Indira Ampiot (Miss France 2023): A Captivating Tale of Beauty, Grace, and Purpose


In the realm of beauty pageants, where poise meets passion, Indira Ampiot emerges as a luminary figure embodying charm, talent, and compassion. Crowned Miss France 2023 on December 17, 2022, at M.A.CH 36 in Châteauroux, Centre-Val de Loire, this 18-year-old beauty from Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, etched her name in history as the fourth woman from her region to win the esteemed national title. Beyond the glittering tiara and sash, Indira’s journey unfolds as a narrative of resilience, purpose, and a commitment to making a meaningful impact.

Roots and Heritage

Indira Ampiot’s story begins on September 19, 2004, in Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe, where she was born to parents Didier Ampiot and Béatrice Téjou. Her familial tapestry weaves a rich cultural mosaic, with her Indian lineage traced through her maternal grandfather. Growing up in a household where her father owns a communications and marketing agency and her mother works in the social security sector, Indira’s upbringing blends creativity with a sense of responsibility.

Her familial ties extend into the world of pageantry, as her mother, a former beauty queen, had clinched the title of Miss Basse-Terre in 1998 and emerged as the first runner-up at Miss Guadeloupe in the same year. Additionally, Indira is the niece of Frédéric Tejou, a prominent footballer. This confluence of influences set the stage for Indira’s journey into the world of beauty and advocacy.

Academic Pursuits and Artistic Flair

Indira’s academic journey, marked by diligence and dedication, culminated in her graduating with honors in 2022. With plans to pursue post-secondary education in communication in Paris, her aspirations extend beyond the runway. Her goal is to specialize in visual advertising, communication, and design, harboring dreams of becoming an art director. Yet, beyond the conventional expectations associated with beauty queens, Indira possesses a multifaceted personality, displaying a keen interest in drawing, sketching, and singing.

The Pageant Odyssey Begins

Indira’s foray into the world of pageantry commenced in 2022 when she registered as a contestant for Miss Basse-Terre. Winning the local title marked the initiation of a journey that would soon see her don the sash of Miss Guadeloupe. Her victory in Miss Basse-Terre 2022 opened the doors to compete in Miss Guadeloupe 2022 in July, where she clinched the crown, earning the right to represent her region at the pinnacle of French beauty pageants – Miss France 2023.

The Grand Coronation

The Miss France 2023 pageant, held on December 17, 2022, was a spectacle that showcased Indira Ampiot as a frontrunner from the outset, garnering attention from the French media. Her journey through the competition saw her advancing to the top fifteen and later the top five, each step met with grace and poise. The climactic moment arrived when Indira was declared the winner, receiving the maximum score from both the jury and the French public.

The crowning moment, orchestrated by outgoing titleholder Diane Leyre of Île-de-France, marked Indira Ampiot as the fourth woman from Guadeloupe to ascend to the throne of Miss France. Her victory was not only a personal triumph but a testament to her ability to captivate hearts and minds on a national stage.

As Miss France 2023, Indira’s triumph was accompanied by a cascade of prizes and rewards, a testament to her achievement. Among these were gifts from sponsors, a year-long residence in a luxurious Parisian apartment, and a monthly salary equivalent to that of a senior executive in France. Yet, beyond the material accolades, Indira embraced the role of an ambassador for the Miss France Organization, embracing responsibilities that extend beyond the realm of beauty.

Advocacy Beyond Beauty: Indira’s Causes

Indira Ampiot is not merely a symbol of beauty; she is a passionate advocate for causes that resonate with her deeply. One of the pivotal issues she actively supports is the fight against cancer, particularly in women. Having experienced the personal loss of her grandmother to breast cancer, Indira became a vocal participant in the “Octobre Rose” campaign, an initiative promoting breast cancer screening and prevention.

Participating in events such as the “Relais pour la Vie,” a 24-hour walkathon raising funds for cancer research, Indira has actively contributed to the cause. Her personal journey infuses her advocacy with authenticity, making her a relatable figure for those who have experienced the impact of cancer on their lives.

Empowering women and girls, especially in developing countries, stands out as another cause close to Indira’s heart. Collaborating with the NGO “Plan International,” she actively champions children’s rights and equality for girls. Her travels to Senegal and Burkina Faso offered her a firsthand glimpse into the challenges faced by local communities, including poverty, child marriage, female genital mutilation, and lack of education.

Indira has also spoken out against gender-based violence and discrimination, urging young girls to pursue their dreams and ambitions unapologetically. In doing so, she leverages her platform not only for personal empowerment but as a catalyst for societal change.

A Proud Ambassador of Guadeloupe

Indira Ampiot’s journey is not just about personal triumph; it’s about representing and celebrating her roots. As the fourth woman from Guadeloupe to win the Miss France title, she has become a proud ambassador of her home region. Beyond showcasing the beauty of Guadeloupe’s tourism and gastronomy, Indira has raised awareness about environmental issues affecting the region, such as climate change, coral bleaching, and plastic pollution.

Her commitment to environmental causes echoes a broader trend among beauty queens who leverage their platforms to address urgent global issues. By highlighting the challenges faced by her home region, Indira seeks to create awareness and inspire action, underscoring the importance of environmental stewardship.

The Future Beyond the Crown

As Miss France 2023, Indira Ampiot’s journey extends far beyond the boundaries of the national stage. Her next destination is the Miss Universe 2024 pageant, where she aspires to bring home the third crown for her country. Yet, Indira’s interests span a spectrum that encompasses not only the glamorous world of pageantry but also her studies, social and charity work, and her personal hobbies.

Her commitment to social and charity work, along with her academic pursuits, reflects a holistic approach to her role as a beauty queen. Dancing, singing, and painting serve as outlets for her creativity, allowing her to express herself beyond the constraints of traditional beauty queen expectations.

Indira Ampiot: More Than a Beauty Queen

In the mosaic of beauty pageants, Indira Ampiot stands as a radiant mosaic, reflecting the diverse facets of her personality. She is more than just a beauty queen; she is a woman of substance and action. Her advocacy for cancer awareness, women’s empowerment, and environmental causes adds layers to her persona, making her a role model and an inspiration for many.

As she embarks on her reign as Miss France 2023, Indira Ampiot’s journey becomes a beacon of inspiration for generations to come. In a world where beauty queens are often stereotyped, she breaks the mold, exemplifying how beauty, grace, and purpose can coexist seamlessly. May her journey continue to illuminate paths of empowerment, compassion, and positive change. Indira Ampiot: a crowned jewel not only in beauty but in the hearts of those she inspires.

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