Alejandra Rodríguez (Miss Universe Buenos Aires 2024): Breaking Beauty Pageant Barriers at 60


Alejandra Rodríguez, a name that resonates with resilience, determination, and grace, recently made history as Miss Universe Buenos Aires. At the remarkable age of 60, she defied conventional beauty standards and shattered age-related stereotypes in the world of pageantry. In this blog, we delve into Alejandra’s inspiring journey, her philosophy, and the impact she has had on challenging societal norms.

Childhood in Brandsen and La Plata 

Born on November 27, 1964, in Brandsen, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alejandra Rodríguez’s early life was marked by a vibrant mix of academic pursuit and an early flair for the spotlight. Growing up between Brandsen and La Plata, Alejandra was no stranger to ambition and excellence. Her father, Benjamin Rodríguez, served as the Minister of Agricultural Affairs in Buenos Aires Province, instilling in her a sense of public service and leadership from a young age. Her mother, Marisa Rodríguez, was a pillar of support and inspiration throughout her life.

A Beauty Queen at Seven 

At the tender age of seven, Alejandra Rodríguez competed in a beauty contest in La Plata, winning a trip to Bariloche, Argentina. She was crowned the first princess in the competition, hinting at the future accolades that awaited her.

Education: Journalism and Law 

After completing high school, Alejandra Rodríguez’s passion for communication and advocacy led her to pursue journalism. She enrolled in the Faculty of Journalism and Communication at UNLP, Argentina, where she honed her skills in storytelling and reporting. Not one to rest on her laurels, Alejandra furthered her education in law at the National University of La Plata, graduating in the Class of 2000. This dual expertise in journalism and law paved the way for her future role as a legal advisor for a hospital under the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires.

Breaking Barriers in Beauty Pageants

Alejandra Rodríguez’s crowning achievement came when she participated in the Miss Universe Buenos Aires pageant. Alejandra’s life took a historic turn on April 24, 2024, when she was crowned Miss Universe Buenos Aires at the age of 60. This remarkable achievement shattered age stereotypes and set a new precedent in beauty pageants. The Miss Universe organization had only recently eliminated age limits, allowing Alejandra to compete and win, proving that beauty and grace know no age.

The significance of her win extends beyond the glittering tiara—it marks a turning point in the beauty pageant world. The Miss Universe Organization recently abolished the upper age limit, recognizing that beauty knows no boundaries. Alejandra’s victory challenges the prevailing notion that youthfulness is a prerequisite for beauty. Her win is a testament to the evolving cultural and societal landscape, where ageism is being dismantled.

Alejandra’s Philosophy and Lifestyle

What keeps Alejandra Rodríguez radiant and youthful? Her approach to life is grounded in simplicity and balance. She follows a vegetarian and organic diet, emphasizing fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Regular exercise, including yoga and swimming, contributes to her vitality. Alejandra believes that beauty emanates from within, and her holistic lifestyle reflects this belief.

Challenging Ageism and Stereotypes

Entering the pageant world at 60 was no easy feat. Alejandra Rodríguez faced skepticism and prejudice, but she persisted. She eloquently challenges the stereotype that beauty fades with age. Her views on aging are refreshing—she sees it as an opportunity for growth, wisdom, and self-discovery. Alejandra represents a new paradigm, where maturity is celebrated, and wrinkles tell stories of resilience.

The Secret Behind Her Youthful Looks

When asked about her youthful appearance, Alejandra Rodríguez credits her vegetarian, organic diet and regular gym visits. However, she maintains a balanced approach to life, not taking her diet to the extreme. Her lifestyle choices reflect her commitment to self-care and her belief in living life to the fullest.

The Road to Miss Universe Argentina

As Alejandra Rodríguez prepares for the upcoming Miss Universe Argentina pageant, her journey continues to inspire. Her participation isn’t just about winning a title; it’s about breaking barriers and encouraging others to dream fearlessly. The impact of her presence on a national stage cannot be overstated—it sends a powerful message that beauty transcends age and defies limitations.

Alejandra Rodríguez: A Beacon of Change and Advocacy

Alejandra Rodríguez’s influence extends far beyond the pageant stage; it is her social and charity work, coupled with her advocacies, that truly encapsulate her essence as a trailblazer.

Before her foray into the world of beauty pageants, Rodríguez had already established herself as a formidable lawyer and a passionate journalist. Her legal expertise led her to become a legal advisor for a hospital, where she undoubtedly impacted many lives. Her journalistic endeavors, on the other hand, allowed her to voice her opinions and shed light on issues close to her heart.

2. Advocacies and Social Impact

While specific details of Rodríguez’s charity work are not widely publicized, her victory in the pageant circuit speaks volumes about her commitment to advocating for a new paradigm in beauty pageants. She stands for a world where women are celebrated not just for their physical beauty but for a broader set of values.

Her win is historic not only because of her age but also because it signifies a shift in societal attitudes towards inclusivity and diversity. Rodríguez’s advocacy for these values likely extends into her social work, where she promotes empowerment and equality.

3. Inspiring Future Generations

Rodríguez’s journey is a testament to the fact that age is but a number and that dreams do not have an expiration date. By winning the Miss Universe Buenos Aires title, she has opened doors for many women who may have thought their time had passed. She embodies the spirit of perseverance and serves as a role model for future generations, encouraging them to pursue their passions regardless of societal constraints.

Inspiring Others

Alejandra Rodríguez’s win has ignited a spark in hearts across Argentina and beyond. Stories abound of individuals who have reevaluated their own limitations, whether related to age, career, or personal aspirations. Social media buzzes with quotes and reactions, celebrating Alejandra’s courage and resilience. She tells us that we can always go after our dreams, no matter how old we are.


In summary, Alejandra Rodríguez’s historic win as Miss Universe Buenos Aires is more than a triumph in a beauty pageant. It’s a beacon of hope, a celebration of authenticity, and a reminder that age should never hinder our pursuit of excellence. As society applauds her, let us reflect on the broader message: beauty knows no boundaries, and Alejandra’s victory is a victory for us all.

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