Miss Universe Philippines 2024: A Celebration of Beauty and Diversity


The Miss Universe Philippines 2024 pageant, held on May 22, 2024, at the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay, Metro Manila, was a spectacle of beauty, talent, and cultural diversity. This year’s pageant was particularly special as it marked the fifth edition of the event and introduced a new era of inclusivity and representation. At the end of the event, Chelsea Anne Manalo of Bulacan was crowned as Miss Universe Philippines 2024 and got the ticket to represent Philippines at Miss Universe 2024 in Mexico.

A New Chapter in Pageantry

The Miss Universe Philippines Organization took a significant step forward by launching the Miss Universe Philippines Accredited Partners Program. This initiative allowed local pageants to select delegates for the national pageant, ensuring a more diverse and representative pool of contestants. The change was aimed at leveling the playing field, providing women from the provinces equal opportunities to showcase their talents and vie for the coveted crown.

Breaking Barriers

In a historic move, the Miss Universe Organization removed the age limit for contestants, allowing women aged 29 and above to compete. This decision was celebrated across the globe, as it acknowledged the beauty and capabilities of women beyond traditional age constraints. Jocelyn Cubales, a 69-year-old contestant from Quezon City, became a symbol of this progressive change, inspiring many with her participation.

A Night to Remember

The pageant night was a grand affair, hosted by an impressive lineup of presenters including Miss Universe 2022 R’Bonney Gabriel, Alden Richards, Gabbi Garcia, Tim Yap, and Jeannie Mai. Performances by Lola Amour, Marina Summers, and Metawin Opas-iamkajorn added to the evening’s entertainment, captivating the audience with their musical talents.

Contestants to Watch at Miss Universe Philippines 2024

The pageant’s roster boasts 55 candidates, each representing their locality with pride and grace. Among the hopefuls, several names stand out due to their previous pageant experiences and strong fan followings. Victoria Velasquez Vincent, Kris Tiffany Janson, Stacey Gabriel, Ahtisa Manalo, and Christi McGarry are all veterans of the pageant scene, bringing a wealth of experience and poise to the competition.

This year also marks the first time candidates representing overseas Filipino communities have been included, adding an international flair to the event. Delegates from Australia, northern and southern California, Florida, Hawaii, Miami, and the United Kingdom are among those vying for the coveted title.

Pre-Pageant Activities and Winners 

The pre-pageant activities have been nothing short of thrilling, with various challenges and competitions highlighting the contestants’ multifaceted talents. The preliminary gala night, held at the Manila Hotel, was a dazzling affair where special awards were presented to outstanding candidates.

Ahtisa Manalo of Quezon Province emerged as the most decorated contestant, clinching eight special awards, including Miss Smilee, Miss Fairy Skin, and Miss Aqua Boracay, among others. Alexie Brooks followed with four wins, showcasing her versatility and charm.

The National Costume Competition and various sponsor awards also provided a platform for the contestants to shine. Notable winners included Victoria Velasquez Vincent, who captured the hearts of many with her Miss Kemans and Miss Hello Glow Body titles, and Christi McGarry, who was recognized as Miss So-En and Miss Jewelmer.

The Crowned Jewel

Michelle Dee of Makati, the Miss Universe Philippines 2023, passed on her crown to her successor Chelsea Anne Manalo of Bulacan who was crowned at the end of the event. Chelsea Manalo captured the hearts of the judges and the nation and she will represent the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2024 pageant in Mexico. Her victory was not just a personal achievement but a moment of pride for the entire country.

A Showcase of Filipino Culture

The pageant was more than a beauty contest; it was a celebration of Filipino culture and heritage. The National Costume Competition displayed a stunning array of traditional attire, highlighting the rich cultural tapestry of the Philippines. Contestants wore elaborate costumes that paid homage to various Filipino regions, traditions, and historical figures.

Innovations and Inclusivity 

The Miss Universe Philippines 2024 pageant has introduced significant changes, reflecting a progressive approach to beauty standards. For the first time, there are no age restrictions for the candidates, welcoming mothers and wives into the competition. This move aligns with the global Miss Universe Organization’s efforts to be more inclusive and diverse.

The Road to the Crown 

As all the contestants prepared for the grand coronation night, the excitement and anticipation continued to build. Chelsea Anne Manalo has not only earn the prestigious title but also the opportunity to represent the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2024 pageant in Mexico.

The journey to the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 crown was rigorous and challenging. Contestants underwent extensive training in catwalk, public speaking, and personal grooming. They also participated in charitable activities, aligning with the pageant’s mission to serve as role models and agents of change.

The journey to the crown is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and passion of all the candidates. It’s a celebration of Filipino beauty, culture, and the spirit of unity that the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 pageant embodies. At the coronation night, we couldn’t help but be inspired by the stories, dreams, and aspirations of these remarkable women.

Empowering Women

Miss Universe Philippines 2024 was not just about physical beauty; it was a platform for empowering women. The contestants engaged in various pre-pageant activities and challenges that showcased their intelligence, advocacy, and commitment to social causes. These events provided a deeper insight into the contestants’ personalities and their visions for making a positive impact on society.

A Global Stage

The pageant’s international appeal was evident in the participation of delegates representing Overseas Filipino Communities. This inclusion highlighted the global Filipino diaspora and their connection to the motherland. It also provided a platform for Filipinos around the world to connect with their roots and celebrate their identity.

The Verdict of Miss Universe Philippines 2024

The judges had a tough decision to make, with so many outstanding contestants vying for the title. The deliberation process was thorough, with each judge considering the contestants’ performance in swimsuit, evening gown, and the crucial question and answer segments. The criteria for selection were not only based on physical attributes but also on intelligence, personality, and the ability to inspire and influence.

Miss Universe Philippines 2024Bulacan – Chelsea Anne Manalo
Miss Supranational Philippines 2025Baguio – Justine Tarah Marie Valencia
Miss Charm Philippines 2025Pampanga – Cyrille Payumo
Miss Eco International Philippines 2025Iloilo City – Alexie Mae Brooks
Miss Cosmo Philippines 2024Quezon – Maria Ahtisa Manalo

Looking Forward

As the new Miss Universe Philippines 2024, Chelsea Anne Manalo, begins her reign, she carries with her the hopes and dreams of a nation. Her journey will be one of responsibility, as she uses her platform to advocate for causes close to her heart and represent the Philippines on the global stage.

The Miss Universe Philippines 2024 pageant was a testament to the evolving landscape of beauty pageants. It celebrated diversity, broke barriers, and empowered women to be more than just beauty queens. As we look forward to the next edition, we can expect the pageant to continue inspiring and making a difference in the lives of Filipinas and people around the world.


The Miss Universe Philippines 2024 pageant was more than just a competition; it was a cultural phenomenon that captivates the nation and the Filipino diaspora worldwide. With its blend of tradition and modernity, the pageant continues to evolve, championing inclusivity and empowerment. As we have witnessed the crowning of the new Miss Universe Philippines 2024, we celebrate the journey of all the contestants and the vibrant pageantry that brings them together. As Miss Universe Philippines 2024, Chelsea Anne Manalo, may her reign be marked by grace, advocacy, and the true essence of Filipina beauty.

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