Nadia Ferreira (Miss Universe 2021- 1st Runner up): The Paraguayan Beauty Who Conquered the World


Nadia Ferreira is a Paraguayan fashion model and beauty pageant titleholder who has achieved remarkable success in both fields. She was crowned Miss Universe Paraguay 2021 and became the first runner-up at Miss Universe 2021, the highest placement for Paraguay in the history of the competition. She is also a successful fashion model who has walked for top designers and appeared in prestigious magazines. She is married to singer Marc Anthony and they have a son together. In this blog, we will explore the life and career of Nadia Ferreira, the Paraguayan beauty who conquered the world.

Early Life and Education

On May 10, 1999, Nadia Tamara Ferreira was born in Villarrica, Paraguay. Her parents are Carlos Ferreira, who works in business, and Tamara González, who is a lawyer. She has two brothers named Carlos Jr. and Diego. Nadia had a happy childhood in a family that cared about her and supported her in following her dreams.

Nadia Ferreira attended the Colegio San José in Villarrica, where she excelled in academics and extracurricular activities. She was a member of the school choir, the basketball team, and the debate club. She also participated in various charity events and volunteered at a local orphanage. She graduated with honors in 2017 and received a scholarship to study International Relations at the Universidad Americana in Asunción.

Pageantry Career

Nadia Ferreira’s pageantry career began in 2015, when she represented Guairá in Miss Teen Universe Paraguay 2015 and won the title. She then represented Paraguay at Miss Teen Universe 2015, which was held in Guatemala, and placed as the third runner-up.

In 2021, Nadia Ferreira competed in Miss Universe Paraguay 2021 and was crowned the winner, earning the right to represent her country at Miss Universe 2021. She prepared for the international pageant by training with experts in communication, fitness, styling, and makeup. She also learned about the culture and history of Israel, the host country of Miss Universe 2021.

Nadia Ferreira impressed the judges and the audience with her beauty, intelligence, and charisma throughout the Miss Universe 2021 competition. She stood out in the swimsuit, evening gown, and interview rounds, and made it to the top five finalists. She answered the final question about the role of beauty queens in the modern world with confidence and eloquence, stating that they are agents of change and empowerment for women and girls. She was announced as the first runner-up, behind Harnaaz Sandhu of India, who was crowned Miss Universe 2021. Nadia Ferreira’s placement was the best result for Paraguay in the history of Miss Universe, surpassing the previous record of Lourdes Arévalos, who was the second runner-up in 2006.

Nadia Ferreira received a warm welcome from her fans and the media when she returned to Paraguay after the pageant. She was congratulated by the president of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benítez, who praised her for representing the country with pride and dignity. She also received various awards and recognitions from different institutions and organizations. She became a national icon and a role model for many young Paraguayans who aspire to follow her footsteps.

Modeling Career

Nadia Ferreira’s modeling career started when she was 16 years old, when she appeared in a commercial for Patrol Jeans and other advertising campaigns. She caught the attention of the fashion industry with her stunning looks and natural talent. She walked the runway in many fashion shows in Paraguay and other countries, such as Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, France, Italy, and the United States.

In 2018, Nadia Ferreira made her debut at New York Fashion Week, walking for designer Custo Barcelona in his Fall/Winter 2018 show. She received positive reviews from the critics and the public, and was hailed as one of the rising stars of the fashion world. She signed with Wilhelmina, one of the leading modeling agencies in the world, and became the first Paraguayan model to do so.

Since then, Nadia Ferreira has worked with some of the most renowned designers and brands in the industry, such as Tommy Hilfiger, Balmain, Versace, Dior, and Chanel. She has also appeared in the covers and editorials of several prestigious fashion magazines, such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, L’Officiel, and Robb Report Singapore. She has been featured in Getty Images editorial photography and has been named as one of the most influential and successful models of her generation.

Personal Life

Nadia Ferreira is married to Marc Anthony, a famous singer and actor from the United States. They met in 2021, when Nadia Ferreira was preparing for Miss Universe 2021 in Miami, where Marc Anthony lives. They fell in love and got engaged in May 2022, after three months of dating. They announced their engagement on Instagram, where Nadia Ferreira showed off her huge diamond ring. They tied the knot in January 2023, in a lavish ceremony in Miami, attended by their families and friends, as well as celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, and Ricky Martin.

Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony welcomed their first child together in June 2023, a boy named Carlos Miguel Anthony Ferreira. They shared the news and the first photo of their son on social media, expressing their joy and gratitude. They also have four children from their previous marriages: Emme and Max, Marc Anthony’s twins with Jennifer Lopez, and Cristian and Ryan, Nadia Ferreira’s sons with her ex-husband, Rodrigo Rojas, a Paraguayan soccer player.

Nadia Ferreira and Marc Anthony are one of the most popular and admired couples in the entertainment industry. They have a close connection and are there for each other, both in their personal lives and professional pursuits. They also enjoy spending time with their children and traveling around the world.

Other Interests and Activities

Nadia Ferreira is not only a beauty queen and a model, but also a woman of many talents and interests. She is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, and Guarani, the indigenous language of Paraguay. She is passionate about music and plays the guitar and the piano. She also loves to sing and dance, and has performed in several shows and events. She is a fan of Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Ed Sheeran, among other artists.

Nadia Ferreira is also a member of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), an organization that works to promote sustainable development and human rights around the world. She is an advocate for the care of the environment, the empowerment of women and girls, and the eradication of poverty and inequality. She uses her platform and influence to raise awareness and support for these causes, and participates in various campaigns and initiatives.

Nadia Ferreira is a Paraguayan beauty who has conquered the world with her charm, talent, and intelligence. She is an inspiration for many people who admire her achievements and her values. She is a proud representative of her country and its culture, and a global citizen who strives to make a positive difference in the world.

Nadia Ferreira: Social Work, Charity & Advocacy

Nadia Ferreira is not just a stunning beauty queen and a successful fashion model. She is also a passionate social activist and a generous philanthropist who uses her platform to make a positive difference in the world. In this blog, we will explore some of the social and charity work done by Nadia Ferreira and her advocacies in detail.

1. NF: Empowering Women Who Survived Domestic Violence

Nadia Ferreira has done something really impressive – she started an organization called NF. It’s a support system for women who’ve been through domestic violence and are looking to rebuild their lives in a lasting and positive way. NF provides these women with psychological support, legal assistance, vocational training, and microcredit opportunities to help them regain their self-esteem, independence, and dignity. NF also raises awareness about the issue of domestic violence and advocates for the protection of women’s rights and safety.

2. VICTORIA: Restoring Hope for Breast Cancer Survivors

Another project that Nadia Ferreira has worked on is VICTORIA, which provides free breast reconstruction for women who are survivors of breast cancer. VICTORIA aims to improve the quality of life and the emotional well-being of these women, who often face stigma, discrimination, and low self-confidence due to their physical appearance. VICTORIA also promotes the importance of early detection and prevention of breast cancer, as well as the solidarity and support among women who share the same experience.

3. LATENTE: Helping Women Who Have Been Denied Their Personal Liberties

Nadia Ferreira is also involved in the LATENTE project, which helps women who have been denied their personal liberties, such as the right to education, health, work, and freedom of expression. LATENTE works with these women to help them access the resources and opportunities they need to fulfill their potential and aspirations. LATENTE also advocates for the respect and recognition of the diversity and plurality of women’s voices and perspectives in society.

4. UNDP: Promoting Sustainable Development and Human Rights

Nadia Ferreira is not only a national leader, but also a global ambassador for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). She was recently named as one of the UNDP goodwill ambassadors, who are influential personalities who use their fame and influence to raise awareness and mobilize support for the UNDP’s work on sustainable development and human rights. Nadia Ferreira is committed to advancing the UNDP’s goals and values, such as ending poverty, protecting the planet, and building peace and justice for all.


Nadia Ferreira is a remarkable woman who has made a mark in all of her endeavors, including her roles as beauty queen, athlete, model, philanthropist, singer, and businesswoman. She is a proud Paraguayan who has represented her country with grace and excellence in the international arena. She is also a compassionate and courageous woman who has overcome many challenges and obstacles in her life, and who has dedicated herself to helping others who are in need. She is truly a model of beauty and compassion, and an inspiration for many.

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