Miss Universe 2023 Voice for Change Winners: A Celebration of Beauty and Purpose


The Miss Universe 2023 competition is not only about showcasing the physical beauty of the delegates, but also their intelligence, integrity, and culture. One of the highlights of this year’s event is the Voice for Change video contest, presented by Mouawad and CI Talks, where the delegates share their stories and advocate for social causes that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Voice for Change contest aims to amplify the voices of the delegates and ignite positive change in the world. The contest invites each delegate to submit a compelling video, up to 3 minutes long, that addresses a social issue or cause close to their hearts in their community, country, or beyond.

Evaluation Criteria

The videos are evaluated by an international selection committee, as well as online voting by fans and the global audience, based on the following criteria:

  • Compelling case for the cause: Clear and evidence-backed explanations of the chosen social issue.
  • Quality solutions: Feasible and innovative suggestions to spark positive change.
  • Impactful delivery: Engaging and persuasive presentation of the video.
  • Memorability and credibility: Ability to capture the attention and trust of the viewers.
  • Creative brilliance: Originality and artistic flair of the video.

Out of the 84 delegates who participated in the contest, 10 were chosen as the Voice for Change silver finalists, and 3 were awarded as the Voice for Change gold winners. These 13 delegates have demonstrated their passion and purpose in championing their causes and inspiring others to join their movements.

The Voice for Change silver finalists are:

1. Angola: Ana Coimbra

Ana is focused on three main areas of advocacy. First, she’s working to support the growth of agriculture in Angola. Agriculture is crucial to the country’s economy and food security, but it’s facing issues like outdated farming methods and the effects of climate change. Second, Coimbra is drawing attention to education, especially the unequal access to quality education in Angola, particularly for girls and children in rural areas. Lastly, she’s using her influence to address gender inequality, a worldwide issue seen in things like unequal pay, limited opportunities, and violence based on gender.

2. Brazil: Maria Brechane

In her Voice for Change video, Maria said she is helping open a school in Brazil that will offer courses to both the deaf community and people who want to learn Brazilian Sign Language.

3. Chile: Celeste Viel

Celeste has a degree in public relations and is a licensed health coach. She cares a lot about kids in foster care because she grew up with three adopted siblings. She wants to make sure these kids have a good life.

4. Lebanon: Maya Aboul Hosn

Maya said in her Miss Universe bio that she finds inspiration in the resiliency of her country, and that she’s most proud of the work she’s done for her community. Some of that work includes her efforts to restore equal education opportunities in Lebanon, as she mentioned in a Voice for Change video.

5. Philippines: Michelle Dee

Michelle cares a lot about making people accept and understand autism. She got into this because she has two siblings who are on the autism spectrum. She works to support people with autism and was named the Autism Society Philippines’ Goodwill Ambassador in 2019.

6. Puerto Rico: Karla Guilfú

Karla is a mental-health advocate, founding the nonprofit Let’s Begin to Heal to help prevent suicide in Puerto Rico and help citizens gain access to mental-health care, move their bodies, and give back to their communities, as she shared in her Voice for Change video.

7. Singapore: Priyanka Annuncia

Priyanka fights against human trafficking, which is when people are forced to work or do things they don’t want to. She works with an organization in Thailand that helps victims of human trafficking and raises money through kickboxing classes to support these communities.

8. South Africa: Bryoni Govender

Bryoni is a champion for gender equality, in part because of the high rates of violence against women in South Africa, as she shared in her Voice for Change video. To that end, she founded the program “Her Way Out,” educating women about their legal rights.

9. Ukraine: Angelina Usanova

Angelina wants to create special centers to help kids who had a hard time during the war. She plans to use things like art and music to help these kids feel better. She also loves outer space and works to promote peaceful ways to communicate with extraterrestrials.

10. Zimbabwe: Brooke Bruk-Jackson

Bruk-Jackson wants to create financial inclusion in her country, particularly for women, and if she is crowned Miss Universe, she hopes to partner with NGOs around the world to help women thrive financially, as she shared in a Voice for Change video.

Voice for Change Winners:

The Voice for Change Gold winners are :

Puerto Rico: Karla Guilfú

Angola: Ana Coimbra

Philippines: Michelle Dee

Those three winners have received the most votes from the selection committee and the online audience, so they have been awarded with a special Mouawad jewelry set, as well as a cash prize to support their causes.


The Voice for Change contest is a testament to the power and potential of the Miss Universe 2023 delegates, who are not only beautiful, but also brave and brilliant. They are the voices for change that the world needs, and they deserve our applause and admiration.

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