Manhunt International 2024: A Spectacle of Masculinity and Charm


The Manhunt International 2024 competition, held in the historic city of Ayutthaya, Thailand, was a celebration of masculinity, charm, and cultural diversity. The event marked the 22nd edition of the prestigious male beauty pageant, which has been showcasing the world’s most handsome and talented men since its inception.

The world of male modeling was set ablaze with the grandeur and pomp of the 22nd edition of Manhunt International 2024. This year marked a special milestone as the event celebrated its 30th founding anniversary in the beautiful country of Thailand.

Starting on May 18th, up to 40 male models from around the world came to Thailand, all competing for the prestigious title of Manhunt International Male Supermodel in its 22nd edition. The contestants were judged across various categories, including Haute Couture Fashion, Formal Eveningwear, Swimwear, and Photographic, showcasing their versatility and charm.

The gala world final night on Sunday, 26th May 2024, in Ayutthaya, Thailand, was nothing short of spectacular. It was a night where fashion, culture, and talent converged to celebrate the essence of male beauty and charisma.

The Venue and Atmosphere of Manhunt International 2024

Ayutthaya City Park, the chosen venue for this year’s competition, was a testament to Thailand’s commitment to blending modernity with tradition. The park, set against the backdrop of ancient ruins, provided a serene yet grandiose setting for the event. The atmosphere was electric, with fans and supporters from across the globe converging to witness a new king of male beauty be crowned.

The Contestants

This year’s competition saw 36 contestants from various countries, each bringing their unique blend of looks, talent, and intellect to the stage. The diversity was astounding, with models, athletes, and professionals among the ranks, all vying for the coveted title.

The Winner of Manhunt International 2024

The night belonged to Thailand’s own Kevin Dasom, a 32-year-old Thai-Irish model and basketball player from Chiang Mai. His victory was a historic moment, as he became the first-ever winner from Thailand in the competition’s history. Kevin’s blend of athletic physique, photogenic appeal, and charismatic presence won over the judges and the audience alike.

The Runners-Up

The competition was fierce, and the runners-up were no less deserving of accolades. Lucas Schlachter from France was named the first runner-up, while Kenneth Stromsnes from the Philippines, Victor Battista from Venezuela, and Vincenzo Melisi from Italy rounded out the top five. Each displayed qualities befitting a Manhunt International titleholder, making the final decision a challenging one for the judges.

The Rewards of Manhunt International 2024

While the details of the prize money and rewards for the winners of Manhunt International 2024 are not publicly disclosed, the prestige that comes with the title is immense. The winner not only gains international recognition but also numerous opportunities in the world of modeling, endorsements, and fashion.

The title of Manhunt International is synonymous with excellence and opens doors to a global career. It is a stepping stone to bigger and better opportunities, and the rewards extend far beyond the monetary value.

The Judging Panel

The judging panel was graced by former winners, including Peter Eriksen from Sweden, June Macasaet from the Philippines, and Truong Ngoc Tinh from Vietnam. Their experience and insights into what it takes to be a Manhunt International winner added depth to the judging process.

The Competition Rounds

The contestants were judged across various rounds, including Haute Couture Fashion, Formal Eveningwear, Swimwear, and Photographic. These rounds not only showcased their physical attributes but also their ability to carry themselves with elegance and confidence.

The Cultural Exchange

One of the highlights of Manhunt International is the cultural exchange that takes place among the contestants. This year was no different, with participants sharing their customs, traditions, and stories, fostering a sense of global brotherhood.

The Training and Preparation

Behind the scenes, the contestants underwent rigorous training and preparation. From fitness regimes to grooming sessions, every aspect was meticulously planned to ensure they presented their best selves on stage.

Manhunt International 2024: A Platform for Advocacy and Charity

This year is particularly special as it marks the 30th anniversary of the prestigious event, which has evolved into much more than a showcase of male beauty and talent. It’s a platform that champions advocacies and supports charitable causes, making a significant impact on communities worldwide.

1. Fashion with a Purpose 

The competition segments, including haute couture fashion, formal evening wear, swimwear, and photographic, are not just about aesthetics. They provide a stage for contestants to express their advocacies through their presence and poise. The fashion industry’s collaboration with Manhunt International serves as a reminder that beauty can be a powerful tool for social change.

2. Charity and Community Service 

Manhunt International’s partnership with various charitable organizations allows finalists to engage in community service, raising awareness and funds for pressing issues. These activities are integral to the competition, instilling a sense of responsibility and compassion in the participants.

3. Empowering the Youth 

A significant focus of Manhunt International’s charitable efforts is on empowering the youth. By supporting educational initiatives and providing mentorship opportunities, the organization helps young people build a brighter future.

4. Environmental Stewardship 

In line with global concerns, environmental conservation is another key advocacy of Manhunt International. Contestants advocate for sustainable practices and participate in events that promote the protection of our planet.

5. The Gala Event 

The grand finale, scheduled for May 26th, 2024, promises to be a night of celebration and commitment to these noble causes. As the contestants take the stage, they will not only be judged on their physical attributes but also on their ability to inspire and make a difference.

The Impact of the Title

Winning the Manhunt International title is not just about the accolades; it’s about the responsibility that comes with it. The winner becomes a role model and an ambassador for men’s fashion and health, influencing young men around the world.

The Future of Manhunt International

As Manhunt International 2024 celebrates its 30th anniversary, it continues to evolve. The competition is more than just a beauty pageant; it’s a platform for men to showcase their talents, intelligence, and contributions to society.

The Legacy Continues

As the new Manhunt International, Kevin Dasom succeeds Lochie Carey from Australia, the 21st edition winner. Kevin’s journey to the title was paved with determination and hard work, having previously been crowned Manhunt Thailand 2023.

The legacy of Manhunt International is built on the foundation of discovering and nurturing talent. It is a platform that has been propelling male models to stardom for three decades, and the 22nd edition has been a testament to its enduring allure and prestige.


The Manhunt International 2024 competition was a resounding success, highlighting the beauty and diversity of men from around the world. Kevin Dasom’s win will be remembered as a milestone in the pageant’s history, and the event itself will continue to inspire and captivate audiences for years to come.

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