Nawat Itsaragrisil: Controversies and Visions in the World of Beauty Pageants in 2023

Introduction of Nawat Itsaragrisil

In the glittering world of beauty pageants, where elegance meets controversy, Nawat Itsaragrisil stands as a prominent figure. Founder and president of Miss Grand International, Nawat’s journey from a TV host to a beauty pageant mogul has been marked by successes, controversies, and a commitment to promoting peace. This blog delves into the life, career, and controversies surrounding Nawat Itsaragrisil, exploring the man behind the glitz and glamour.

Early Life and Career

Born on August 10, 1973, in Damnoen Saduak, Ratchaburi, Thailand, Nawat Itsaragrisil embarked on his career as a TV host and producer after graduating from the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. His initial foray into the industry involved hosting travel shows such as Exhibition Show and Kon Thueng Chan (Before the Moon) for ITV. His charisma and humorous personality quickly earned him recognition, leading him to join Channel 3, where he hosted and produced various shows, including the popular Today Show.

Venturing into the Beauty Pageant Scene

Nawat Itsaragrisil’s journey in the beauty pageant scene began in 2007 when he took on the role of director and executive producer for Miss Thailand World. Collaborating with BEC-Tero Entertainment and Channel 3, he organized and broadcasted the national pageant, sending representatives to the prestigious Miss World competition. This experience laid the foundation for Nawat’s future endeavors in the beauty pageant world.

Founding Miss Grand International

In 2013, Nawat Itsaragrisil decided to carve his path by establishing Miss Grand International, a beauty pageant with a unique vision – “Stop the War and Violence.” Teaming up with Thai television channel Canal 7, he formed the Miss Grand International Organization, of which he became the chairman. The pageant aimed not only to celebrate beauty but also to provide a platform for young women to voice their opinions on global issues and advocate for peace.

Miss Grand International has since been held in various countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, China, and Venezuela. Nawat, as the president and main judge, accompanies winners on international trips for charity and social activities, amplifying the pageant’s message.

Controversies and Criticisms

Despite Nawat Itsaragrisil’s noble intentions, controversies have marked his journey. In 2016, he faced accusations of body-shaming Miss Iceland 2015, Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir, by commenting on her weight before the Miss Grand International finals. Jónsdóttir withdrew from the pageant, garnering public support.

In 2022, Nawat sparked outrage by criticizing Miss Vietnam’s physique, leading to accusations of rudeness and bias. His public displeasure with Filipino pageant fans further fueled tensions, with accusations of rigging results and bias against Filipina contestants.

The year 2023 saw Nawat engaging in a verbal feud with the Miss Supranational organization after being excluded from their “Big Five” pageants list. Nawat defended Miss Grand International as the only “major crown” and challenged other pageants to compete in terms of production, quality, and popularity.

Nawat’s Controversial Persona

Nawat Itsaragrisil’s controversies have given rise to divided opinions within the pageant industry. While some admire his honesty and confidence, others criticize him for arrogance and insensitivity. His personal comments on contestants and other pageant organizations have fueled debates, with accusations of favoritism based on physical appearance, nationality, or personal relationships.

Controversies Surrounding Miss Grand International

Beyond Nawat’s personal controversies, Miss Grand International itself has faced scrutiny. The pageant’s slogan, “Stop the War and Violence,” has drawn criticism for being vague and unrealistic. Some argue that the pageant does not adequately support its cause, especially in host countries grappling with political and social unrest.

Despite criticisms, Nawat has achieved recognition for Miss Grand International, receiving awards for Best Pageant Director, Best Pageant, and Best Pageant Producer. The pageant’s high production value, glamorous stage design, and innovative themes have contributed to its popularity.

Nawat’s Vision and Achievements

Nawat Itsaragrisil’s vision for Miss Grand International extends beyond controversies. He aspires to make it the most prestigious and influential pageant globally, with plans to expand into new regions like Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. Collaborating with international organizations and celebrities, he aims to amplify the pageant’s message of peace.

Despite his controversial image, Nawat has received accolades for his work. Awards such as Best Pageant Director of the Year and Best Pageant Producer of the Year highlight his contributions to the beauty pageant industry.

Personal Life and Citizenship

Nawat Itsaragrisil’s personal life includes his status as a single individual with no children. Holding dual citizenship of Thailand and Dominica, he obtained a Dominica passport in 2022 through the country’s citizenship by investment program. This decision aimed to facilitate his travel, providing visa-free access to over 140 countries.


Nawat Itsaragrisil’s journey from a TV host to the president of Miss Grand International is a tale of ambition, controversies, and dedication. Despite facing criticisms for his comments and decisions, Nawat remains committed to his vision of promoting peace through the pageant platform. As Miss Grand International continues to evolve, Nawat’s influence and impact on the beauty pageant industry will undoubtedly spark more debates and discussions in the years to come.

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