Alankrita Sahai (Miss Earth India 2014): A Journey from Miss Diva to Rising Star

Introduction of Alankrita Sahai

Alankrita Sahai, the name that has become synonymous with beauty, talent, and compassion, has left an indelible mark on the world of modeling and acting. Born on April 14, 1994, in New Delhi, India, her journey from winning the Miss Noida title at the tender age of 13 to representing India at the Miss Earth 2014 pageant in the Philippines, is a testament to her determination, hard work, and the desire to make a difference. In this blog, we’re going to explore the incredible journey of Alankrita Sahai. We’ll talk about her early accomplishments in beauty pageants, her thriving career in the film industry, and her strong dedication to making a positive impact on society.

Early Life and Education

Alankrita Sahai’s journey to stardom began with a humble yet nurturing background. She completed her schooling from the American Embassy School in Delhi and Khaitan Public School, Noida. Her early education provided her with a strong foundation that would serve her well in her future endeavors. For her higher studies, she enrolled in Gargi College, University of Delhi, and later pursued her education at the University of Southern California, indicating her commitment to both academic and personal growth.

Rising Through the Pageant Ranks

Alankrita Sahai’s journey into the world of beauty pageants started with her participation in Miss Diva 2014, a national beauty pageant that selects India’s representatives for Miss Universe and Miss Earth. Her talent, grace, and beauty earned her the title of the first runner-up and the prestigious title of Miss Diva Earth 2014. However, that was just the beginning. Alankrita went on to win several subtitles during the pageant, including Miss Style Icon, Miss Perfect Body, and Miss Talent, setting the stage for her remarkable journey ahead.

Miss Earth 2014: A Historic Triumph

As Miss Diva Earth 2014, Alankrita Sahai represented India at the global stage of Miss Earth 2014, an international beauty pageant with an environmental mission. Her performance at the pageant was nothing short of spectacular, and she proved herself to be a top contender. What truly set her apart was her outstanding achievements during the competition. Alankrita achieved a historic feat by becoming the first Indian to win seven titles at the Miss Earth pageant. These titles included:

  1. Best in Resort Wear
  2. Best in Evening Gown
  3. Best Eco-Beauty Video
  4. Best Eco-Beauty Talent
  5. Best National Costume
  6. Best in Swimsuit
  7. Beauty for a Cause Award

Alankrita Sahai’s remarkable achievements at the Miss Earth pageant didn’t stop at these titles. She also made it to the top 16 finalists, further cementing her status as one of the brightest stars in the world of beauty pageants. Notably, she was awarded a gold medal for Asia and Oceania continent, signifying her extraordinary performance and contributions.

A Versatile Journey: Modeling and Beyond

While her accomplishments in the pageant world were outstanding, Alankrita Sahai didn’t stop there. Her versatility and talent led her to venture into the world of acting, making her debut in the 2018 Netflix romantic comedy film “Love per Square Foot.” In the film, she portrayed the character of Rashi Khurana, a modern and ambitious woman. Her performance received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, paving the way for her promising acting career.

In the same year, Alankrita played a significant role as Alisha Sharma in the film “Namaste England,” alongside Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra. Her versatility as an actor shone through as she seamlessly transitioned from the pageant world to the world of cinema. Her journey as an actor continues with multiple projects, including a comedy thriller titled “TIPPPSY,” an unnamed South Indian film, and a psychological thriller, “The Incomplete Man,” alongside Warina Hussain and Sharib Hashmi.

A Melodious Voice and Passion for Music

Alankrita Sahai’s talents extend beyond the realm of beauty and acting. She is a gifted singer with a passion for music that she has nurtured since childhood. Her melodious voice has graced several music videos, collaborating with renowned artists like Himesh Reshammiya, Sukh E Musical Doctorz, Jassi Gill, Kulwinder Billa, Rekha Bhardwaj, and many others. Some of her notable music videos include “Menu Kehn De,” “Coka,” “Allah Ve,” “Lalala,” and “P Paa K.” Her love for singing is not limited to music videos; she has plans to release her own music in the near future, promising a treat for her fans.

Compassion and Social Responsibility

Alankrita Sahai’s beauty is not confined to her physical appearance; it is also reflected in her compassionate heart and her commitment to social causes. She has actively participated in various charitable initiatives, further demonstrating her dedication to making a difference in the lives of those in need. Her contributions have earned her the Appreciation award for her support towards cancer and polio immunization camps. Moreover, during the COVID-19 pandemic, she took the initiative to provide oxygen cylinders and essential food supplies to individuals grappling with the crisis. Her actions exemplify the belief that as a beauty queen, she has a responsibility to give back to society and help those in need.

A Triumph Over Adversity

In September 2021, Alankrita Sahai experienced a harrowing ordeal when she was robbed and assaulted at knifepoint by three men in her rented accommodation in Chandigarh. Despite the traumatic experience, she displayed immense bravery by fighting against her attackers and managing to escape, calling for help. Although she sustained injuries to her back, neck, and forehead, she refused to let this incident deter her from pursuing her dreams and helping others. Her strength and determination when dealing with tough times are a source of inspiration for everyone.

A Life of Balance and Wellness

Despite the challenges she has faced, Alankrita Sahai continues to live life to the fullest. A fitness enthusiast, she follows a rigorous fitness routine that includes weight training, boxing, functional training, yoga, and pilates on alternate days. She also incorporates running and jogging into her regimen to maintain her energy levels. Her dedication to physical well-being is complemented by a balanced and healthy diet, which sustains her endurance even on the busiest of days.

Giving Back to Society

Alankrita Sahai’s commitment to social work and philanthropy extends to various causes, from supporting cancer and polio immunization camps to empowering women through education and skill development. She has launched a project called Aatmanirbhar, aimed at empowering women through education and skill development. Her support for these initiatives stems from her belief that those in better positions should extend a helping hand to those less fortunate.

She is also an advocate for environmental issues, which is not surprising given her Miss India Earth title. She actively promotes environmental conservation and sustainability and is a staunch supporter of animal welfare and veganism.

Looking Ahead

Alankrita Sahai’s journey is far from over. With her indomitable spirit and an ever-growing list of accomplishments, she is poised for an even brighter future. In addition to her ongoing projects in the world of acting and music, she plans to expand her social work to other cities, including those in Uttar Pradesh. Her commitment to being a role model and an agent of positive change is a testament to her character and values.


Alankrita Sahai is a true embodiment of beauty, talent, and compassion. Her journey from winning Miss Diva Earth to becoming a successful actor and a dedicated social worker is a source of inspiration for many. She has shown that with hard work, dedication, and passion, one can achieve remarkable success and make a significant impact on society. Alankrita Sahai is not just a rising star; she is a guiding light for all those who aspire to follow their dreams, contribute to society, and make a difference in the world. Her multifaceted personality has made India proud on various platforms, and her future endeavors are bound to shine even brighter.

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