Anukreethy Vas (Miss World India 2018): A Tale of Beauty, Purpose, and Inspiration


In a world brimming with diverse talents and aspirations, there are individuals who stand out for their unwavering determination, resilience, and commitment to a higher purpose. One such individual is Anukreethy Vas, a 20-year-old student hailing from Tamil Nadu, India, who represented her country at the Miss World 2018 pageant held in Sanya, China on December 8, 2018. Although her journey in the pageant world didn’t lead her to the coveted crown, Anukreethy’s story is an inspiring testament to the power of dreams, determination, and the pursuit of a noble cause.

Early Life and Influences

Anukreethy Vas was born and raised in Tiruchirappalli, a city in Tamil Nadu. Her life’s journey was marked by adversity from a young age when she lost her father. Raised by her single mother, Seleena Prasad, who serves as a sub-inspector, Anukreethy found herself inspired and supported by the unwavering love and encouragement of her mother.

She shared in an interview that the challenges were there forever starting from school because she is not from a city-based place. She studied in Trichy (Tiruchirappalli), which is not really a city… But she was very strong because her mother didn’t let her down at any point. Her mother said that You are a strong person. How can you cry? and that’s how she brought her up.

Education and Talents

Anukreethy Vas’s educational journey took her through RSK Higher Secondary School in Thiruverumbur, Tamil Nadu. Here, she not only excelled academically but also shone as a state-level athlete. Her love for sports, coupled with her participation in cultural activities, paved the way for her passion for singing, dancing, and bike riding. Currently, she is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in French Literature at Loyola College in Chennai, a choice driven by her mother’s dream of seeing her become a translator.

Journey to the Pageant World

Anukreethy Vas had always harbored an interest in modeling and beauty pageants. Her journey commenced with her win as Miss Tamil Nadu 2018. This victory opened doors for her, leading to her audition for Femina Miss India 2018. Anukreethy’s charisma and confidence left a lasting impression on the judges, earning her a spot as one of the finalists from Tamil Nadu. She underwent rigorous training and grooming sessions in preparation for the grand finale.

The Turning Point: Miss India World 2018

On June 19, 2018, Anukreethy Vas competed with 29 other contestants for the prestigious title of Miss India World 2018 at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Indoor Stadium in Mumbai. Her grace and poise were evident in various rounds, including swimsuit, evening gown, talent, and question-answer. Anukreethy also secured the sub-title of Beauty with a Purpose for her project on educating transgenders.

Her crowning moment was accompanied by a profound response to the final question posed to the top five contestants: “Is success a better teacher or failure?” Her answer was that she believes that failure serves as a more valuable teacher. She contends that when one experiences an unbroken chain of success in life, it’s easy to become complacent and see their personal growth stagnate. However, when faced with a series of failures, one’s inner drive remains strong, pushing them to work tirelessly until they achieve their goals.

The Journey to Miss World 2018

After being crowned as Miss India World 2018 by Manushi Chhillar, Anukreethy Vas embarked on her journey to the Miss World 2018 pageant. She underwent intensive training sessions encompassing fitness, communication skills, personality development, ramp walk, styling, and makeup. In addition, she delved into her Beauty with a Purpose project, seeking to raise awareness about the challenges faced by transgenders in India.

Anukreethy Vas’s Arrival in Sanya

On November 9, 2018, Anukreethy Vas landed in Sanya, China, along with 117 contestants from different countries, to participate in the Miss World 2018 pageant. This global stage brought with it a series of events and challenges, encompassing sports, talent, top model, multimedia, head to head, and dances of the world.

In these various segments, Anukreethy Vas’s talents shone through. Her singing performance, featuring Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling In Love,” showcased her remarkable vocal abilities. She graced the ramp in a stunning red gown designed by Falguni and Shane Peacock during the top model round, captivating judges and audiences alike. Her dance performance to the tune of “Ghoomar” from the movie Padmaavat left an indelible mark.

Head to Head Challenge Triumph

Anukreethy Vas’s most notable achievement during the Miss World 2018 pageant was her victory in the Head to Head Challenge from Group 12. This accomplishment secured her a place among the top 30 contestants in the pageant. In the face-off with participants from France, Japan, the USA, Mauritius, and Bangladesh, Anukreethy passionately spoke about her Beauty with a Purpose project, aiming to empower transgenders through education and employment. She also addressed how she would utilize social media to spread positivity and awareness.

Anukreethy Vas’s perspective on social media is that it wields immense power as a tool for promoting positivity and raising awareness. She envisions leveraging this tool to share the authentic narratives of transgender individuals, shedding light on their trials and triumphs. Furthermore, she envisions harnessing social media’s potential to establish a platform that facilitates meaningful interactions between people and transgender individuals, fostering mutual understanding. In Anukreethy Vas’s view, social media serves as a bridge, connecting society with transgender individuals and contributing to the development of a more inclusive and embracing world.

The Miss World 2018 Finale

Anukreethy Vas emerged as one of the 30 finalists who made it to the grand finale of the Miss World 2018 pageant on December 8, 2018. She graced the stage in a resplendent golden gown designed by Sonaakshi Raaj during the evening gown round.

Her introduction speech resonated with a powerful message: “Namaste, I’m Anukreethy Vas from the land where science meets spirituality, India. I’m currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in French Literature because I believe that education is not only about learning languages but also about learning cultures. Being raised by a single mother, I realized that gender does not define one’s capabilities and choices. That’s why I became an agent of change who works for transgender education in India. My life is a reflection of my mother’s vision and Miss World is the voice to that vision.”

While Anukreethy Vas’s journey in the Miss World 2018 pageant was a source of immense pride, she could not secure a place in the top 12. The Miss World 2018 title ultimately went to Vanessa Ponce de Leon from Mexico, with the first runner-up being Nicolene Pichapa Limsnukan from Thailand and the second runner-up being Kadijah Robinson from Jamaica.

Anukreethy Vas: A Beauty with a Purpose

Anukreethy Vas is not just a beauty queen; she is a compassionate and courageous young woman dedicated to the betterment of the transgender community in India. She is the founder of an NGO that aims to educate and empower transgenders, who often face discrimination and violence in society. Her NGO is planning to adopt 30 transgenders and support them with food, shelter, and education. Her passion for this cause was further acknowledged when she won the Beauty with a Purpose award at the Miss India 2018 contest for her project on transgender education.

A Multifaceted Journey

Anukreethy Vas’s journey from a small town in Tamil Nadu to the global stage of Miss World is truly remarkable. Raised by a single mother, she faced numerous challenges and criticisms in her pursuit of a modeling career. However, she never allowed these obstacles to deter her. She is an inspiring role model, showcasing how dreams can be realized against all odds.

Beyond her pageant achievements, Anukreethy Vas is a multi-talented individual. Her love for acting led to her Tamil film debut in 2022 with the movie “DSP,” in which she portrayed the character of Annapoorani, a police officer. Her performance garnered positive reviews, particularly for her screen presence and action skills. Currently, she is working on her second Tamil film, “Vettri,” set for release in 2023. Her aspirations extend beyond Tamil cinema; she envisions working in various languages and genres in the future.

Education and Social Initiatives

Anukreethy Vas is not only a beauty queen and an actor but also a diligent student. She is pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in French Literature from Loyola College, Chennai, one of India’s prestigious institutions. Her choice of French as a subject reflects her desire to become an interpreter or translator. Currently in her final year, she is preparing for her exams scheduled for November 2023. Her dedication to education is a testament to her commitment to personal growth and development.

Anukreethy Vas’s dedication to social causes is evident through her association with several initiatives. She serves as the ambassador of the Educate Girl Child project, which strives to provide quality education to underprivileged girls in rural areas. Her involvement with the Smile Train India foundation, offering free cleft lip and palate surgeries to children from disadvantaged families, underscores her compassion and commitment. Furthermore, she actively participates in various awareness campaigns, fundraisers, and activities focused on causes such as environmental protection, animal welfare, and mental health.

Hobbies and Interests

Anukreethy Vas, while achieving remarkable feats, manages to strike a balance between work and leisure. Her hobbies include dancing, traveling, and reading books. She is an avid sports enthusiast, having excelled at state-level competitions in basketball, badminton, and football during her school days. Additionally, she shares a love for bike riding and owns a Royal Enfield Bullet. Often, she embarks on long rides with friends and family, exploring new places and relishing the adventures of the open road.

Continuing Aspirations and Dreams

Anukreethy Vas, despite her numerous accomplishments at a young age, remains resolute in her pursuit of new opportunities and challenges. She aspires to explore various fields and domains, including fashion, media, entertainment, education, and social work. Furthermore, she seeks to represent India at various international platforms and events, upholding her vision of making the nation proud.


Anukreethy Vas, a young woman who began her journey from a small town in Tamil Nadu, serves as an inspiration for all those who aspire to realize their dreams and create a positive impact on the world. She is a testament to the idea that beauty is not confined to physical appearances but encompasses talent, intelligence, and purpose.

Her achievements are a source of immense pride for India, and her commitment to social causes demonstrates her role as a beacon of change. As we look forward to the promising chapters of her future, we can’t help but be inspired by the beauty, grace, and purpose that define the remarkable journey of Anukreethy Vas.

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