How Miss World Turkiye 2023, Nursena Say, is Making a Difference In The World


Nursena Say is a name that has been making headlines in Turkey and around the world after she was crowned as the most beautiful girl in Turkey at the Miss Turkey 2022 contest held on September 20, 2022. She will represent her country at the Miss World 2023 pageant, which is expected to take place on 9th March 2024 in Mumbai, India. But who is Nursena Say, and what is her story? Here are some facts and details about the new Miss Turkey.

Personal and educational background

24 year old, Nursena Say was born in 1998 in Istanbul, Turkey. She has a height of 1.80 meters and a slim body type. She has brown hair and brown eyes. She is a Muslim by religion and a Turkish by nationality. Nursena Say is not only a beauty queen, but also an educated and talented woman. She graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Department of Architecture, one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey. She has a passion for design and art, and she has participated in various projects and exhibitions as an architect.

Modeling and pageantry career

Nursena Say started her modeling career at a young age. She has worked with several agencies and brands, and has appeared in various magazines, commercials, and fashion shows. She has also won several awards and titles as a model, such as Best Model of Turkey 2021 and Best Model of the World 2021.

Nursena Say decided to enter the Miss Turkey 2022 contest, which is the oldest and most prestigious beauty pageant in Turkey. She competed with 19 other finalists, who were selected from among 100 applicants. She impressed the jury, which included former Miss Turkeys such as Demet Şener and Pınar Altuğ, with her beauty, intelligence, and charisma. She was crowned as Miss Turkey 2022, and received the crown from the previous winner, Simay Rasimoğlu. She also received a cash prize of 100,000 Turkish liras, a car, and various gifts from the sponsors.

Miss World 2023 Journey

As the new Miss Turkey, Nursena Say will have the opportunity to represent her country at the Miss World 2023 pageant on 9th March 2024 in India, which is the oldest and largest international beauty pageant in the world. She will compete with more than 130 other contestants from different countries and regions, and will showcase her culture, personality, and talents. She will also participate in various challenges and events, such as the Head-to-Head Challenge, the Top Model Challenge, the Sports Challenge, the Talent Challenge, the Beauty with a Purpose Challenge, and the Final Interview. She will aim to win the coveted crown of Miss World, which has never been won by a Turkish woman before.

On 3rd March 2024, she placed in Top-10 in Beauty with Purpose project challenge. She also placed 1st runner up in Top model challenge on 2nd March 2024.

Social media and hobbies

Nursena Say is very active on social media, especially on Instagram, where she has more than 300,000 followers. She often posts photos and videos of her modeling work, her travels, her friends, and her daily life. She also uses her platform to raise awareness and support for various causes and charities, such as animal welfare, environmental protection, and women’s empowerment.

Nursena Say has many hobbies and interests, such as reading, painting, dancing, yoga, and meditation. She really enjoys traveling and discovering new destinations and cultures. She has visited many countries, such as France, Italy, Spain, Greece, and the United States. She speaks fluent Turkish and English, and is learning Spanish and French.

Future plans and goals

Nursena Say has many dreams and aspirations for her future. She wants to continue her modeling and architecture careers, and to pursue further education and specialization in her field. She also wants to use her fame and influence to make a positive difference in the world, and to inspire and empower other young women to follow their passions and achieve their goals. She hopes to be a role model and an ambassador for her country, and to show the world the beauty, culture, and potential of Turkey.

Nursena Say is a young woman who has achieved a lot in her life, and who has a lot more to offer. She is a beauty with brains, talent, and heart. She is the new Miss Turkey, and she is ready to take on the world.

Helping the earthquake victims

The earthquake that struck Turkey on March 21, 2023 was the most severe one ever recorded, with a magnitude of 7.8, a death toll of more than 15,000 and tens of thousands of others injured. The disaster left many people homeless, traumatized and in need of urgent assistance. Nursena Say, who hails from Mersin, a city near the epicenter of the quake, felt the urge to do something to help her fellow citizens. 

She joined a volunteer group that visited hospitals and provided support to the injured children and their families. She also reached out to her fellow Miss World 2023 contestants and asked them to help her raise funds for the earthquake relief. The contestants produced a video to raise awareness and inform people about relevant donation pages. Nursena Say emphasized, “Children constitute one of the demographics most vulnerable to the impacts of earthquakes, and they should not be left alone in this ordeal.”

She and her team provided toys, heartfelt letters, and other contributions from compassionate citizens to both the children and their families. The entire process was executed in collaboration with child therapists, who offered their expertise and guidance. The focus was on reinforcing the children’s mental and emotional resilience to instill basic coping mechanisms.

In this initiative, being a compassionate listener played a crucial role. Conversations, painting sessions, and storytelling were employed to encourage children to articulate and express their emotions. Painting emerged as an effective means of expression, fostering both sharing and solace. The drawings created by the children, along with the games they engaged in, played a pivotal role in restoring their confidence, helping them recognize their inner strength, and enhancing their self-awareness.

Looking ahead, Nursena Say expressed the commitment to sustaining awareness initiatives for the families even after the traumatic days had passed. The aim was to prevent further trauma by ensuring that families received the necessary therapeutic support. She pledged to safeguard the well-being of the younger members of the community and extended an invitation to volunteer friends from other provinces to accompany the injured children in hospitals.

Beauty with a Purpose

Nursena Say’s humanitarian work is not only limited to the earthquake relief. She has also been actively involved in the Beauty with a Purpose project, which is the core of the Miss World Organization. Beauty with a Purpose is a global initiative that empowers women to use their beauty and influence to make a positive impact in the world. Nursena Say has chosen to focus on two main issues: education and women’s empowerment.

She believes that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality, and that women have the potential to be leaders and change-makers in their communities. She has visited several schools and orphanages in Turkey and abroad, and has donated books, stationery, clothes and other necessities to the children. She has also participated in workshops and seminars that aim to inspire and motivate young girls and women to pursue their dreams and goals. She has shared her own story of overcoming challenges and obstacles, and has encouraged them to believe in themselves and their abilities.

She has also advocated for the rights and welfare of women, especially those who are victims of domestic violence, human trafficking and discrimination. She has collaborated with various organizations and institutions that work to protect and empower women, such as the Turkish Women’s Association, the United Nations Women, and the International Organization for Migration. She has also used her social media platforms to raise awareness and educate people about these issues.

A role model for the youth

Nursena Say is not only a beauty queen, but also a role model for the youth. She is a graduate of the Mersin University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in International Relations at the same university. She is fluent in English, French and Spanish, and she is learning Arabic and Chinese. She is also interested in art, culture and history, and she enjoys traveling and exploring new places.

She is a talented singer and dancer, and she has performed at various events and festivals. She is also a fitness enthusiast and a yoga instructor, and she follows a healthy and balanced lifestyle. She is a positive, optimistic and cheerful person, who always tries to spread happiness and kindness to everyone around her. She is a woman of faith, values and principles, who always strives to do her best and make a difference in the world.

A message from Nursena Say

Nursena Say has a message for her fans and supporters, and for anyone who wants to follow her footsteps. Nursena expresses her gratitude and honor as Miss World Turkiye 2023, acknowledging the opportunity to represent her country and culture at the Miss World 2023 pageant. Anticipating the chance to interact with fellow contestants, she looks forward to sharing stories and experiences.

Committed to social and charity work, as well as her Beauty with a Purpose project, Nursena believes that beauty encompasses not only physical appearance but also inner beauty, personality, character, and heart. Viewing beauty as a power and responsibility, she emphasizes its potential to create positive impacts globally. Nursena sees beauty as a purpose and aims to inspire and empower others, particularly children and women, who she views as the future. Aspiring to be a role model and a source of motivation for the youth, she emphasizes the importance of hard work, faith, and perseverance.

Nursena hopes to make her country proud and contribute to making the world a better place, expressing gratitude for the support and love she has received. She concludes with a blessing for all.

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