received the honor of being appointed as the delegate of Quezon province for the highly anticipated Miss Universe Philippines 2024 pageant. As she embarks on this new chapter of her journey, Ahtisa remains steadfast in her commitment to embodying the values of beauty, grace, and purpose.

With her unparalleled grace, intelligence, and unwavering determination, Ahtisa Manalo stands poised to make an indelible mark on the world stage once again. As she prepares to compete for the coveted crown, she carries with her the hopes and aspirations of a nation, inspiring countless individuals to dream boldly and reach for the stars.


In conclusion, Ahtisa Manalo’s remarkable journey from humble beginnings to global prominence serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion, perseverance, and purpose. As she continues to shine her light brightly and uplift those around her, Ahtisa Manalo exemplifies the true essence of beauty – both inside and out.

In a world hungering for heroes, Ahtisa Manalo emerges as a beacon of hope, an inspiration to all who dare to dream and dare to make a difference. With every step she takes, she paves the way for a brighter, more inclusive future where beauty, in all its forms, reigns supreme.

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