Larissa Bonesi: From Brazil’s Beaches to Mumbai’s Streets (2024)


From the vibrant beaches of Brazil to the bustling streets of Mumbai, Larissa Bonesi’s journey has been nothing short of a cinematic saga. Born on March 28, 1994, in Brazil, Larissa’s tryst with the glamour world began early. At the tender age of 13, she moved to China to pursue a career in modeling. Her exotic looks and natural flair in front of the camera quickly caught the attention of top brands, leading to her modeling for international names like Nine West, Teenie Weenie, Converse, and Levi’s.

From Brazil to Bollywood: A Tale of Versatility

Larissa’s foray into the world of glamour began in China, but it was in Mumbai, India, where she truly found her calling. In 2011, she made her first appearance in the Indian entertainment industry with the Bollywood film ‘Desi Boyz’, featuring in the hit song “Subha Hone Na De”. This debut set the stage for a series of opportunities that would see her grace both the big screen and music videos alike.

Born in Brazil, Larissa began her modeling career at a young age, moving to China at 13 to pursue her dreams. Her journey eventually led her to India, where she expanded her horizons into acting. Larissa has appeared in Bollywood films, Telugu cinema, and music videos, showcasing her versatility as an artist.

A Multifaceted Talent

Known for her roles in films like ‘Desi Boyz’ and ‘Thikka’, and appearances in music videos such as ‘Surma Surma’, Larissa has always been more than just a performer. Fluent in Portuguese, English, and Chinese, Larissa’s multicultural background adds depth to her performances. Her ability to seamlessly blend into diverse roles speaks volumes about her adaptability and dedication to her craft.

Beyond the Silver Screen

Larissa’s Bollywood debut came with a sizzling performance in the song “Subah Hone Na De” from the film ‘Desi Boyz’ in 2011. Her captivating presence in the song set the stage for her acting career. She later ventured into the Telugu film industry with ‘Thikka’ in 2016, where she played the lead role of Anjali. In recent years, Larissa has continued to diversify her portfolio. She appeared in the Hindi film ‘Penthouse,’ released on Netflix in 2021, and was featured in the music video ‘Jaam’ by Yo Yo Honey Singh in 2022.

The Personal Touch

Away from the camera, Larissa enjoys traveling and swimming. She is fluent in Portuguese, English, and Chinese, reflecting her global upbringing and diverse experiences. Despite rumors of her relationship with Aryan Khan, Larissa maintains a focus on her career and continues to inspire with her dedication to her craft.

Advocacy and Influence

While Larissa’s professional life has been well-documented, her social and charity work often goes unnoticed. She has been an advocate for self-love, as evident from her talks, where she emphasizes the importance of embracing oneself and spreading kindness. Her message is clear: be kind to people, spread love whenever possible, and most importantly, love yourself for who you are.

Larissa Bonesi and Aryan Khan

There has been recent speculation about a possible relationship between Larissa Bonesi and Aryan Khan. Larissa Bonesi, who’s a model and actress from Brazil and currently working in India, shared a photo on Instagram with a guy who people couldn’t identify at an airport. This caused some gossip that the mystery guy might actually be Aryan Khan, who’s the son of the famous Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. 

The speculation was fueled by social media interactions and a gift exchange between their families. However, neither Larissa Bonesi nor Aryan Khan has confirmed these rumors. It’s important to note that public figures often have aspects of their personal lives speculated on, and unless confirmed by the individuals themselves, such rumors remain unverified.


In the world of glitz and glamour, it’s refreshing to see celebrities like Larissa Bonesi use their influence for the greater good. Larissa, a Brazilian model and actress known for her work across various entertainment industries, has not only captivated audiences with her performances but also with her dedication to social causes and charity work. While Larissa’s professional achievements are well-known, her social and charity work often flies under the radar. She has been vocal about issues such as self-love and the importance of kindness in today’s society. Larissa Bonesi’s journey is a testament to her resilience, passion, and commitment to making a positive impact on society.

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