Julia Samantha Edima (Miss World Cameroon 2023): The Star of Cameroon


Julia Samantha Edima is a woman from Cameroon who is an actress and has won a beauty pageant. She won the title of Miss Cameroon 2022 on January 7th, 2022, at the Polyvalent Sports Palace in Yaoundé. Julia, who is 26 years old, hails from the southern region of Cameroon and holds a master’s degree in business communication. She is also the founder of Jusafo, a fashion brand that showcases her talent as a designer.

But who is Julia Samantha Edima behind the crown and the glamour? What was her journey to becoming Miss Cameroon and Miss World Cameroon 2023? In this blog post, we will explore the early life and education of Julia Samantha Edima, and how they shaped her personality and aspirations.

Early Life and Education

Julia Samantha Edima was born on February 1, 1996 in Meyo-Centre, a town in the South region of Cameroon. She’s the youngest of the family, with three older siblings, and she had a happy childhood surrounded by love from her family. Her father is a businessman and her mother is a nurse. Julia has always been passionate about arts and culture, and started taking dance and music lessons at a young age.

When she was five years old, Julia moved to Germany with her family, where she attended primary school until the fourth grade. She then returned to Cameroon and continued her education in Douala, the economic capital of the country. She graduated from high school in 2015 and enrolled in the University of Douala, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in business communication. She also has a master’s degree in corporate communication. Julia is fluent in English, French, and German, and has a keen interest in learning new languages and cultures.

Modeling and Pageantry

Julia Samantha Edima’s beauty and charisma caught the attention of many people, and she decided to try her luck in the modeling and pageantry world. She participated in several beauty contests, such as Miss Orangina and Miss South, and gained experience and confidence. In 2022, she applied for the Miss Cameroon competition, the most prestigious and popular beauty pageant in the country.

Julia was selected as one of the 20 finalists, representing the South region. She impressed the judges and the public with her elegance, intelligence, and charm. She also presented her project, which focused on mental health awareness and support. On January 7, 2022, Julia was crowned Miss Cameroon 2022 at the Polyvalent Sports Palace in Yaoundé, succeeding Audrey Nabila Monkam, Miss Cameroon 2020. She received a cash prize of five million CFA francs, a car, an apartment, and a monthly salary of 100,000 CFA francs. She also became the official ambassador of Camtel, the national telecommunications company.

As the new Miss Cameroon, Julia will represent her country in the 71st edition of Miss World 2023, the oldest and largest international beauty pageant. She will compete with more than 120 contestants from around the world, showcasing her beauty, talent, and personality. She will also promote her project and her vision for a better Cameroon and a better world.

From Meyo-Centre to Miss Cameroon

Julia Samantha Edima always had a passion for communication and art. She enrolled in the University of Douala and obtained a bachelor’s degree in communication of organizations and a master’s degree in business communication. She also developed her skills in drawing, painting, and designing. She founded her own fashion brand, Jusafo, which showcases her creativity and style.

Julia also pursued her dream of becoming an actress. She landed roles in several TV series and movies, such as Madame Monsieur, Fantasma, and Trauma. She impressed the audiences and critics with her charisma and versatility. She won the best actress award at the Black Films Festival in 2019 for her performance in Trauma.

Julia’s beauty and talent did not go unnoticed. She participated in several beauty pageants, such as Miss Orangina and Miss South. She finally achieved her ultimate goal when she was crowned Miss Cameroon 2022 on January 7th, 2022 at the Polyvalent Sports Palace in Yaoundé. She beat 19 other contestants and won the hearts of the judges and the public. She succeeded Audrey Nabila Monkam, Miss Cameroon 2020, and became the new representative of Cameroon’s beauty and culture.

From Miss Cameroon to Miss World

Julia Samantha Edima’s journey did not stop there. She was also selected as Miss World Cameroon 2023, which means she will compete in the prestigious Miss World 2023 pageant. She is the first Cameroonian to participate in this event since 2016. She is determined to make her country proud and to showcase its diversity and richness.

Julia is not only a beauty queen, but also a role model and a leader. She is involved in several social and humanitarian causes, such as promoting education, health, and women’s empowerment. She is also an advocate for environmental protection and sustainable development. She uses her platform and influence to raise awareness and to inspire positive change.

Julia Samantha Edima is a star of Cameroon, and soon, she will be a star of the world. She is a woman of many talents, passions, and achievements. She is a symbol of beauty, grace, and intelligence. She is a source of inspiration, pride, and hope. She is Julia Samantha Edima, and she is unstoppable.

Social Causes and Projects

Julia Samantha Edima is a strong advocate for mental health awareness and support. She has experienced the challenges of living with a mentally ill relative and has witnessed the stigma and discrimination that people with mental disorders face in her society. She believes that mental health is a human right and that everyone deserves access to quality care and treatment.

Julia’s vision for her reign as Miss Cameroon is to raise awareness and build a center to help the mentally ill. She plans to carry out this project with the help of her supporters and sponsors, as well as the Comica Foundation, the organizer of the Miss Cameroon contest. She also hopes to collaborate with other organizations and institutions that share her cause.

Julia Samantha Edima is also passionate about empowering women and girls, especially in the fields of education and entrepreneurship. She wants to inspire them to pursue their dreams and aspirations, and to overcome the barriers and stereotypes that limit their potential. She believes that women are the pillars of society and that their empowerment is essential for the development and progress of Cameroon and the world.

Awards and Recognition

Julia Samantha Edima has received several awards and recognition for her beauty, talent, and social impact. Some of them are:

  • Miss Cameroon 2022
  • Public Personality of the Year 2022 by the LFC Awards
  • Public Personality of the Year 2022 by the Waspito Awards

Acting Career

Julia Samantha Edima is not only a beauty queen, but also a talented actress. She has always loved acting and performing, and has taken part in several theater and drama clubs. She has also appeared in several movies and TV shows, such as Trauma, Fantasma, and Madame Monsieur. She has worked with renowned directors and producers, such as Ebenezer Kepombia and Black Films. She has received positive reviews and accolades for her roles, such as the best Cameroonian feature film award at the 2019 Ecrans Noirs Festival.

Julia Samantha Edima’s acting career is still on the rise, and she has many projects in the pipeline. She hopes to use her platform to inspire and empower other young women who aspire to pursue their dreams in the entertainment industry.

Personal Life and Interests

Julia Samantha Edima is a friendly and outgoing person, who enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is also a devout Christian, who believes in God and his plan for her life. She is fluent in French, English, and German, and loves learning new languages and cultures. She is also fond of traveling, reading, and drawing. She has a personal brand called Jusafo, which showcases her artistic creations.

Julia Samantha Edima is a role model and a leader, who strives to make a positive impact in her community and beyond. She is passionate about mental health, and wants to raise awareness and provide support for people who suffer from mental disorders. She plans to build a center for mental health care, where people can receive professional help and counseling. She also advocates for women’s rights, education, and empowerment, and supports various causes and charities.

Julia Samantha Edima is a star of Cameroon, who shines with her beauty, talent, and grace. She is a woman of substance, who has a lot to offer to the world. She is a proud Cameroonian, who represents her country with dignity and honor. She is Julia Samantha Edima, and she is amazing.

Beauty with a Purpose of Julia Samantha Edima

Julia Samantha Edima is not just a beauty queen. She is also a humanitarian, a leader, and a role model for many young girls in Cameroon. As the reigning Miss World Cameroon 2022, she has launched her own non-profit organization, the Julia Samantha Foundation (JUSAFO), to help people in disadvantaged and vulnerable situations.

1. What is JUSAFO?

JUSAFO is a foundation that works in collaboration with psychologists, heads of schools and hospitals, to support people with education, mental illness, accessibility to medical care and general aid. The foundation was officially launched on May 14, 2022, as part of Julia’s Beauty with a Purpose project for the Miss World competition.

Beauty with a Purpose is a Miss World initiative that encourages contestants to use their influence and platform to make a positive impact in their communities and the world. Julia chose to focus on the challenges faced by many people in Cameroon, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. What are the goals of JUSAFO?

JUSAFO has four main objectives:

– To promote education and literacy among children and youth, especially girls, by providing scholarships, school supplies, and mentoring programs.

– To raise awareness and provide support for people suffering from mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma, by offering counseling, therapy, and referrals.

– To improve access and quality of health care for people in need, especially women and children, by facilitating blood donations, medical screenings, and treatments.

– To provide general aid and relief for people affected by poverty, conflict, or natural disasters, by distributing food, water, clothing, and hygiene kits.

3. What are the achievements of JUSAFO?

Since its inception, JUSAFO has already made a significant impact in Cameroon. Here are some things the foundation has accomplished:

– Mobilizing blood donations to save lives and prolong the lives of patients suffering from fatal diseases. On June 14, 2022, World Blood Donor Day, Julia and representatives of JUSAFO went to the Laquintinie Hospital to make blood donations. The blood contributions JUSAFO made on this day alone saved five lives.

– Providing scholarships and school supplies to 100 girls from rural areas to pursue their education and dreams. Julia believes that education is the key to empowerment and equality for women and girls.

– Organizing mental health workshops and seminars for students and teachers to cope with stress and trauma caused by the pandemic and other factors. Julia also shared her own personal story of overcoming depression and anxiety, and encouraged others to seek help and support.

– Distributing food and hygiene kits to 500 families affected by the Anglophone crisis, a violent conflict between the government and separatist groups in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. Julia expressed her solidarity and compassion for the victims of the crisis, and called for peace and dialogue.

4. What are the future plans of JUSAFO?

JUSAFO is not stopping here. The foundation has many more projects and initiatives planned for the future, such as:

– Building a library and a computer lab for a school in a remote village, to enhance the learning environment and opportunities for the students.

– Launching a campaign to fight against gender-based violence and child marriage, by educating and empowering women and girls, and engaging men and boys as allies.

– Partnering with other local and international organizations to expand the reach and impact of JUSAFO’s activities and programs.


Julia Samantha Edima is a remarkable young woman who is using her beauty with a purpose to make a difference in Cameroon and the world. She is an inspiration and a hope for many people who face challenges and hardships in their lives. She is also a proud representative of Cameroon in the Miss World competition, where she will compete with other amazing women from around the globe.

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