Miss Global 2023: A Celebration of Diversity, Empowerment, and Global Unity


The glittering lights of the Bayon TV Steung Meanchey Studio in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, shone brightly on January 18, 2024, as the world witnessed the grand spectacle of Miss Global 2023. The 10th edition of this international beauty contest, hosted by Vietnam and Cambodia, surpassed all expectations, bringing together 70 remarkable women from around the globe to celebrate beauty, culture, and empowerment. At the end of the event Ashley Melendez from Puerto Rico won the prestigious title of Miss Global 2023.

A Global Journey

The journey leading up to the grand finale was as captivating as the event itself. The contestants embarked on a two-week adventure in Vietnam and Cambodia, immersing themselves in cultural tours, charity visits, and engaging in activities that fostered camaraderie. The picturesque Corona Resort & Casino Phu Quoc served as the official host venue for the semi-finals, offering a stunning backdrop for photoshoots and rehearsals.

The Grand Finale of Miss Global 2023

The Bayon TV broadcast and the Miss Global website and social media platforms became the stage for the grand finale, showcasing not only the beauty but also the talent and charisma of the contestants. The show was a dazzling display of performances by both local and international artists, amplifying the global nature of the event. The contestants paraded in their national costumes, swimsuits, and evening gowns, captivating the audience and the esteemed judging panel. The Grand Finale was hosted by Nico Loco and co-hosted by Miss Universe 2023- 1st runner up- Anntonia Porsild.

Judging Excellence

The panel of judges, comprised of prominent personalities from entertainment, fashion, media, and business, meticulously evaluated the contestants based on beauty, intelligence, personality, and social awareness. After a series of eliminations, the top 10 finalists emerged, each poised to answer a final question that tested their knowledge, opinions, and values on a diverse range of topics.

The Top 13 Finalists

The finalists who made it to the pinnacle of the competition were Samoa, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Puerto Rico, Cambodia, Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dominican Republic, Sudan, Somalia and South Africa. Their diverse backgrounds and unique qualities added an extra layer of excitement to the competition, making it a truly global affair.

Moment of Truth

The tension reached its peak as the winners were finally announced. Ashley Melendez of Puerto Rico emerged as the radiant victor, claiming the prestigious Miss Global 2023 crown. Her confidence, eloquence, and grace resonated with both the judges and the audience, making her a deserving winner. The first runner-up, Haylani Pearl Kuruppu of Samoa, also shone brightly, securing the Best National Costume award. Chonnikarn Supittayaporn of Thailand, the second runner-up, additionally earned the Miss Photogenic title.

Winner of Miss Global 2023 and Runners up

The other winners of the pageant were:

  • 1st Runner-up: Haylani Pearl Kuruppu of Samoa
  • 2nd Runner-up: Chonnikarn Supittayaporn of Thailand
  • 3rd Runner-up: Louise Katarina Hung of the Philippines
  • 4th Runner-up: Đoàn Thu Thủy of Vietnam

Ashley Melendez: A Beacon of Inspiration

The crowning moment belonged to Ashley Melendez, who expressed her gratitude and excitement for winning the title. As a single mother, she aimed to use her platform to inspire and empower women worldwide, particularly those facing challenges similar to hers. Ashley eagerly anticipated the opportunity to work with the Miss Global Organization and its partners, furthering the organization’s vision and mission.

A Memorable Global Affair

Miss Global 2023 was not merely a beauty pageant; it was a memorable and meaningful event that celebrated the beauty, culture, and empowerment of women. The pageant served as a platform to showcase the hospitality and beauty of the host countries, Vietnam and Cambodia, bringing people from diverse backgrounds together in pursuit of common goals and aspirations.

Looking Towards the Future

As the curtains closed on Miss Global 2023, anticipation mounted for the next edition. Miss Global 2024 is set to take place in the enchanting Bali, Indonesia, promising another extraordinary celebration of beauty, diversity, and empowerment. The legacy of Miss Global continues to grow, leaving an indelible mark on the international pageant scene as a beacon of inclusivity and inspiration.

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