Anicia Gaothusi (Miss Botswana 2024): Botswana’s Rising Star


Anicia Gaothusi, a name that has recently become synonymous with grace and ambition in Botswana, has captured the hearts of many as the newly crowned Miss Botswana 2024. Her journey from a small town girl to a national icon is a testament to her determination and the support of her community.

Early Life and Education of Anicia Gaothusi

Born and raised in the modest town of Tutume, Anicia’s early life was marked by a strong sense of community and a deep appreciation for her cultural heritage. At the young age of 22, she is not only a beauty queen but also a dedicated student at the Gaborone University College of Law and Professional Studies. Her academic pursuits reflect her commitment to intellectual growth and professional development.

Pageantry and Titles

Anicia’s foray into pageantry began with her winning the title of Miss Teen Botswana in 2019. This early achievement hinted at the potential she had to make a significant impact on the national stage. Fast forward to 2024, and Anicia has done just that by being crowned Miss Botswana, set to represent her country at the 72nd Miss World.

Miss Botswana 2024 Victory

In the world of pageantry, a new star has risen, and her name is Anicia Gaothusi. Crowned Miss Botswana 2024, Anicia’s victory is not just a personal triumph but a beacon of hope and inspiration for many.

1. A Night to Remember:

On the evening of March 23, 2024, the Royal Aria Conference Centre in Tlokweng, Gaborone, was abuzz with excitement. The air was thick with anticipation as ten finalists took the stage, each hoping to wear the coveted crown. But it was Anicia, a 22-year-old law student from Tutume, whose blend of grace, intelligence, and cultural awareness set her apart.

2. A Journey of Dedication:

Anicia’s journey to the crown was not an overnight success. It was the culmination of years of dedication to her craft. Previously titled Miss Teen Botswana 2019, she also shone internationally as the second runner-up at Miss Teen International 2019 held in India. This experience on the global stage undoubtedly honed her poise and presence.

3. More Than a Beauty Queen:

Anicia’s victory is a testament to her multifaceted talents. As a student at the Gaborone University College of Law and Professional Studies (GUC), she exemplifies the modern beauty queen — educated, articulate, and committed to making a difference.

4. A Role Model for the Youth:

Anicia’s win is particularly significant as it represents the aspirations of the youth in Botswana. She embodies the potential and the vibrant spirit of a generation eager to make their mark on the world.

5. Looking Ahead:

As Miss Botswana 2024, Anicia is set to represent her country at the 72nd Miss World competition. With her predecessor, Lesego Chombo, securing the title of Miss World Africa at the 71st Miss World, expectations are high for Anicia to continue this legacy of excellence.

Social and Charity Work

Anicia Gaothusi, crowned Miss Botswana 2024, is not only a beauty queen but also a passionate advocate for social change and charity work. Her journey from Miss Teen Botswana 2019 to representing her country at the Miss World stage is a testament to her dedication and commitment to making a difference.

1. Championing Women’s Rights:

Anicia’s commitment to women’s rights is evident in her tireless work for equality and support. As a student at the Gaborone University College of Law and Professional Studies, she understands the importance of education in empowering women and actively promotes this cause.

2. Unity Through Service:

Anicia aspires to leave a legacy of unity in Botswana. She extends her heartfelt gratitude to her fellow Batswana for their support and calls upon them to stand united. Her vision is to serve her community and promote Botswana’s rich diamond heritage and thriving local businesses.

3. Faith and Family:

For Anicia, faith is an anchor, and she credits her strength to her unwavering belief in God. She finds solace in constant prayer and draws inspiration from her grandmother’s lessons on love. Her family’s support has been a significant factor in her success, providing her with the ultimate gift of joy on significant occasions.

4. Looking Forward:

As Anicia embarks on her journey toward the 72nd edition of Miss World, her advocacies and charity work continue to inspire many. She represents the beauty of Botswana not just in appearance but in spirit and action. Her reign as Miss Botswana 2024 promises to be one of impactful service, advocacy, and unity.

Anicia Gaothusi’s story is one of grace, strength, and commitment to making a positive impact in her community and beyond. Her advocacies in women’s rights and her efforts to unify her nation through service are commendable and set a shining example for others to follow.

Advocacy and Aspirations

Beyond her striking presence, Anicia is driven by a desire to serve her fellow Batswana. She aspires to leave a legacy of unity and is an advocate for showcasing Botswana’s rich diamond heritage and thriving local businesses. Her vision of beauty transcends physical appearance, focusing instead on the representation and promotion of her homeland.

Personal Strengths and Support System

Anicia credits her unwavering faith and the support of her family as the pillars of her strength. Her victory in the Miss Botswana pageant coincided with her mother’s birthday, making the triumph even more meaningful. Inspired by her grandmother’s teachings on love, Anicia looks forward to spending the upcoming Easter holidays with her loved ones, cherishing the time spent and the memories made.


Anicia Gaothusi’s story is one of inspiration and hope. It’s a reminder that having belief, family, and people who support you can help you accomplish amazing things. As she prepares to take on the world stage at the Miss World pageant, Botswana stands united in support of their shining star.

Anicia Gaothusi’s journey is a beautiful narrative of personal growth, national pride, and the power of unity. Her story will undoubtedly inspire many young Batswana to pursue their dreams with courage and conviction.

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