Aché Abrahams : Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2023


In the vibrant tapestry of Trinidad and Tobago, a rising star has emerged, capturing the hearts of many with her beauty, talent, and purpose. Aché Abrahams, a 23-year-old creative artist, social activist, and mental health advocate, has not only claimed the title of Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2023 but has also become a symbol of resilience, diversity, and positive change.

Early Years and Educational Journey

Born and raised in Cantaro, Santa Cruz, a picturesque rural community in northern Trinidad, Aché Abrahams hails from a rich cultural heritage, with African, Indian, and Chinese ancestry. Her upbringing in a loving and supportive family provided the foundation for her journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Attending the prestigious St. Joseph’s Convent, she not only excelled academically but also delved into the arts and culture, participating in national festivals and competitions.

Post-high school, Aché embarked on an exciting adventure to pursue her dream of becoming an actress. Enrolling in the Identity School of Acting in London, UK, she completed a one-year program, gaining invaluable experience and exposure in the British theatre scene. Additionally, she explored the world of modeling, gracing campaigns and pages of renowned magazines like Vogue, Elle, and Cosmopolitan.

Artistic Pursuits and Cultural Connection

Upon her return to Trinidad in 2020, Aché joined her family’s construction business as the marketing and social media manager. However, her passion for the arts and culture continued to burn brightly. Collaborating with local artists and organizations, she initiated projects, including a documentary film on the history and culture of her hometown, Cantaro.

Aché’s commitment to her roots and cultural identity is evident in her involvement in various national and traditional events. Her participation in the National Drama Festival, the National Junior Arts Festival, and the National Carnival Commission’s Junior Calypso Monarch showcase her dedication to preserving and celebrating the diverse heritage of Trinidad and Tobago.

The Miss World Trinidad and Tobago Journey

In 2022, Aché Abrahams decided to challenge herself by entering the Miss World Trinidad and Tobago pageant. Competing against 16 other finalists on November 6, 2022, at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) in Port of Spain, she left an indelible mark on the audience and judges.

During the pageant, Aché impressed with her intelligence, confidence, and charisma. Her advocacy for mental health awareness and social justice shone brightly during the interview segment. In the talent segment, she showcased her artistic prowess with a spoken word piece about her identity and heritage. The evening gown segment saw her donning a stunning red dress designed by local talent Charu Lochan Dass. Aché Abrahams was crowned Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2022-23, a moment that marked not just a personal triumph but a promise to represent her country on the global stage.

Aché’s victory was not just about beauty; it was a testament to her inner strength, compassion, and purpose. Winning the People’s Choice Award, Best Interview Award, and Best Talent Award, she emerged as a multifaceted personality with a profound impact on the community.

Beyond Beauty: Aché Abrahams as a Mental Health Advocate

Aché Abrahams is not merely a titleholder; she is a force for positive change. Her journey through mental health challenges, insecurities, and low self-esteem has shaped her into a resilient advocate for mental health awareness and support.

In her pursuit of empowering others, Aché founded the “Safe Space” project, aiming to create a supportive environment for young people to express themselves and access mental health resources. Her personal journey of mental health recovery, combined with her project, seeks to break the stigma surrounding mental health and foster dialogue and action.

Aché is not content with just being a beauty queen; she wants to make a meaningful impact in society. Her commitment to social justice and human rights is evident in her vocal support for various causes, including the “Black Lives Matter” movement, the “End SARS” protest, and the “16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.”

“Beauty with a Purpose”: Aché’s Initiatives

Central to Aché Abrahams’ reign as Miss World Trinidad and Tobago is her dedication to the “Beauty with a Purpose” ethos. She founded the “Lotus Flower Project,” a mental health awareness and support program specifically targeting young women facing challenges such as self-esteem issues and bullying. Through workshops, counseling, and mentorship, Aché empowers these women to overcome obstacles and realize their potential.

In her advocacy for social justice, Aché has used her platform to shed light on issues such as crime, poverty, inequality, and discrimination. She emphasizes the importance of addressing the root causes of these problems and advocates for positive change.

Aché’s Passion for Art, Culture, and Diversity

Aché Abrahams is not confined to the beauty pageant realm; she is a true artist at heart. Her creative pursuits include painting, drawing, crafting, singing, and dancing. Through her business, Ache’s Art, she sells her paintings and crafts, donating a portion of the proceeds to charity.

A music enthusiast, Aché plays the piano and guitar, showcasing her musical talent in various genres. Her love for sports, especially cricket, football, and basketball, adds a touch of versatility to her personality. Aché embraces travel as a source of education and adventure, having explored countries like the United States, Canada, England, France, and Spain.

Continuing the Journey: Aché Abrahams’ Impact on the World

Aché Abrahams’ journey is not just a personal triumph; it’s a narrative of empowerment and resilience that extends far beyond the realm of beauty pageants. She represented Trinidad and Tobago at the 71st Miss World pageant (Miss World 2023) in India, where she placed in Top- 4 in overall competition. She placed also in Top-10 in Beauty with Purpose challenge. She also placed in Top-25 in Head to Head challenge. She placed in Top-23 in Talent competition.

Global Advocacy for Mental Health

Aché’s dedication to mental health awareness and support has transcended national borders. Through her project, Safe Space, she strives to create a global conversation surrounding mental health issues, aiming to provide a platform for individuals to share their stories and seek the help they need. Her unwavering commitment to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health reflects a global need for open dialogue and support systems.

As Aché prepared for the international stage, she planed to use her platform to advocate for mental health on a broader scale. By sharing her own journey and experiences, she hopes to inspire others around the world to embrace vulnerability, seek help, and foster a more compassionate and understanding society.

Social Justice on the Global Stage

Aché Abrahams’ advocacy for social justice and human rights extends beyond her homeland. By participating in movements such as “Black Lives Matter” and “End SARS,” she has shown a global perspective on issues of racial inequality and police brutality. Her voice resonates with those who seek justice and equality worldwide.

The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence campaign has found a passionate advocate in Aché. Through her participation, she emphasizes the importance of addressing gender-based violence as a global issue that requires collective action. As she stands on the Miss World stage, Aché plans to amplify her voice to advocate for justice, equality, and the rights of marginalized communities on an international scale.

Cultural Ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago

Aché’s pride in her Trinidadian identity and rich cultural heritage is evident in every facet of her being. From traditional outfits like the “madras” and “sari” to her captivating performances of local music genres such as “calypso” and “soca,” she is a true cultural ambassador for Trinidad and Tobago.

As she represents her country on the global stage, Aché Abrahams is poised to showcase the diversity, vibrancy, and unity that define Trinidadian culture. Her participation in events like Carifesta XIV and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival has already highlighted her commitment to promoting the creative arts and preserving the cultural tapestry of her homeland.

Aché’s Vision for Miss World 2023

As Aché Abrahams represented her country at the 71st Miss World pageant (Miss World 2023) in India, her vision extends beyond the glitz and glamour of the competition. She envisions using the Miss World platform to foster connections between diverse cultures, emphasizing the importance of unity in a world that is often divided by differences.

Her focus was on the “Beauty with a Purpose” ethos aligns seamlessly with the Miss World organization’s commitment to using beauty as a force for positive change. Aché plans to leverage her influence to further the causes she holds dear, from mental health awareness to social justice and cultural preservation.

Aché Abrahams – A Global Inspiration

Aché Abrahams is not just a beauty queen; she is a global inspiration, a beacon of hope for those navigating the challenges of mental health, social injustice, and cultural identity. Her journey from a small rural community in Trinidad to the international stage is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, passion, and purpose.

As the world eagerly awaits the 71st Miss World pageant (Miss World 2023), Aché Abrahams stands ready to leave an indelible mark. Her story is one of triumph over adversity, a narrative that resonates with people from all walks of life. In her pursuit of beauty with a purpose, Aché embodies the spirit of positive change, proving that a crown is not just a symbol of beauty but a responsibility to make the world a better place. We wish Aché Abrahams success on her journey, confident that her impact will extend far beyond the stage, leaving an enduring legacy of empowerment and inspiration.

Conclusion: Aché Abrahams – A Beauty with a Purpose

Aché Abrahams’ journey from a small rural community to the global stage is a testament to her resilience, passion, and commitment to making a positive impact. As she represented Trinidad and Tobago at the 71st edition (Miss World 2023) of Miss World pageant in India on 9th March 2024, Aché carries not just the crown but a responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless, an advocate for mental health, and a symbol of diversity and empowerment.

In a world where beauty often takes precedence, Aché Abrahams stands out as a beauty queen with a purpose. Her journey is an inspiration, reminding us that true beauty lies not only in physical appearance but in inner strength, compassion, and a commitment to creating positive change in the world. As she continues to shine and soar, we wish Aché Abrahams all the best in her endeavors, confident that she will leave an indelible mark on the global stage.

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