Morgan Greco (Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2023): A Multifaceted Inspiration for the Next Generation


In the realm of pageantry, scholarship, and empowerment, Morgan Greco stands out as a remarkable individual at just 16 years old. Hailing from Camas, Washington, this extraordinary teenager is not your typical high school student. Morgan is an opera singer, a businesswoman, a self-defense advocate, and the reigning Miss America’s Outstanding Teen for 2023. Her story is one of passion, determination, and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

Early Beginnings and Passion for Opera:

Born and raised in Clark County, Washington, Morgan Greco is the youngest of eight siblings, embracing a multicultural background with Italian, Puerto Rican, and Native American roots. From a young age, Morgan discovered her passion for singing, initiating her journey into the world of music at the tender age of nine. Since then, she has undergone extensive vocal training and has participated in numerous musicals, concerts, and competitions, accumulating awards that attest to her exceptional talent.

Morgan specializes in operatic singing, a genre that has captured her heart and soul. The fusion of music, drama, and language in opera has become a powerful means of self-expression for Morgan, pushing her artistic boundaries and providing a unique channel to share her emotions. Her commitment to opera goes beyond personal fulfillment; she actively seeks to introduce this art form to a broader audience, challenging misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding it.

A Star in the Making: Pageantry and Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2023:

Morgan Greco’s journey to becoming Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2023 commenced in 2018 when she registered for the Miss Clark County’s Outstanding Teen competition. Over three years, she honed her skills, earning scholarships and awards along the way. Her perseverance culminated in winning the title of Miss Washington’s Outstanding Teen in 2022, a stepping stone to the national stage.

The national competition, held in Dallas, Texas, saw Morgan showcasing her operatic prowess with a captivating performance of “The Jewel Song” from the opera “Faust.” Her elegant lavender evening gown, designed by Morgan herself, added an extra layer of sophistication to her presence on stage. With grace, intelligence, and poise, she tackled an on-stage question about the importance of diversity and inclusion in the Miss America organization. The result? Morgan Greco was crowned Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2023, securing $53,000 in scholarships and a platform to make a difference.

Empowerment Starts With Me: A Powerful Social Impact Initiative:

Morgan Greco’s reign as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen is not only defined by her vocal prowess and grace but also by her commitment to a crucial social impact initiative – “Empowerment Starts with Me.” Inspired by her experience in Krav Maga, an Israeli martial art focused on realistic self-defense techniques, Morgan aims to empower young women with self-defense skills.

Her platform goes beyond physical training; Morgan believes that self-defense is not just about protecting the body but also nurturing mental strength and self-worth. Having experienced the benefits of Krav Maga personally, Morgan is determined to share this empowerment with girls who may have faced bullying, harassment, or abuse. Through workshops, events, and partnerships with organizations like Girls Inc., Girl Scouts, and YWCA, Morgan is actively working to make self-defense programs more accessible across the country.

Entrepreneurship and Morgan Greco’s Macarons:

In addition to her accomplishments in the world of pageantry and advocacy, Morgan Greco is a budding entrepreneur. She runs her own online business, “Morgan’s Macarons,” where she sells homemade French macarons in a variety of flavors. What started as a hobby quickly transformed into a profitable venture for Morgan, showcasing her creativity, business acumen, and the joy she finds in making her customers happy.

Educational Aspirations and Future Endeavors:

Despite her already impressive list of achievements, Morgan Greco is far from resting on her laurels. As a junior at Camas High School, she actively participates in the DECA and theater programs, demonstrating her commitment to both academics and the arts. Looking ahead, Morgan envisions pursuing a dual degree in operatic performance and marketing at the University of Alabama, a testament to her passion for both music and entrepreneurship.

Morgan’s dreams extend beyond academia; she harbors aspirations to continue competing in the Miss America organization and, ultimately, hopes to become Miss America. Her journey has been fueled by gratitude for the opportunities and scholarships bestowed upon her by Miss America’s Outstanding Teen, as well as the unwavering support of her family, friends, and mentors.

Conclusion: A Role Model for America’s Teens

In Morgan Greco, we find an extraordinary 16-year-old who defies expectations and embraces a multitude of talents and passions. As an opera singer, self-defense advocate, and entrepreneur, Morgan exemplifies the values of the Miss America organization: style, scholarship, service, and success. Her commitment to empowering young women with self-defense skills and promoting the art of opera is not only commendable but also sets her apart as a role model for America’s teens.

As Morgan embarks on her year-long journey as Miss America’s Outstanding Teen 2023, the nation eagerly awaits the impact she will make. With her unique blend of talents, charisma, and a heart dedicated to service, Morgan Greco is undoubtedly a shining star, inspiring others to follow their dreams and make a positive difference in the world.

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