History of Mister World Pageant and Their Winners (1996-2023)


In the world of international beauty pageants, we often hear about the glamorous world of Miss Universe or Miss World, but rarely do we focus on the male counterparts. Mister World, founded by the Miss World Organisation in 1996, is one such event that has been overshadowed by its female counterpart, yet it carries a unique and profound message.

This pageant aims to find not just the most handsome man, but a man who is talented, intelligent, compassionate, and socially responsible. Beyond the glitz and glamour, Mister World stands out as a platform for men to make a positive impact on the world. In this blog, we will delve into what sets Mister World apart from other male pageants and explore the significance and impact of this competition.

How is Mister World Different from Other Male Pageants?

Mr. World is not your typical beauty contest. It goes far beyond judging appearances and delves into the character and capabilities of the contestants. Here are some key aspects that make Mr. World unique:

1. A Platform for Social and Environmental Causes:

One of the most distinctive features of Mister World is its commitment to social and environmental causes. The winner of Mr. World becomes an ambassador for the Miss World Organisation’s charity, Beauty with a Purpose. This initiative supports various projects worldwide to help disadvantaged children and communities. This social responsibility sets Mr. World apart, as it emphasizes the importance of using one’s influence to create positive change.

2. Promotion of Values:

Mr. World promotes values such as leadership, diversity, and peace. Contestants are encouraged to embrace these values, making the competition not just about physical beauty but also about being a role model for others.

3. Inspiration and Encouragement:

Mr. World encourages young men to pursue their dreams and make a positive difference in the world. By showcasing contestants who have diverse talents and abilities, the competition inspires others to believe in themselves and their potential.

The Winners of Mister World

Since its inception in 1996, Mister World has crowned 10 winners from different countries and continents. Each of these winners has left a mark on the world in their unique ways. Let’s see these amazing people more closely.

  • Tom Nuyens (Belgium – 1996): Tom Nuyens was the first-ever Mister World, a model and actor from Belgium. He won the title, beating 50 other contestants. After his reign, he pursued a career in acting and appeared in several films and TV shows.
  • Sandro Finoglio (Venezuela – 1998): Sandro Finoglio, a model and actor from Venezuela, won the second Mister World title. After his reign, he continued to work as a model, actor, and even became a TV host and producer.
  • Ignacio Kliche (Uruguay – 2000): Ignacio Kliche, a model and entrepreneur from Uruguay, secured the third Mister World title. After his reign, he founded his modeling agency, clothing line, and became a motivational speaker and philanthropist.
  • Gustavo Gianetti (Brazil – 2003): Gustavo Gianetti, a model and lawyer from Brazil, won the fourth Mister World title. He continued working as a model and lawyer, and even became a TV presenter and a writer.
  • Juan García Postigo (Spain – 2007): Juan García Postigo, a model and dentist from Spain, won the fifth Mister World title. He continued his work as a model and dentist, becoming a spokesperson and ambassador for several brands and causes.
  • Kamal Ibrahim (Ireland – 2010): Kamal Ibrahim, a model and TV presenter from Ireland, secured the sixth Mister World title. After his reign, he continued working as a model, TV presenter, director, and producer.
  • Francisco Escobar (Colombia – 2012): Francisco Escobar, a model and business student from Colombia, won the seventh Mister World title. He continued his work as a model and business student, becoming a fitness trainer and an influencer.
  • Nicklas Pedersen (Denmark – 2014): Nicklas Pedersen, a carpenter and model from Denmark, became the eighth Mister World. After his reign, he continued working as a carpenter, model, actor, and singer.
  • Rohit Khandelwal (India – 2016): Rohit Khandelwal, a model and actor from India, won the ninth Mister World title. After his reign, he continued working as a model and actor, and even launched his grooming brand, supporting various charities.
  • Jack Heslewood (England – 2019): Jack Heslewood, an aerospace engineer and model from England, is the current Mister World. He is not only a rocket scientist and musician but also an advocate for STEM education.

These men, beyond their titles, have showcased a wide range of talents, professions, and contributions to society, demonstrating that Mr. World is about more than just good looks.

What Does the Mister World Winner Get Besides Glory and Fame?

While many aspire to become Mister World for the fame and recognition, there’s more to it than meets the eye. The Mr. World winner receives various rewards and opportunities for their hard work and dedication. Let’s explore what’s in store for the winner:

  1. Cash Prize: Though the exact amount of prize money isn’t disclosed on the official website, reports suggest that the Mister World winner receives a substantial cash prize, around $50,000. This is a significant amount, especially considering that the average annual income in India, for example, is about Rs. 1.4 lakhs.
  2. International Recognition: Winning Mister World brings international recognition. The title opens doors to a wide range of opportunities, from modeling contracts to appearing in prestigious events.
  3. Bejeweled Crown: The winner is adorned with a bejeweled Mister World crown, a symbol of their accomplishment and a reminder of their responsibilities as a global ambassador.
  4. Contract with the Miss World Organisation: The Mister World winner receives a year-long contract with the Miss World Organisation, providing them with various opportunities to represent the organization and its values.
  5. Travel and Exposure: The winner enjoys free travel around the world for various events and humanitarian causes. They get the chance to be a part of charitable projects and humanitarian work through Beauty with a Purpose.
  6. Sponsorships and Perks: The title also comes with the privilege of working with various brands and companies as an ambassador, leading to sponsorships and endorsements.
  7. Networking Opportunities: The Mister World winner gets to interact with other celebrities, dignitaries, and influential people from various fields and industries, offering them guidance, support, and opportunities for future endeavors.
  8. Personal and Professional Growth: They get to fulfill their personal and professional goals, becoming a role model and ambassador for millions of people around the world. This platform enables them to make a positive impact on the world, especially through the Beauty with a Purpose program.
  9. Friendships and Connections: The Mister World winner gets to build connections and friendships with other talented men from diverse backgrounds. This camaraderie can lead to collaborations and shared experiences.

In summary, the Mr. World winner receives not only financial rewards but also a unique platform to make a meaningful difference in the world. They become global ambassadors, inspiring others and contributing to charitable causes. The combination of rewards, recognition, and responsibilities makes being Mr. World a truly remarkable experience.

Who Are the Contestants of Mister World 2023?

Mister World 2023 is set to be the 11th edition of this prestigious competition, and it will be hosted in London, England, the home of the Miss World Organisation. As of June 10, 2023, 20 contestants have been confirmed, representing countries from Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas. These contestants come from diverse backgrounds and have a range of talents and experiences. Here are some notable contestants:

  1. Franco Touceda (Argentina): A professional model and actor who has appeared in several TV shows and commercials.
  2. Vilmar Bertolino (Brazil): A former swimmer who competed in the 2016 Rio Olympics and now works as a personal trainer and nutritionist.
  3. Olivier Sara (Cambodia): A singer and songwriter who has released several albums and singles in his country.
  4. Jorge Aldoney (Chile): A civil engineer and entrepreneur who runs his construction company and is passionate about sustainable development.
  5. Jitesh Singh Deo (India): A model and actor who won the Mr. India 2017 title and has starred in several Bollywood movies.
  6. Kirk Bondad (Philippines): A model and influencer who is also the brother of Clint Bondad, the former boyfriend of Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.
  7. Antonio Company (Spain): A lawyer and human rights activist who works for a non-governmental organization that defends the rights of refugees and migrants.

These contestants represent a diverse group of individuals, each with unique skills, talents, and passions. The competition promises to showcase the best of male beauty, talent, and personality from around the world.

How to Follow Mister World 2023

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest news and updates about Mister World 2023, there are several ways to stay connected:

  1. Official Social Media: Follow the official social media accounts of the Mister World Organisation on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. These accounts provide real-time updates, behind-the-scenes content, and interviews with contestants.
  2. Official Website: Visit the official Mister World website, where you can find comprehensive information about the contestants, events, judges, and sponsors. You can also participate in online voting to support your favorite contestant.
  3. Live Broadcast: Keep an eye out for live broadcasts of the competition on various television channels and streaming platforms. This allows you to watch the competition as it unfolds and cheer for your favorite contestant.


Mister World is not just a male beauty pageant; it is a global platform for men to make a difference in the world. Beyond the glory and fame, the Mr. World winner receives a substantial cash prize, international recognition, and various opportunities to represent the Mr. World Organization. The competition is a celebration of talent, diversity, and social responsibility.

The Mr. World 2023 competition, set to take place in London, promises to be a remarkable event, featuring contestants from around the world. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the power of unity and witness the potential of men who go beyond appearances to create a positive impact on our planet. Don’t miss the chance to follow this exciting event and support your favorite contestant as they compete for the title of Mr. World 2023.

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