Clémence Botino (Miss World France 2023): A Multifaceted Beauty Queen with a Purpose


In the dazzling world of beauty pageants, where poise and glamour often take center stage, Clémence Botino stands out as more than just a pretty face. Born on January 22, 1997, in Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe, this 26-year-old beauty queen is a woman of many talents, passions, and ambitions. Clémence Botino went from winning the Miss France 2020 title to proudly representing her country worldwide. Her journey showcases her smarts, elegance, and dedication to making a positive difference in the world. She is all set to represent her country at Miss World 2023 in Mumbai, India on 9th March 2024.

Early Life and Education of Clémence Botino:

Clémence Botino’s journey to success began in her formative years. Growing up in a family that valued education and culture, she obtained a scientific baccalaureate with honors in 2014. Her quest for knowledge led her to the United States, where she studied costume design at an international school in Miami, honing her English skills and developing an interest in fashion and music. Upon her return to Guadeloupe, she pursued a preparatory literary course at the Lycée Gerville-Réache before moving to Paris in 2017 to pursue a bachelor’s and master’s degree in art history at Sorbonne University.

Her academic journey was marked by a specialization in the study of fashion history, culminating in a master’s thesis titled “The history of fashion in the Caribbean.” Fluent in French, English, and Spanish, Clémence Botino showcased her dedication to bridging cultural gaps and understanding the diverse heritage that shaped her identity.

Miss France 2020: A Historic Win:

The dream of participating in the Miss France contest had always lingered in Clémence Botino’s mind, and in 2019, she decided to take the plunge. Crowned Miss Guadeloupe, she succeeded Ophély Mézino and went on to compete in the Miss France 2020 pageant. Clémence’s intelligence, elegance, and charisma captured the hearts of both the jury and the public. She scored the highest in the general culture test, wowed in the swimsuit and evening gown segments, and made history on December 14, 2019, by becoming the 90th Miss France and the third Miss Guadeloupe to win the crown.

Despite the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, Clémence Botino used her platform to raise awareness and funds for various causes, emphasizing health, education, environment, and social justice. Her reign as Miss France was marked by resilience and a commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Miss Universe 2021: A Journey of Resilience:

Clémence Botino represented France at Miss Universe 2021, which was held on 12 December 2021 at the Eilat Arena in Eilat, Israel. She was one of the favorites to win the crown, as she had a strong sash factor, a stunning beauty, and a remarkable personality.

However, she faced some challenges along the way, as she tested positive for Covid-19 upon arriving in Israel, despite being fully vaccinated and tested before departure. She was taken to a government isolation hotel and missed some of the preliminary activities. She was released from quarantine after ten days and rejoined the competition, but had to catch up with the rehearsals and interviews.

She did not let this setback affect her performance, as she dazzled on stage with her national costume, inspired by Josephine Baker, and her evening gown, a red sequined dress with a long train. She made it to the top 10, but failed to advance to the top 5. She placed ninth overall, becoming the third consecutive Miss France to place in the top 10 of Miss Universe, after Maëva Coucke in 2019 and Petit in 2020.

Miss World 2023: A Trailblazing Opportunity:

On 11 October 2022, it was announced that Clémence Botino would represent France at Miss World 2023, which will be held on 9th March 2024 in Mumbai, India. She will be the first Miss France to compete at both Miss Universe and Miss World, and the second French woman to do so, after Flora Coquerel, who was Miss France 2014, Miss Universe 2015 top 5 finalist, and Miss World 2015 third runner-up.

Clémence Botino expressed her excitement and gratitude for this opportunity, saying that she was honored to wear the blue-white-red sash again and to showcase the diversity and richness of France. She also said that she was looking forward to meeting the other contestants and to participating in the various challenges and activities of Miss World, such as the Head-to-Head challenge, the Beauty with a Purpose project, the Top Model competition, and the Talent competition.

She is expected to be a strong contender for the Miss World crown, as she has the beauty, the brains, the talent, and the experience to impress the judges and the fans. She also has the support of her countrymen and women, who are eager to see her bring home the second Miss World title for France, after Denise Perrier in 1953.

Education and culture of Clémence Botino

Clémence Botino has a master’s degree in art history from the Sorbonne University in Paris, and she aspires to become a cultural heritage curator. She is passionate about fashion, music, dance, and art, and she has used her platform as Miss France to promote these fields and inspire young people to pursue their dreams.

For example, she visited several schools and universities in Guadeloupe and France, where she shared her academic and professional journey and encouraged students to follow their passions and work hard. She also participated in various cultural events and festivals, such as the Cannes Film Festival, the Paris Fashion Week, and the Fête de la Musique, where she showcased her talents and celebrated the diversity of French culture.

Clémence Botino is a well-educated and cultured woman who holds a master’s degree in art history from the Sorbonne University. She is fluent in English and French, and has a keen interest in fashion, music, and dance. She aspires to become a cultural heritage curator, and has specialized in the study of fashion history.

Clémence Botino is also a supporter of education and culture for young people, especially in her native island of Guadeloupe. She has participated in various initiatives and events to promote literacy, artistic expression, and cultural diversity among children and teenagers. For example, she visited a school in Guadeloupe to read stories and share her experiences with the students. She also attended a cultural festival in Guadeloupe, where she showcased her talents in piano and salsa dancing.

Feminism and Equality

Clémence Botino is a proud feminist who advocates for equality between women and men. She is inspired by the legacy of Josephine Baker, an American-born French entertainer, activist, and humanitarian who fought against racism and sexism in the 20th century. Botino paid tribute to Baker in her national costume at the Miss Universe 2021 pageant, wearing a lingerie set adorned with jewels and majestic feather wings. She talked about why she chose her costume like this: “Baker was an artist who really loved her art. I wanted to portray a very modern Josephine… She was an activist, a feminist, and she fought for equality between women and men. She’s also a Black woman, so we share that connection.”

Clémence Botino is also a role model for young women of color who face discrimination and stereotypes in society. She is the third Black woman from Guadeloupe and the fourth Black woman overall to win the Miss France title. She hopes to inspire other women to pursue their dreams and ambitions, regardless of their background or appearance. She said in an interview: “I want to show that we can be beautiful, intelligent, and Miss France. I want to show that diversity is a strength, not a weakness.”

Health and Environment

Clémence Botino is a health-conscious and environmentally-friendly person who cares about the well-being of herself and others. She follows a balanced diet and a regular exercise routine, and encourages others to do the same. She is also aware of the impact of human activities on the environment, and supports efforts to protect and preserve the natural resources and biodiversity of the planet.

Clémence Botino is also a survivor of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which has affected millions of people around the world. She contracted the virus upon arriving at the Miss Universe 2021 pageant in Israel, despite being fully vaccinated and tested negative before leaving France. She had to spend ten days in quarantine in a government-designated hotel in Jerusalem, before being cleared to rejoin the competition. She shared her experience and recovery on social media, and urged everyone to follow the health and safety guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. She also expressed her gratitude and solidarity to the health workers and the organizers of the pageant for their support and assistance

Environmental protection

Clémence Botino is also an environmentalist who cares about the preservation of nature and the fight against climate change. She has participated in several actions and campaigns that aim to raise awareness and mobilize people to protect the environment and reduce their ecological footprint. For example, she took part in the World Cleanup Day, where she joined thousands of volunteers to collect trash and clean up public spaces. She also supported the association Surfrider Foundation Europe, which works to protect the oceans and the coastlines from pollution and overexploitation. Furthermore, she adopted a more eco-friendly lifestyle, such as using reusable bags, bottles, and cups, avoiding plastic and disposable products, and choosing organic and local food.

Women’s rights

Clémence Botino is a proud feminist who believes in the empowerment of women and girls. She has supported several initiatives and organizations that aim to improve the lives of women and girls, especially in the areas of health, education, and violence prevention. For instance, she partnered with the French Red Cross to raise awareness and funds for the fight against breast cancer, which is the leading cause of cancer deaths among women in France.

She also joined forces with the association ELLE’S IMAGINENT, which helps young girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to access higher education and professional opportunities. Moreover, she spoke out against domestic violence and sexual harassment, and she advocated for gender equality and respect in all spheres of society.

Inspiration and Legacy:

Clémence Botino draws inspiration from iconic figures like Josephine Baker, a symbol of activism, feminism, and artistic excellence. By paying tribute to Baker in her national costume, Clémence highlights the importance of embracing diversity and strength in the face of challenges.

As the third Black woman from Guadeloupe to win the Miss France title, Clémence Botino stands as a role model for young women of color, breaking stereotypes and advocating for the empowerment of all women. In her own words, “I want to show that diversity is a strength, not a weakness.”


In the world of beauty pageants, Clémence Botino stands out as a multifaceted woman of substance, style, and grace. From her academic achievements to her advocacy for education, culture, women’s rights, and environmental protection, she embodies the essence of a modern beauty queen with a purpose. As she embarks on her journey to represent France at Miss World 2023, Clémence Botino continues to inspire and pave the way for future generations, proving that true beauty lies in intelligence, resilience, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

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