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In the world of international male beauty pageants, Prathamesh Maulingkar made history in 2018 by clinching the prestigious title of Mister Supranational. He is the first Asian and Indian to win the title of Mister Supranational, a prestigious male beauty contest that aims to discover new talents and personalities in the world of fashion, entertainment and culture.

Hailing from the picturesque state of Goa, India, Prathamesh Maulingkar’s journey to becoming Mister Supranational was a testament to his dedication, hard work, and a reflection of his charming personality. In this blog, we will delve into the life, journey, and significance of Prathamesh Maulingkar’s victory at Mister Supranational 2018, and how it resonated with fans and enthusiasts worldwide.

Early Life and Background:

Prathamesh Maulingkar was born on 4th April 1991 in Tivim, a village near the Northern Goan town of Mapusa. Known for its stunning beaches and unique blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures, Goa provided an ideal backdrop for Prathamesh’s upbringing. Growing up in this environment, Prathamesh developed a deep appreciation for his roots, which would later become an integral part of his journey to Mister Supranational.

Education and Sports Career:

Before embarking on his journey in the world of fashion and modeling, Prathamesh Maulingkar pursued his education and a promising career in sports. He had a passion for sports since his childhood and wanted to be a cricketer. However, he discovered his talent for football in his teenage years and joined the Dempo youth team. He represented the state of Goa in the U-19 junior nationals and was also called up for India U-19 camp. This experience instilled in him discipline, teamwork, and a strong work ethic – qualities that would serve him well in the competitive world of male pageantry.

He made his professional debut as a footballer in 2011 for Pailan Arrows in the I-League, where he played as a centre back. He scored two goals in 15 appearances for the club. In 2013, he joined Dempo, the reigning champions of the I-League, on loan. He played only one match for them before suffering a knee injury that ended his football career.

Transition to Modeling:

While Prathamesh Maulingkar’s football career was promising, he eventually decided to explore his passion for modeling. After recovering from his injury, Prathamesh decided to pursue a career in modelling and fitness. He became the first footballer in Asia to be featured on the cover of Men’s Health magazine. He also worked as a fitness trainer and owned a gym in Goa. He participated in various TV shows and pageants, such as MTV Splitsvilla Season 8 and Mr India 2017. His striking looks, tall stature, and chiseled physique made him a natural fit for the world of fashion and glamour. It wasn’t long before he started making waves in the Indian modeling industry.

Prathamesh Maulingkar’s transition from sports to modeling was not without challenges. He had to adapt to a different set of demands and expectations. However, his dedication and commitment helped him overcome these obstacles, and he began to establish himself as a model to watch out for.

The Road to Mister Supranational India:

Prathamesh Maulingkar’s journey to Mister Supranational India 2018 was marked by hard work and determination. He decided to participate in the Mister Supranational India competition, where he would compete against other talented and handsome contestants from across the country. His preparation for the competition involved rigorous training in fitness, grooming, and personality development. In December 2017, Prathamesh won the title of Peter England Mr India Supranational 2018 at the Mr India contest held in Mumbai. He also won the Mister Photogenic award at the same event. He was selected to represent India at the Mister Supranational 2018 pageant in Krynica-Zdrój, Poland.

Mister Supranational 2018: The Competition:

The Mister Supranational competition is one of the most prestigious male pageants in the world. It brings together contestants from various countries, each vying for the coveted title. The competition is not just about looks; it also tests the contestants’ intelligence, charisma, and ability to represent their countries with grace and dignity.

At the Mister Supranational 2018 pageant, Prathamesh Maulingkar competed against 37 contestants from all over the world. He impressed the judges and the audience with his confidence, charisma and physique and won the sub-title of best body. On 8 December 2018, he was crowned as Mister Supranational 2018 by his predecessor Gabriel Correa from Venezuela. He became the first Asian and Indian to win this coveted title.

Challenges Faced:

Competing in an international male pageant comes with its own set of challenges. The pressure to perform at the highest level, adapting to different cultures and languages, and staying mentally and physically fit are just a few of the hurdles contestants must overcome. Prathamesh Maulingkar faced these challenges head-on and emerged as a frontrunner in the competition.

The Grand Victory:

The crowning moment arrived on December 8, 2018, when Prathamesh Maulingkar was declared the winner of Mister Supranational 2018. It was a historic moment for India, as he became the first Indian and Asian to win the prestigious title. The victory not only catapulted him to international fame but also made him a source of pride for his home state of Goa and the entire nation.

Impact and Significance:

Prathamesh Maulingkar’s victory at Mister Supranational 2018 had a profound impact on the world of pageantry and beyond. Some of the points are as below.

  1. Breaking Stereotypes: Prathamesh’s win challenged stereotypes about male beauty pageants, proving that Indian men could excel on the global stage of modeling and fashion.
  2. Inspiration to Youth: His journey from a small state in India to becoming an international champion served as an inspiration to countless young individuals aspiring to pursue their dreams, no matter how challenging they may seem.
  3. Promoting Goa and Indian Culture: Prathamesh’s representation of Goan and Indian culture on the international stage showcased the richness and diversity of Indian traditions, sparking interest and appreciation among a global audience.
  4. A Step Towards Gender Equality: Male pageants like Mister Supranational have gained popularity in recent years, contributing to the push for gender equality in the modeling and fashion industry.
  5. Strengthening the Modeling Industry: Prathamesh’s victory contributed to the growth and recognition of the Indian modeling industry, attracting international attention and opportunities.

What did he do after winning Mister Supranational?:

After winning Mister Supranational, Prathamesh Maulingkar became an ambassador for various causes and initiatives. He became actively involved in beach cleaning drives with world renowned environmental activist Afroz Shah. He also travelled to Thailand, Vietnam, South Africa and Sri Lanka to promote tourism, culture and social awareness. He also participated in various fashion shows and events across the globe.

On 7 December 2019, Prathamesh Maulingkar handed over his title to the fourth Mister Supranational, Nate Crnkovich from USA, at the grand finale held in Poland. He expressed his gratitude and happiness for having an amazing year as Mister Supranational and wished his successor all the best for his reign.

Prathamesh Maulingkar’s Post-Win Journey:

Following his victory at Mister Supranational 2018, Prathamesh Maulingkar’s career soared to new heights. He became a sought-after model, gracing the covers of magazines and walking the runways for renowned fashion designers. His success also led to brand endorsements and collaborations, establishing him as a prominent figure in the fashion and entertainment industry.

Beyond his modeling career, Prathamesh continued to be an inspiration and role model for aspiring models and youth in India. He used his platform to advocate for fitness, self-belief, and following one’s passion relentlessly.


Prathamesh Maulingkar is an inspiration for many young Indians who aspire to achieve their dreams and goals. He has shown that with hard work, dedication and passion, anything is possible. He has overcome many challenges and obstacles in his life, such as his career-ending injury and his lack of experience in modelling. He has proved that beauty is not just about physical appearance, but also about personality, talent and attitude.

Prathamesh Maulingkar is not just a handsome face, but also a role model for many people who want to make a positive difference in the world. He has used his fame and influence to spread awareness and support various social and environmental causes. He has also represented India with pride and dignity on the international stage. Prathamesh Maulingkar is a true example of what it means to be Mister Supranational: a man who is supranational not only by name, but also by heart.

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