Aanvi Kher (“Manvin Kher”- The Miss Globe 2023): Malaysian Beauty Making Waves Beyond Beauty


In the glittering world of beauty pageants and modeling, Aanvi Kher, born as Manvin Khera, has emerged as a stunning beauty with a purpose. Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Aanvi made history as the first Malaysian to clinch the prestigious titles of Miss Earth 2023 and Miss Globe 2023 in the same year. Beyond her achievements on the runway, Aanvi is a multi-talented individual, excelling not only as a model but also as a singer, a business graduate, and an aspiring lawyer. This blog delves into the life and accomplishments of Aanvi Kher, shedding light on her journey, her advocacy work, and the impact she’s making in various realms.

Early Life and Education of Aanvi Kher:

Aanvi Kher, born on 10th January 2001 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Harjit Singh Khera and Jaswinder Kaur Khera, had an upbringing grounded in the Sikh tradition. Aanvi, along with her younger brother Jeevan, received her primary and secondary education in Kuala Lumpur, paving the way for her journey into higher education.

Aanvi pursued her passion for business, graduating from the University of Malaya with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Fluent in English, Malay, Punjabi, and Hindi, her linguistic prowess reflects the diverse cultural landscape of Malaysia.

Modeling Career:

Aanvi Kher’s foray into the world of modeling began at the age of 16 when she participated in the Miss Teen Malaysia 2017 pageant, winning the coveted title. Her journey continued with the Miss Teen International 2017 pageant in India, where she not only secured a spot in the top 10 but also earned the Best National Costume award.

Undeterred by the challenges, Aanvi persisted in her pursuit of excellence in modeling and beauty pageants. Her breakthrough moment came in the Ratu Wanita Malaya 2022 pageant, where she outshone 17 other contestants, securing not only the Miss Earth Malaysia 2023 title but also the opportunity to represent Malaysia at the Miss Earth 2022 pageant, one of the major international beauty pageants. Additionally, she bagged the Miss Globe Malaysia 2023 title, setting the stage for her historic win later that year.

Historic Win as Miss Globe 2023:

Aanvi Kher’s crowning achievement occurred on 17th November 2023, at the Sports Palace in Durrës, Albania, where she made history as the first Malaysian to win the Miss Globe title. Triumphing over 50 global contestants, she not only secured the crown but also earned the Miss Talent title for her exceptional performance in the swimsuit round. Aanvi’s victory marked a significant milestone, as she became the first Malaysian to clinch both the Miss Earth and Miss Globe titles in the same year.

Beyond the Runway: A Renaissance Woman:

Aanvi Kher is not just a pretty face on the runway; she is a woman of many talents and aspirations. In addition to her successful modeling career, Aanvi is a gifted singer with several singles and covers showcased on her YouTube channel. Her presence has graced international fashion events such as Thailand Fashion Week, Bali International Fashion Week, and the Rizman Ruzaini Cruise 2023 show during Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.

Currently pursuing her MBA at Albertus Magnus College and aspiring to become a lawyer, Aanvi is a testament to the adage that beauty and brains go hand in hand. Her dedication to education and career growth exemplifies her commitment to personal development.

Advocacy and Social Work:

Aanvi Kher’s beauty extends beyond the surface, evident in her deep commitment to social causes and charitable initiatives. Her advocacy work spans various domains, showcasing her dedication to creating positive change.

Social Work:

Aanvi has actively engaged in social work projects, emphasizing the importance of giving back to the community. Her initiatives include teaching English and life skills to underprivileged children, raising awareness and funds for breast cancer prevention, participating in environmental campaigns and clean-ups, and supporting the empowerment and education of women and girls, especially in STEM fields.

Aanvi views social work not only as a duty but also as a privilege, highlighting the reciprocal nature of learning and growth in the process.


Beyond her time and efforts, Aanvi is a generous donor and supporter of various charitable organizations. Her contributions extend to notable institutions such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), UNICEF, and the Rotary Club. She emphasizes that charity is not only about giving money but also about dedicating time, energy, and love to causes that matter.

Aanvi’s philosophy on charity underscores its role in fostering gratitude, sharing resources, and finding joy and fulfillment in making a positive impact.


A vocal advocate for multiple issues, Aanvi has utilized her platform to raise awareness on cyberbullying, animal rights, cultural diversity, and healthy lifestyles. Her advocacy work emphasizes not just expressing opinions but also taking tangible actions and inspiring others to join the cause.

Aanvi sees advocacy as both a responsibility and a privilege, believing it to be a transformative force for positive change in the world.


In the world of beauty pageants, Aanvi Kher stands out not only for her captivating looks but also for her multifaceted talents, educational pursuits, and impactful contributions to society. As the first Malaysian to win both the Miss Earth and Miss Globe titles in the same year, she has broken barriers and set new standards for aspiring models and beauty queens.

Aanvi’s commitment to social work, charity, and advocacy reflects her belief in the power of beauty with a purpose. As she continues to pursue her education, modeling career, and philanthropic endeavors, Aanvi Kher remains a shining example of a modern woman making a positive difference in the world. Her journey inspires not only aspiring beauty queens but anyone with dreams of achieving success, contributing to society, and leaving an indelible mark on the world. Aanvi Kher is more than a beauty queen; she is a symbol of grace, intelligence, and compassion, embodying the motto “Beauty with a Purpose” with every step she takes on her remarkable journey.

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